10 Bizarre Things…What the? Wednesday – #11

Alright.  Let’s call this a What the? Wednesday #11.  Some stupid facts about your quirky mermaid:

1.  I hate toast that has been cooled, then buttered.  Don’t ask me why, but it’s just wrong to eat cool toast and a gloop of unmelted butter.  I developed this hatred in Uni (degree uno).

2.  I am fascinated by astronomy.  I love harvest moons.  Saw one the other day and I was almost brought to tears.  It was blood red and very mystical looking (it was three in the morning so this Mermaid was too tired to whip out the old telly-scope…).

3.  I am perturbed by mouth noises.  You know the ones…lip smacking, loud chewing…Grrrrrr…..

4.  I smell everything…I mean EVERYTHING [I’m not a dog…I don’t sniff…well, you get my point].  Maybe this is a throwback to my Neanderthal ancestry (had to smell everything to ensure it was edible, friendly etc.). 

5.  I have been reading Tarot cards since I was 15 years old.  I had to do the math the other day when a friend asked.  “Wow!” I said to her after counting back the years, “I’m getting older…I should be getting better at this!”  I still need to look up much of the minor arcana.

6.  I hug trees.  I don’t know why.  I just need to connect with tree spirits sometimes. 

7.  I am a sap for conventional Romantic things (poetry, flowers etc.) and unconventional Romantic things (?), but am deathly afraid of falling head over heels in love (doesn’t happen often, if at all).

8.  I ate a butterfly when I was 4.  Apparently, I admired it inquisitively for a few moments, then popped it in my mouth like a jelly bean.  My mum reminds me of this – OFTEN!  I also ate an Iris flower the same day…dyed my lips blue and I looked like I had munched on a Smurf village for lunch.

9.  I once held a memorial service (with a childhood friend) for a chicken.  He was young, he was our friend and his name was Herman.  I think the family dog attacked him.  Poor Herman.  I remember walking in the forest a year after he died.  His little wooden cross (made of twigs) was still standing upright (stuck in the forest floor)…!  Weird.

10.  I used to imagine that a broom-riding witch lived in one of my parent’s basements when I was younger.  I remember having to go and fetch something in the freezer with a sense of terror.  I used to run like a wild lunatic up the stairs, imaging that this spirit thingie was chasing me up every stair (my mum thought I was crazy….).  The thought of that witch still gives me the chills [shudder].

Ten useless facts about PM.  If you made it to the bottom of the list. Congrats!  Thanks for hanging in there!

How can you tell that the hand is feeling better! 


Natalie Dee




10 responses to “10 Bizarre Things…What the? Wednesday – #11

  1. Muse, you are adorable! I am exactly the same about toast!! I can so see you hugging trees! Is your hand better now??
    Much love xxx

    Hi Simonne! So nice of you to drop by lately when I know that you are so busy…Yes. I am a self confessed “tree-hugger.” MY hand is actually itchy and puffy again today…Damn waspies (as OB would call them). Anyways, I trudge on through my day…Hope all is going well with the wedding planning and I hope you are keeping warms (Uggs and all!). Love ya….xoxo

  2. I have a thing about the toast too. Luckily vegan “butter” melts at room temperature given time (well, more like it only stays solid when cold), so even if I forget to put my lovely earth balance on the toast before the toast cools, I can just put it on the cooled toast and wait a few minutes, and it is essentially melted by then anyway. 😀

    I’m so sorry about your chicken friend, Herman. I have made friends with chickens in the past year at various sanctuaries, and they’re such interesting curious creatures. I don’t think it is weird that you had a memorial for him, I think it is fitting.

    I got vaguely into tarot a few years back (maybe 5 years by now) but I’ve never done much with it, so I have to look up most of the major arcana, let alone the minor! One of the few I know really well is The Tower…because I swear I get it in just about every spread I do for myself or have done for me by someone else. Weird, huh? I know the Fool pretty well too – kindred spirit of mine. 😉

    Deb! I know…cold butter is just “uck.” I really should try vegan butter. Yes. Herman was a cute little chicken dude. I do think that chickens are amazing creatures (I will only buy organic, free run eggs too…can’t stand the thought of those poor birds crammed in cages just so we can enjoy an egg breakfast…). I also love roosters. There is something so cool about being awakened in the morning by a rooster’s crow. Plus, roosters are genuinely quite handsome as they strut about the farmyard…Anyways, as far as tarot goes…I know…it takes a while to get all the meanings of the cards down…I seem to get the High Priestess card alot…but, I have also been the Fool too…Tarot is such a fun way of exploring the subconscious. Thanks for popping by Deb!

  3. We share many of the same quirks, although to my knowledge I have never eaten a butterfly.
    BTW – I ordered my first set of Tarot cards last week. They are beautiful Goddess cards. I can’t wait to get them in.

    V. I knew it. You, OB and I were Tri-mese Twins separated at birth…that has to be it…! Which deck of cards did you get? Doreen Virtue’s cards or another kind? I love my Goddess cards…they are beautiful and very inspiring. You know, a friend just gave me another deck this past weekend…it is quite beautiful, but my “energy” really isn’t infused into them quite yet. My friend also has Doreen Virtue’s Fairy Deck…that is another really beautiful one…Have to see if Urban Pixie likes Tarot Cards…that deck has her name written all over it. Anyways, let me know how you make out with those cards…we can compare notes. Luv ya. (((((HUGS)))))

  4. Hi PM,
    I’m afraid I like my butter on cold toast. I feel so much an outsider now.
    I don’t do Tarot myself, but I’ve studied it – it’s amazing how close the cards are to Jungian ‘archetypes’, which I’m sure are aspects of our own psychology.
    Fascinating to think that when you do Tarot, you could be literally accessing your own mind.

    Hi Anthony…Maybe cold buttery toast is a British thing…oh, wait…Sting lamented the following: “I don’t like coffee, I drink tea my Dear…I like my toast done on one side…” Apparently Sting likes his toast “weak” (but I’m sure he doesn’t speak for all Brits). Oh gosh…now I’m all confused! Lol!

    You know…I agree with you about the Tarot thing. There is alot of similarity to Jungian archetypes and Tarot. The Tarot also follows Qaballah quite closely too (I am also quite fascinated by the accessibility of the sub-conscious mind). And just think…we use so very little of our grey matter…what a shame!

  5. I hate feeling like the bearer of bad news, and I often make people really mad when I talk about the issues behind why I’m vegan (because they don’t necessarily want to think about it), but I also don’t feel like it is my place to decide whether or not you want to hear it. I have information that you don’t have, and that obligates me in a way. Even though it makes me uncomfortable, and probably you too. So, just know that I say this in friendship, and with no obligation for you to act, react, respond or even read beyond this point.

    So, cage free eggs. On one hand, it is great to hear/know that people care enough to not want to chickens to be treated horribly. On the other hand, it is depressing to realize that it is a marketing scam that works. What they don’t tell you is that cage free doesn’t mean they treat the chickens nicely. They still debeak, they still kill the male chicks, they still do forced molting (which includes starving the hens), they still cram thousands of birds into spaces so small they can’t flap their wings, they still force the birds to stand their entire lives on wire floors, they still kill the hens after a couple years when they’re not “profitable” any more. No matter what they tell you about how they treat the chickens, no matter how strongly they assure the “consumers” that the chickens are happy, there is one thing that remains true – they are in it for the profit. That is what business is all about. That drives their decisions. That drives their marketing. That drives their business practices. They don’t care about the animals themselves, or if they do, it is in a way that makes me shudder, because it is certainly not what I (or you) mean when I say I care for something or someone. This is true of anyone making money off the animals, whether family farm or factory farm. That means it is up to us to learn the truth, and make our own decisions, because the businesses aren’t going to be honest with us. Caveat emptor, right? There is a lot of information out there, if you wish to seek it.


    Um…thanks Deb…I’ll post your comment because you are so passionate about what you believe in. I admire that, and I hope your message would sound a little less aggressive in person…[gulp]. I know…you said this in friendship. I agree with your points on mass production of farm animals in Western society. Farming is big business…I have first hand experience with this. Too, consider this…”We can judge a heart of a person by their treatment of animals…” Yet, in many societies (non-Western), the struggle for subsistence is palpable…people starve and die of starvation daily. It is enough for these people to obtain enough protein to sustain themselves. Many of these countries treat their animals poorly because of ignorance, and lack of monetary funding, and the very need for carnal survival. It would be nice if the whole world could have such high ideals of Animal Rights (which is different from Animal Welfare)…but humanity often needs to be preserved first in most cases (take women’s rights for example…some women in some countries don’t have the right to even vote, and the animals in these countries certainly don’t have rights). We, as Westerners have the luxury of such ethical choices, but we should not demean others for their lack of ignorance or monetary ability. We should educate, but educate in a way that is productive and supportive (within the means and understanding of others, so as to not offend…people need to feel empowered).

    By the way…I am smiling as I write this, because I have been where you are, and I feel your passion. You are fighting a good fight Deb. Thanks for your thoughts. I wouldn’t think of editing this post because you are so passionate – and I respect you and your opinions as I know you would respect mine. Gosh. Animal rights and welfare topics can sure get the blood pumping….((((HUGS))))

  6. I’m late again! (this has been my refrain today). I agree – no cold toast w/the butter just gloppy and cold. Anyway, I prefer peanut butter on mine! Heh, heh.

    My parents had a pet chicken named Henrietta. I don’t know what happened to her – probably eaten by a fox. They used to raise chickens on their little homestead but it’s too hard to travel when you have livestock. However, mom still gets some kick-ass mulch out of the chicken yard. Ok – I’m taking a stab at the free range conversation -I didn’t know that the free range label was just a marketing ploy until I read The Omnivore’s Dilemma a couple of years ago. Wowie – interesting book! Damn agrifarms – they do piss me off, although it’s true that many of the small farmers are guilty of some crappy farming practices too. Muse, you make a good point regarding practices in developing countries that have to make choices based on survival as opposed to ethics. I think this is where Intention is important.

    You already know I’m Tarot-deficient so I won’t go there. I’ll just leave it to the rest of you to entertain me!

    You do know, don’t you, that witches certainly DO live in the basement? Only children can sense them, but I still run up my basement stairs when I’m home alone. I’m not taking any chances!

    Lol! Better late than never darling. I missed you today. I love PB on toast…it melts so nicely…mmmmm….About Henrietta…I’m sorry for your loss (darn weasels and foxes anyways…). About the free range conversation…it’s a hot topic. It’s such a bloody farce the way some people use it as a marketing gimmick…I agree with Deb entirely. As far as ethics and Animal Rights go…intention as well as message is important. I think empowering people is the way to get your message trickling along. Good leadership is required and Deb is on the right track. Tarot deficiency…hey – that’s ok. We’ll entertain you OB! Lol! And as far as the witches go…YES! I STILL RUN UP THE STAIRS….ARRRRRRRRGGGGGG! You are too funny OB!!!!! You know…if you are a Seinfeld fan…I could imagine you delivering your comments much like Kramer – stumbling into the apartment, feeling in a rush to comment on something cool and new…fuzzy hair flopping about as his eyes bug out…! Except, you do it with much more panache my Dear….much, much more panache. We could call it the Observant Comedy Hour or something like that!

  7. I love listening to passionate, intelligent women speak their truths and still honour one another. Much love to you, Goddesses x

    Wow! You are right Simonne. It does take courage to honour one another. Respect, dignity and compassion. Love you Simonne! xox

  8. Muse, I’m so sorry it came off as aggressive! That was the opposite of my intent. I tried so hard to make it not aggressive/antagonistic at all, but it is difficult to express these things. Actually, it reminds me of Ruby’s recent post, that much of how things come across to others has to do with what they know, both of the world and of us. I’ve seen footage, I’ve read so much, I know too much in some ways, and I see how marketing twists good intentions, and it frustrates me. Especially because most people don’t know, haven’t seen, and it goes against all that they’ve been told their whole lives, and so what I’ve seen is viewed by many others with suspicion.

    It is hard to explain any of it, really, because the issue is not just one (as you pointed out with sustainability and women’s rights, which also bleed into internationalisation, environmentalism, global climate change, resource wars, and on and on!), and none are small. They are all entwined, and to approach it any differently is damaging, so I’m really glad you brought up the additional issues, because it is true that too many people involved in one movement don’t look beyond that. It seems like a betrayal on many levels to let things go unchallenged, whether it is me and the cage free/free range eggs, or you with your points about sustainability and women’s rights. It is a relief to be around people willing to ask the hard questions, whatever direction they come from. Thanks for smiling as you responded. It was a relief. 🙂

    Deb…Love…no need to worry at all. I know exactly where that message came from (from your heart and your soul). It is so easy to react to those terrible videos (I’ve seen them too)…and I have cried…fits of tears for those suffering creatures too. You see alot of terrible things in your work…and you feel so much….You have extremely good intentions and you have a heart of gold. I see that passion in you, as I see it in myself. Sometimes, our message becomes a little befuddled in our attempts to articulate this passion. You have a leadership ability and an empowering spirit. I know that you can affect change positively in your life such that you can effect change. I read this in your blog and I sense this in your words. I understand. There are alot of issues at state here – the nature of my work gives me understanding of this. There are alot of tough questions to be answered (and some of them may never be answered). You have my respect Deb. You are a very courageous person. The animals NEED you! They need your VOICE. I love you girl. [smiles and (((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))].

  9. Deb, we’re all at a disadvantage here in blogland because we communicate without benefit of body language. Emoticons work fairly well though! :), 😉

    Musie – Kramer! Oh how I adore him and his hipster duffusness! I love all the characters but Kramer is the best. I’m a Seinfeld junkie and the go-to person for all things Seinfeld in my little world here. I can only DREAM of being as cool as Kramer but I try.

    Side note: Wasps have set up housekeeping on my porch. I’m keeping my eyes on them though. Hope your hand is getting better.

    I’m glad

    OB…I tried posting your comments last night before bed and WordPress was having a meltdown…I kept hitting the moderate comment button and nothing happened. I also wrote a post and lost it…Grrrr…..Made me angry. Anyways. Yes. Emoticons are wonderful. I use them alot myself (Queen of the Kingdom Emoticon…or at least I am the Princess). Kramer is awesome. Oh, that’s right…you have a signed Thingie from the Soup Guy too, yes? I loved the episode where Kramer was in the hot tub and Newman was stirring it with a wooden spoon – imagining that Kramer was a lobster….Too funny. Oh no…re: the wasps. They have set up bivouac on my porch too (that is where I was stung…). I hope you can keep an eye on them…Don’t get stung!!!!!! My hand is feeling a bit better – but still itchy as heck?!

    ps. I’m glad too!

  10. What the hell was that “I’m glad” at the end? A couple of stray words jumped out of the keyboard I guess.

    Lol! So you ARE a SPAM BOT! I knew it! Love ya girl!

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