New View from the Tavern…

Bonjourno!  I think I might keep this theme for a bit.  I actually find it a little easier to navigate this site…the layout is a little more user friendly (and less claustrophobic).  Plus, I kind of feel like I’m perched atop a grand lighthouse or something….

Honestly, I don’t want to make a habit of shedding my theme like a pair of daily knickers (if you get my drift)…But this space seems a little more – well….”open.”  I feel like writing in this space now, as opposed to cowering amongst some “viney shrubbery.”  If anyone is object/abject, let me know and we can strike a compromise.

Ciao darlings….


4 responses to “New View from the Tavern…

  1. I love it, although I may get so caught up in the view that I forget to read your posts! – nah 🙂

    Hi gurlie! Yeah…the view is not so shabby…! I just might get caught up with the view myself, and forget to post! Love ya…xoxo

  2. I likey! I too feel like I am flying in a hot air balloon that is not about to explode, which is better than being in packed airplane that smells like 200 different people-smells. (OK, feeling a little strange tonight after reading many humor blogs)

    Lol! Yeah…those darned hot air balloons exploding and such (why, just last week, one exploded in BC, I believe…). Oh, and the plane smells…can relate there. You are in a goofy mood OB! Humour blogs…now there’s an idea…I’ll need to go and read a few myself.

  3. I, too, am so taken by the view. This Pixie shall love to fly by to see the new you!

    Yay! Pixie is going to visit…Wonderful! Now that I seem to have a more “open” space…I seriously need to get writing…

  4. This is perfect PM! I have to laugh about cowering in the vines – that’s how I felt!

    With this theme, it makes it so much easier to see what you’ve written, where it is and how to find it. Thank you! I’m gonna be here more I think – it’s just so light and well, light!

    Peace, love and light…and THANK YOU.

    Roobs!! It’s true, isn’t it? Honestly, I began feeling a little claustrophobic last week. I found myself actually feeling aversion to my site for some reason. I think I liked the “artsy fartsy” theme, but when I realized that I didn’t really enjoy my site and all I wanted to do was “post and run”, I knew that there was something aesthetically wrong with my site. Then, I got to playing around with the theme and really loved the fresh open view of this presentation. I also like the way the site is organised too. I feel less claustrophobic and I actually WANT TO WRITE now as opposed to running through the bushes in my camo gear…! Too funny. xoxo

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