What the? Wednesday – #12


Now, the traditional human costume is rather gorgeous…but does the lady really need a sidekick?! 

Wow!….Yeah….What the?!….


ps.  By the way…my greyhound wants nothing to do with this outfit…although it is shiny, and a little girlie…

photo (http://news.sky.com/skynews/picture_gallery/picture_gallery/0,,70141-1280688,.html)


5 responses to “What the? Wednesday – #12

  1. Hi PM,
    Familiars get stranger and stranger.

    Oh Anthony! You had me on the floor with that comment. Ah, the wit in your brevity is so much appreciated!

  2. Oh go on Muse, dress up Santa’s Little Helper!!

    Tee hee hee…Actually, I am looking for a Halloween costume for my pooch. She does enjoy wearing bathing suits and scarves (Don’t ask, I had to try!). I’m thinking about a “bee” or “scarecrow” outfit…

  3. Heavens to Betsy, what IS that outfit? Poor little mutt, he looks absolutely morfitied! Coco would shun me for a year if I tried a stunt like that with him. Yeah! What the ? Wednesday has returned!

    Hi OB! The dog does look rather disgusted doesn’t he? I’m sure that Coco would run the other way if you brought that costume home! I mean…how could the dog even employ a fire-hydrant properly in his daily walks with that fluffy bit between his legs!

    Hooray for What the? Wednesday!

    Hugs OB

  4. We just shaved our Schnoodle and now she looks a lot like that diva…hmmm I wonder where I can find an costume like that for princess Nina. 🙂

    Schnoodle! I love it. That is the cutest designer dog name yet, I tell ya. Hmm…check this out V (Halloween Pet Costumes and stuff…):


    I love the jester collar (that grey cat is adorable!).

    Ok…surfing that site was my humour therapy of the day.

    Love ya V…Have fun with that Schnoodle of yours (((((HUGS)))))

    ps. Maybe we could convince OB to pick out a cute outfit for Coco (tee hee heeeeee)….

  5. Seriously, Coco would pee all over it if I even tried…

    LOL! I’ve got nuthin’…seriously…nuthin’….

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