Ident-itty Cry-sis

My blog is having an identity crisis…an aesthetic mental breakdown of sorts. 

I think Ruby might have been onto something with the whole OCD sidebar overlap and colour scheme thingie. 


I think this theme works.  For now.

Am I like Madonna or something?

Bloody hell PM, pick a frickin’ theme and stick with it.

(If I hate it in the morning, I’m switchin’ back to the floral theme…Let me sleep on it….Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….)


2 responses to “Ident-itty Cry-sis

  1. Hi PM,
    Some just like a new dress … or …
    Have you heard of multiple personality syndrome? 🙂

    You are all smiles today Anthony! Actually, I’ll take the multiple dresses…I have a big enough personality as is – don’t think I could handle more than one of those (ie. MPD)! Being the alpha female type that I am, I might end up in a hype of trouble with myself if I decided to challenge any of my life’s decisions…

  2. Yeah, that would be freaky if one of the personalities changed the site theme, and then another personality changed it, and so on. We would only be able to tell which Muse was posting by the site theme.

    Madonna? Are you talking about the pointy tits Madonna or the red-string wearing Kabbaluh Madonna?

    Bwaaaa ha ha ha…How can you be sure that I am the “real” Muse OB?! Maybe I AM an imposter…..[cue: wicked, evil laugh]. Perhaps the evil, hot air ballooning piloting Muse is coming out to play now. Kamikaze Balloon Pilot, here I come! Just kidding.

    By the way…all the Madonnas work for me. The pointy boobed Madonna, the Qabbalah Wanna Be Madonna…Now there is a woman that is constantly re-inventing herself (or not…). Next, I should fashion a line of childrens books…and wear school-girl skirts and pretend that I’m English…

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