Yemanya Speaks…

I wrote a great post last night during WordPress’ server meltdown (anyone else have trouble posting comments or posts in general?) and LOST it!  Arrrrrrg.  This Mermaid was a little upset.  A “little” upset for me is growling and rolling my eyes.  Anyways…I will try to recover the flavour of the post now:

So yesterday, I had a pretty emotionally charged day after having spent it with a friend in the hospital.  He’s hanging in there, the Divine Spirit and Gods/Goddesses willing, to teach us about the transience of life and the bold courage of a person.  I returned home feeling a little dispirited though.  I really wanted to kick the Universe in the proverbial “junk” [but then I got to thinking — what really is a “junk” and where would it be?  hmmm….orbiting space junk perhaps…]. 

Anyways, another friend tried to cheer “me” up (when I know full well, they don’t have time, nor emotional energy for my ‘moods’) with some quirky emails etc. to no avail.  I even tried cleaning my house to set and adjust my thought waves (a little Howard Hughes OCD thingie that I have), again, to no avail.  Then it hit me…I flipped the computer on and opened Microsoft Word.  Writing always seems to help when I need a release.

The words flowed relatively smoothly, but not in an Edgar Cayce kind of way, because I truly knew that the words were mine:

“There are thoughts skimming about my mind, like little fishes seeking refuge in a reef of tranquility.  If I stared into that clear pool long enough, it would be my wish that those wishes would find safe haven amongst the many nooks and crevices of colourful coral as I looked on.  Some days I am brought to tears when I imagine the fragility of those tiny fish.  I see them struggling against a rising tide that threatens to carry them out to abysmal depths.  I watch helplessly as they struggle against the muddling currents.”

After writing those few lines, I was finished.  I stared at the page.  It felt as though I was a baby that had spat up something that couldn’t be digested.  It almost felt like an overspent literary offering.  As I sat there, looking at the screen, I debated writing more, but couldn’t.  Then, I surveyed my desk.  I spotted my Goddess oracle cards and grasped the box.  “Oh, what the heck!” I muttered to myself as I opened the shiny box and proceeded to shuffle the cards.  As I flipped through the cards, one of them simply jumped into my left hand (this tends to be interpreted as an energetic sign in divination), so I turned it over and gasped:

Yemanya – “Golden Opportunity” – “Important doors are opening for you right now.  Walk through them.”  She is an African and Brazilian Goddess credited with creating the sea.  There is more.  Devotees of this Goddess (on December 31) cast white flowers into tiny boats and send them to sea.  If Yemanya grants your wish, her waves swallow your boat.  If she denies your wish, it will wash ashore.  She is a nurturer, protector, supplier and one that grants wishes.  [Hm…I will wish for dignity, compassion, and positive Light and Energy for my friend, that’s for sure….].  As for myself, the message was clear…there are ample opportunities in my life now (I just registered a business and I have alot of projects on-the-go that I will be working on and benefiting from), timing is everything, big, happy changes are on the horizon.  This is the time to dive into opportunity and seek and reap the rewards of your hard work. 

Coincident?  I think not.  The Goddess energy is working on many levels and I am getting much more attuned to it (even if the Serendipity-Mobile is the Goddess’ vehicle of choice – which always seems the way, because we need to be open to messages).  I also have the ability to find strength in this energy in order to help myself and others.  And, in addition, I must thank everyone that takes the time to nest themselves within my inner blogging circle too…your support and love is truly appreciated.  Hugs to all of you.

There is harmony, peace and understanding in this very timely and poignant message.  The house-work can wait…

Hugs from your Mermaid Friend


6 responses to “Yemanya Speaks…

  1. Hi PM,
    I always think there are two ways of understanding divination – on the one hand it could be precognitive, on the other, it is a form of working things out in the mind, giving that extra confidence, that vital direction, and letting you see the way to what you desire.
    Which ever view you take, it is a great advantage in life. There are even arguments that luck works for you in terms of divination, your ‘route’ allowing you to calculate approaching obstacles and negotiate them. When the mind is at peace, and in harmony, optimism increases and nothing can touch you – you literally fly.
    I offer my best wishes to your friend.
    As for WordPress, it ain’t flying too well today.

    Anthony…Yours is a wonderful view of divination and I completely agree with your thoughts. Thank you for pondering that. I have yet to put my thoughts so eloquently when I try to articulate how divination plays a role in my life. Thank you for your kind words of support too. Your energy and thoughts are put on the wind and I am sure my friend would appreciate your well wishes…(or was that fishes?!). And, you are right. WordPress is flying like a lead balloon these days. Klunk, Thud…[splat].

  2. I don’t believe in coincidences. You go girl! Step forward and start reaping your rewards my goddess sister!

    Spiritual enlightenment or house work? I think you made the right choice!

    V…The Goddesses are with us! Spiritual enlightenment all the way baby [won’t find that at the bottom of a toilet bowl…hmm…!]. Have a good weekend V…I’m skipping out early to spend time outside this weekend. Enjoy your Goddess deck! Keep me posted! ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))

  3. Outside time is therapeutic for the soul and I hope it is peaceful for you.

    I’ll be keeping you friend in my positive vibe vision for his peace.

    Peace, love and understanding.

    Roobs! Glad to have your love and wisdom…Thanks so much Love…yours is truly a vibrant vision. I hope you have been well…I’ll visit you soon (was away for a bit). Love and hugs (((((((((HUGS))))))))))

  4. When in doubt, clean the house! While, unlike my beautiful and talented cousin V, I do believe in coincidences, some things are just drawn to you and you to them. So Golden Opportunity sounds like an affimation that you’re plugged into the signs! I am awed by you, sister-Goddess and wish I had had the inner strength and insignts you have when I was your age. I’ve been a late bloomer to listening to my inner voice, but better late than never I guess!. Now, back to my margarita…

    “Wasting away again in Margaritaville….Searching for my lost shaker of salt….Some people claim that there’s a woman to blame….” Lol! Sorry OB…had that lyric on my mind this am after reading your post. Thanks for your words OB. That really is a compliment (and I take that one to heart) – re: strength and insights. I have so many positive female role models in my life; each one with their own particular strengths and weaknesses. It is a honour to finally tap into the Goddess wisdom that has been surrounding me all my life. The fountain of wisdom within this community certainly has had a role in helping me become more comfortable with that side of myself. Thanks for being there OB (and thank you to everyone else for being so loving and supportive).

    By the way…I hope you enjoyed that margarita.

    ps. I took a little Holiday this weekend and feel totally refreshed…Can you say “Calgon, take me away?” (no…I wasn’t at a spa…far from it…but I had a great weekend!).

  5. Oh Muse, this is wonderful to read. I can see your heart so open and blossoming with future change and prosperity. It’s all good! I love Yemanya, I haven’t pulled her out of the deck in ages. I did a reading about an hour ago and asked the Goddesses to tell me about my work (am confused about whether to focus on corporate health or my healing clients) and there was Ixchel, Medicine Woman, telling me I’m a channel for healing 🙂
    Love the Goddesses!
    Much love to YOU gorgeous goddess xxx

    Simonne! Thank you for your words, insight and love. You have the intuition to decide which path is in need of your energy, and it sounds as though you truly acknowledge your spiritual ability (yay for you!). Ixchel and Medicine Woman are rather powerful healing goddesses…you have some vibrant healing energy in your life right now (it must be quite palpable for you). Yes. I truly love this deck…it is easy to attune with…as soon as I picked up the cards, I knew that they would vibrate with my energy! Long live Goddess energy!

    Hugs Simonne..xoxo

  6. the same thing just happened to me in this very instance. my coinsidences started yesturday. I made a comment about the weather at work it went along the lines of “I hate when it’s cold and there’s no snow it seam’s so pointless, at least when it snow’s you get day’s off work.”
    Today it snowed! Unfortunatly I had to go to work this made me feel anoyed and I began to argue with my partner which left me feeling drained.
    I then stumbled upon the realization that it was my current employment which was the root of my problems. I imediatly appologised to my partner and decided to take action.
    I already had a number that I had been given the previous day from a friend who sujested I go work for her over the festive season, so I phoned her and recived a new job instantly. I then phoned and quit my present job which gave me an explosion of energy. I then thought this must be the work of something beyond me. something beautiful.
    Instantly I dashed for my goddess cards in a fit of excitment and who do I find.YEMANYA! so I went to look at pritty pictures of her beauty and found all you guy’s who are equally beautiful. I’m a coinsidence hunter and this is a good one!
    live, love. x

    Hi Lisa – Your excitement is contagious! I must thank you for your comment and your happy thoughts. I frequently use my Goddess cards to lift my spirits too…as they are beautiful and full of inspiring messages. Congratulations on your happiness and the Best of the Holiday Season to you.

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