Unfinished Busy-ness…

Ok…So I went to bed last night thinking about all of the unfinished blog business that I have yet to attend to (I know…don’t I have anything better to think about than unfinished blog posts?!  I guess not…Lol!):

-The “That Place” story that I had begun and left hanging in mid-air needs a continuation (perhaps not an actual ending, because the story is still taking place….) at the very least.  Sorry guys…I’ll get on that soon (I have a rough draught in the works).

-The Been There, Done That Post is need of a violet, yellow, orange and green T-shirt for full rainbow-effect.  “I Survived Grandpa’s Boat Ride” had to be the fanciest t-shirt of them all….I will need to scrape up some more stories from the old Cerebellar vault for you….Hmmm….


Actually, that’s about it!  Only two things that need to be completed.  Not bad for an “ADD” “INTP”…!

By the way…the Aurigid Meteor Shower event turned out to be a bust.  It was cloudy that morning and I couldn’t see a darned thing.  Oh well….I’ll have to wait another 13 years to see Caesar’s Meteor Shower.  Perhaps I can don that blue toga for the event….



One response to “Unfinished Busy-ness…

  1. Yeah, you can REALLY decorate your toga, now that you have 13 years to work on it! Embroidered stars and planets – maybe a little tribute to Pluto on the back?

    OMG! You know…I could! I could spend 13 years embroidering and gilding a patchwork toga that even Harry Potter would drool over! I love the idea of paying tribute to dear ol’ Pluto too (aka…The Planet Before Hubble…or was that The Pathetic Second Largest Dwarf Planet…????). Ah heck…in thirteen years, I’ll likely be so comfortable navigating my way around the night sky, I could do it naked. Oh my!

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