Looking Into That Tranquil Pool…

Realisations…and paradoxes…

-I am brimming with so many thoughts that I am stifled and exiled into silence…

-The one who appreciates silence the most, has been deafened by noise…

-If my life were a ship, my navigation system would be the moon and the stars, for my compass crapped out long ago…

-“Alone” is not a five letter word…

Maybe I have been reading too many fortune cookies and I am speaking nonsense.



2 responses to “Looking Into That Tranquil Pool…

  1. Well, paradoxes are great truths, nonetheless! I liked the compass one the best. How have you been these days, mermaid?

    Hi OB! I wasn’t really sure where my headspace was when I wrote these things. I guess I felt as though I had experienced some form of writer’s block…I felt like Houdini trapped in a glass box…my thoughts and inspiration stifled and compressed, coiled and ready to spring, but with no impetus for release (quite the paradox, yes?!).

    As far as the compass goes…they are quite intricate, fickle little things, aren’t they?! When and if we lose faith in our instruments, we tend to require the use of more ancient methods of exploration. “Arrr….Give me a sextant and a map laddie….! Arrrrr.” I particularly like the Pleiades cluster myself…it is a wonderful constellation for navigational purposes.

    Oh! And, after that relaxing long weekend. I feel great! Just recuperating before the big storm (work) that will send my ship bobbing about…


  2. Glad to hear you got a good rest. After the strangeness of August, I’m not sure WHAT’s going on lately. Just wanted to make sure you were doing OK, sista! Oh yeah, and I’m going to make one more comment about the tennage angst post: I was imagining myself if I’d been a teen during the 1980’s and goth is the look I kept getting. So I’m not surprised to hear about your goth phase! Those teenage years are unbeatable for the huge creative leaps and bounds the mind takes. Pretty interesting story there, Muse – you are certainly an enigma (but a good one!)

    LMAO OB! If there is one thing I can guarantee when we hook up together in Blogland, it is this – you make me laugh girl – and I love you for it!!!!! I could totally envision you as a fellow Goth too…Visigoth, Ostrogoth…Whatever-kind-of-Goth….You and I would look damn good in black leather….and heels. We would take any pub or country by storm with our wicked sense of humour and coquettish-ness…. By the way…that’s an interesting thought – a coquettish Goth…do such enigmas exist? Anyways, yes, I guess I am an enigma (but I always say that it takes one to know one…so I guess you are in the Enigma Club too!!!!!) Yay! We belong to two clubs…ah hell…make it three…the Enigmas, the Goddess Group and the Coquettish Goths…

    That’s alot of costumes…!


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