I was stung by a wasp this evening when tending my basket garden.  Ouch!  That little sucker stung me with a vengeance.  After mouthing a few foul words aloud and accidentally spraying myself with the garden hose (Monty Python, anyone?), I rushed for the baking soda.  Apparently, my college Biochem course taught me something about adding an alkaline substance to insect venom (it is supposed to counter-act the sting).  Slathering a baking soda paste on my finger, I noticed that the sting had subsided in my finger somewhat (took about five minutes).  “Wow!” I thought to myself.  Mr. D was really onto something there. 

However, and this is a big, however…hours later (ie. now), I can barely bend the knuckles of my right ring and pinkie fingers.  It feel as though that bloody insect stung and paralyzed the very nerves in my fingers.  Plus, the skin in the vicinity of my knuckle has expanded to the point that my knuckle is barely bendable near that joint.  I wanted to blog about something special, but it is going to have to wait.  I feel a little useless without all of my Blogging digits.  The sensation of typing with three fingers is very bizarre…


ps.  I hope I’m back on track soon…

6 responses to “Stung…

  1. Hi PM,
    My garden seems to attract wasps, but I’ve become a bit of an expert at avoiding them. Never been stung yet. Hope the joint is back in operation soon.
    All those fingers for typing? I’m the quickest two fingered typist around.

    Hi Anthony! Yes…the fingers are doing much better today…I think last night was the worst of it, although there is still quite a bit of swelling. The amount of heat, redness and itching at the sting site is really pronounced. So you are a gardener too?! Yes…it was my petunia, lobelia and million-bells basket that stung me (er…wasp rather!). I looked at the basket this morning when returning from the grocery store and growled at it….(the flowers shrieked a little, then apologised, even though it was the wasp’s fault….er my fault rather)! Funny how you get angry at inanimate objects! I’m one of those types to hold a grudge (with inanimate objects, not people so much) I still can’t look at my bedpost without grimacing when I think of how many times I stub my toe on it! Gosh. I must sound like one strange creature! Thanks for popping by you two-handed typist you. We call that “hunt and peck” over in these parts!

  2. Ouch! I was stung by a wasp when I was a kid, but I don’t remember much about the incident, so if my finger swelled up and the whole deal really hurt, it has long faded from memory. I hope your finger is back to normal soon!

    Thanks Dear! Yes. I can certainly remind you that your experience must have hurt like hell! Damn wasps…I just wanted to water my flowers…My hand is feeling much better today…although it is rather hot and swollen…I’ll live. Thanks for popping by Deb. I’ll visit your kitty department soon….I want to sneak a peak of that Evil Bean….Meow!

  3. Muse, I do hope things are getting better! How about meat tenderizer? The enzymes in it are supposed to help w/bee venom; perhaps it works on waspies also. Wasps scare the bejesus out of me. I can’t stand them!!!

    Biochem? I’m an old chem minor from waaaay back. I once set my apparatus on fire in organic lab. Monty Python? More like Monty Pyromania.

    Update on Grace: I emailed her with our concerns that she had been abducted by evildoers. She wrote back to say she shut down her site, leaving it to the spam cockroaches that apparently scavenge on dead blogs. I will forward her missive to you via email.

    Hope you get better soon, I miss your minty freshness.

    Meat tenderizer!? That’s definitely a new one OB! Usually I don’t care about wasps too much, but after being stung…well, you know what they say “once bitten, twice shy.” An old chem minor, huh? Monty pyromania! That is too funny. Reminds me of the time my friend Nancy and I (being the geeks that we are), tried an “advanced, alternate” experiment in highschool chem class. It exploded. No surprise considering that the end product was Hydrogen! Lol! And about Grace…that really is too bad. Ugh. I always wondered what happened to dead blogs…Should we have a ceremony of sorts? A wake? Cremation or Burial, or both? I hope she leaves a little crumb trail so that we can find her in the future. Oh Gretel, where are you….?

  4. Like a painter without her brush! Sorry to hear that & clearly, my little fruit-fly problemo here at the office is so not a big deal. Happy healing!

    My Pixie…thank you so much for your concerns. Your note is a little well-wishing kiss – I feel better already!

  5. Check your comments section and you will see her email. I forwarded one to you from her too. Memorial service?

    Oh Grace, wonderful blogger, friend, compatriot, Goddess among Goddesses. We mourn the loss of your wise words and crazy antics. Who can forget that legendary trip to Las Vegas? Or those red cowboy boots. We only had you with us for a short time Grace, but your blogaliciousness will be deeply missed by all. We wish you well as you pass into the next realm of life, and blog or no blog we love you, kiddo!

    Thanks Gorgeous! That was a wonderful lament for our wayward friend. “Grace, if you are out there…please heed OB’s minty-licious words…!” [PM throws rose petals to the wind, as OB reads on, hair blowing in the wind…].

  6. Oh, glad to hear your hand is on the mend! Me no like wasps. Not at all.

    Thanks gurlie…yeah…I really had to fight from scratching the skin right off of that area today…grrrrr….[PM looks at puffy hand….]. I feel like a puffery puffer fish OB…

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