A Meditation…


Inner Release

“Consider yourself

a riverbed

over which

positive and negative

experiences flow.

Observe them

but do not enmesh

yourself in them.

They are the indicators

not the directors

of your life

Do not cling

to negative feelings and experiences

in morbid introspection.

Let go your hold

on positive feelings and experiences.

When the butterfly

rests in your hand

do not close it.”

-Robert M. Anthony

6 responses to “A Meditation…

  1. My first instinct would have been to imagine myself as the water, so it is interesting to put myself in the perspective of the rock. I’d never have thought to do that, somehow. Thanks for this post!

    Hi Deb! Yes…interesting perspective, isn’t it? You know, I thought of my “funnel analogy” when I read this. My funnel analogy? Well…basically, if everyone is a filter and energy is like water…we need to ensure that things (positive and negative experiences) don’t plug the filter to prevent energy from flowing through us (and yes…we can hold onto positive experiences too…I think they have an expiry date, as do negative experiences). I’m a visual learner! Imagine that. Glad you enjoyed the post…Thanks for stopping by…it’s great to see Tempest (I love that pic of your cat…I can’t say that enough!). (((((((HUGS))))))))

  2. Very nice. During the Time of the Car Wrecks, I worked hard not to react, but to observe and act deliberately and positively. This stuff is amazing, Muse! Amazing because it works so well – in not interjecting negative and/or chaotic energy or thoughts into situations, they seem to take care of themselves magically. The time to disconnect a bit more from my son’s life has come and I’ve been struggling with feelings of helplessness and anxiety watching him deal with the situations that belong to him. Separating my natural maternal “fix-it” feelings have been so hard, but necessary. It was a good time in my life to open myself up to new ways of looking at and approaching life. Frankly, I really credit you a lot for introducing me to these concepts, which I always knew were out there, but hadn’t really paid much attention to before! The whispers in your blog have spoken quite loudly to me. Thanks for being you, Muse!

    Hi OB! Thanks for your perspective…! I’m glad you were able to step back from your situation (Time of the Car Wrecks) and see the situation for what it really was. You know…I think as women, we especially, tend to allow ourselves to get caught up in everyone else’s dramas (because of that maternal drive). In no way do I mean “drama” as a literal or derogatory term, but I believe that everyone creates their own realities (projected as a drama). It is when we detach ourselves from commitment and outcome, do we finally see the situation for what it really is (we can slice through the dramas to the heart of the matter…the core of the situation and deal with it effectively without creating more drama or expending precious energy that could be used for healing and positivity). I guess that is what I have really been working on lately….managing my energy (the “who”, “what”, “when”, “where” and “why”). You are also quite right about reacting. I think of “reacting” like “reactor” – as in nuclear! I used to be a “reactor” – but now I realise the potential for meltdown! Thanks for being there OB – I am honoured to be part of your spiritual journey and feel as though I owe you as much credit (as you feel you owe me). Love and hugs…and continue being “you!” (((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))

  3. Interesting perspective, PM. I like the ‘funnel analogy’. We need to clear out the ‘effects’ of experiences of all types, but remember the lessons.

    Absolutely Anthony! You have added a new element to my “funnel analogy”…the residual effects of experience and life lessons….Oooohhhh…I like that….Absolutely brilliant. (((((((HUGS))))))))

  4. This is wonderful! 🙂
    And so true. The funnel analogy is a beauty! It’s amazing how in sync we can be, Muse – my spiritual healer did a session around this with me this morning!!

    Are we attached by an umbilical cord?!!! LOL!!! You and I have experienced alot of “in the now” moments together lately Simonne! Well…at least I know I’m on the right track. You are incredible. I’m so happy to have you in my life. Hugs sister….((((((((HUGS))))))))

  5. What a wonderful reminder today. Thanks!

    Hi Cutie! You are most welcome, my little Pixie Friend. I hope you are having a wonderful day (and are able to stretch those silvery pixie wings…!). ((((((HUGS))))))

  6. Dearest Muse… My empty hands led me here to you today, to read this. It was the balm my soul was seeking – I wish there was a way to send it to you….the picture I took on Monday. As I was walking, I came across a huge monarch butterfly sitting on the ground. When I put my finger in front of it, it quickly climbed on and we enjoyed a part of our journey together. That same day I experienced the worse betrayal of my life. BUT – I know that the Universe was already supporting me and reminding me that it is not WHAT happens to us, but our response to what happens that truly shapes our lives. Every time I look at the picture of the butterfly sitting on my finger, I will think of your words of wisdom here, and will humbly accept their healing. Namaste and so much gratitude…

    Hi Doll! Where have you been? We (the Goddess Group & Co.) got to wondering where your wings had taken you. I hope everything has been ok with you (and that you are truly well and happy). The story of your travelling butterfly companion sounds like a rather serendipitous meeting indeed. The very fact that you paid such careful attention to a fragile and delicate creature is very meaningful. All too often, we take too little time to pay attention to the minute details of life that hold such meaning if we allow our hearts to open and blossom. And yes, I agree that our ability to become more balanced, spiritual individuals stems from our ability to adapt to change and learn from our mistakes (that we are undoubtedly going to make as human beings). We also need to allow ourselves to flow like a river too…and allow each experience to wash over us…Love and hugs Goddess friend. I hope you are able to stay with us for a while. We missed you! (((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))

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