TLD Part II or What the? Wednesday – #13

Bah….!  I thought my last post/comment would be a nice leader to my 13th “What the? Wednesday” post.  I had made a comment to OB about writing erotic literature that had a macabre edge to it (Teenage Literary Desecration).  And, since this post (WTW) is lucky number 13, I thought I would give this creepy number the added benefit of one of my creepy teenage posts (last spell of teenage angst for a while…I promise). 

So, this is Gothic teenage erotica…PM style…ugh.



“With utter tenderness

I caressed your lines


sensual muscle

with a

curious touch and lust.

I felt your blood;

a life force-strength

running through


of steel?

Or of pliable

elastic –

which arose my

soul to

Vital Awakening.

The need for you;



pleasured flesh.

A want of need

revolves about;

organs fulfilled

and perhaps

the Soul

the Essence

Your Life.

I somehow

lust what

I cannot have;

more than

Material man,

more than

this Earth,

more than God



Oh wow.  That’s quite enough of THAT for now.  Jeesh!  Teenage angst and erotica…ripe with raw emotion and frustrated demand.  Phew!

“What the? Wednesday – #13” alright.  Lol!  Well…at least I can find the humour in this writing now…!


5 responses to “TLD Part II or What the? Wednesday – #13

  1. Reminded me of my first love – long blond hair and the bluest eyes in the world; an artist and a poet and a dreamer. I was ripe for it.

    I think we have similar tastes in guys…I actually wrote this for a guy that sort of looked like the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers (or Brad Pitt with long brown hair). He was supposedly the “catch of the day” back then (actually, he was a bit of a male slut – pardon the expression – he was “hot” and he knew it!). I remember him showing me a Scottish sword that he had inherited from his grandad (a real, metal sword – not a metaphorical one…jeesh!). Honestly…I was so enamoured with this guy that I fell head over heels for him. As most guys tended to do in those days…he broke my heart by sleeping with one of my friends (big surprise there…). Then there was the cutie of Irish descent that had me tripping for U2….So many boys…so little time. Now they are probably balding and walking the edge of the Mid Life Crisis Zone (unless they are like Anthony and have remained level headed…). I digress…

  2. Too true, PM. I’ve still got a level head of hair. 🙂

    Lol! I noticed that from your pic (re: hair)…and you mentioned that your dear, loving wife has kept you sane too (which is always a blessing). By the way, how are things on the homefront this evening?

  3. My first love, dark brown bedroom eyes and and bright purple hair. Everything the boys in my church weren’t. He even managed to pull me away from my religion for a few months – although I went running back after I caught him and his boyfriend in a passionate kiss…

    I think I have a few of my poems from that era up in a box somewhere…

    Darnit! Sorry to hear that V. That must have stung. Ouch! Was he bisexual or a closet gay dude? Not that it makes a difference really, but the type of tension that can result from being “friends” with a bisexual man is rather intriguing to say the least (I had a bi room-mate once…we had some very interesting conversations about alot of things…). I would love it if you could dredge out some of your “purple-haze poetry”…Would be great to get a peak into V’s teenage mind…xoxo

  4. Hi PM,
    Thanks for your concern. Situation easing. Yvonne is recovering nicely. Thoughts of ironing receding.

    You know Anthony. You could make a Haiku of that comment:

    Thanks for your concern
    Situation is easing
    No more wrinkly clothes

    Bwaaaaahhh ha ha ha…We are poets and didn’t even know it! Too funny.

    But seriously though – glad to hear that Yvonne is doing better. You had us worried there.

  5. He wasn’t sure what he was at the time, though he’s now gay. I was a Thespian though so it came with the territory. I gave him his promise ring back and he moved to San Fransico (go figure).

    Ah….”The City of Brotherly Love”…yes…Good ol’ San Francisco. You know…teen love is so ruthless and sad…No wonder Romeo and Juliet made for such a pathetic love story…;)

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