The Charioteer…

 “Know the Self

As your own Consciousness, Awareness,

Vital Spiritual Life Energy,

Source of your own Being.

God in you Heart,

As if to be sitting as a passenger

In a golden chariot.

Your body an object in Consciousness-Awareness,

Is the chariot,

Your subtle intellect

Is the charioteer,

And the reasoning power

Inherent in the brain is the reins.”

-“The Katha Upanishad” (paragraph 3).


5 responses to “The Charioteer…

  1. Hi PM,
    There is often more wisdom spoken in the earliest texts than in the entire body of science around today.
    Of course, this isn’t to degrade science – it’s marvellous – but it fails to grasp wider meanings about humanity, and fails to understand that things are usually holistic, as opposed to specialised.
    It takes the poets and the mystics to intuit this truth.

    You know Anthony…you are so right. In some ways, I believe that science and technology has somehow distanced us from the primitive mind that allowed us to connect to that intuitive aspects of our humanity. As much as I agree that poets and mystics can intuit this truth, I believe that somehow, we are all capable of intuiting this Truth, if we just unwind and unplug ourselves from the clutter and white noise of our lives (and choose to seek this path). Thanks for your words Anthony. Your introspective insight is always appreciated!

  2. Ooo, spooky, we’re in sync again Muse!
    This is wonderful, wonderful 🙂

    I love being in synch with you Simonne [Twilight Zone music plays in the background….]….Hugs Goddess….Hope everything is well with you. I miss you muchly (have been taking some time out myself to enjoy life, think and ponder….). ((((((((HUGS)))))))))

  3. Well, I have nothing substantial to add to that! I thought about writing something smarmy, but somehow it’s not coming to me. Damn! I hate it when that happens. There’s usually some kind of smart-ass comment just begging to be let out of my mouth at any given time. The Charioteer has thwarted me.

    OB speechless?! Lol! That’s quite alright. Revel in the silence my friend….and quiet your mind. There is much knowledge in the wisdom that exists within the tranquil pool of our brains. You are one very wise lady. ((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))

  4. It’s a catching up day for me and I’m moving slowly so please forgive me.

    I don’t think that many if any could find fault with the quote you mentionedl I know it surely spoke to my beliefs.

    Thanks so much for sharing this.

    Peace, love and undertanding to all and special hugs to you PM.

    Hi Ruby! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are feeling well these days. Love and hugs to you…

  5. Take your time, lovely. But we miss you. Blogland isn’t the same when you’re away! And I missed your What the ? Wednesday!

    Hi OB! Thanks for your words! I have been very busy lately at work and home and just haven’t had time to give my blog any love. It’s nice to know that I am missed (“Aw shucks!”). I guess I’m not such a pointless drop in the Universe afterall…

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