PM’s Friends Go WILD….!!!!

Woohoo!  My congrats to the ladies (and guys) over at the new site “The Blog of Knowledge“.  This site will be sure to bring out a new side in everyone’s blogging personas…what, with the cool “teachers”, splintered woodchucks and nudie gnomes….  Really.  I am not making any sense here…but trust me, this site looks like it will be quite fun so be sure to support this worthy blogging endeavour.  Oh!  And if you are looking for some support for your OCD – OB’s site looks like a real pleaser too…(darnit…I didn’t even know that this site even existed until tonight….).  Sign me up OB…I could use some help with my fascination for arranging remote controls…counter-top objects…and other things.  Damn…I do LOVE symmetry…


natalie dee


6 responses to “PM’s Friends Go WILD….!!!!

  1. You know…I absolutely love some of the inane comics/cartoons over at the website…sardonic, sarcastic, clever and very witty….There is always an appropriate comic for that smart-ass in you…

  2. Well, I can’t take credit for the OCD site – it’s all Maureen’s fault again! I posted a comment over there about my weird cleaning ritual, she recognized the signs and symptoms of another kindred bizarro spirit and asked if I would help host. Of course, being the attention hog that I am, I jumped onboard. Then the BOK started (again – our silly Aussie Maureen’s fault) and now I’m on 3 blogs.

    Sounds like you’ve got a bit of the OCD in you too!

    Thanks for the shout out(s) We LOVE to show off our smarty-pantsness!

    (By the way – I’ve sent you an email.)

    Hi Babe…I’m glad that you are able to enjoy your blogging time now – you have such a wonderful spirit and voice…I can’t wait to hear more from you on these sites. And, I will share more of my OCD-ness with you on your other site too. Yay! (re: email) – I’ll check my inbox hun. xoxo

  3. Damn, I just realized that cookie has a penis!

    You don’t call yourself “observant” for nothing you know….Lol! xoxo

  4. have just read these comments…it’s not ALL my faulty you know….OB egging me on, so was red, then of course there was the red wine! that damned red wine has a LOT to answer for in my time…nothing like a little alcoholic haze to straighten things out is there?
    mind you there’s a saying…the words of the drunk are the thoughts of the sober..i’m not quite a drunk…generally just friday and saturdays 😉
    and all aussies are mad girls…totally and utterly mad! but damn it’s fun!

    Anonymum! Hiya Girlie! Ah, I would agree – many a fine vintage of Merlot has caused the downfall (or uprising) of many a sane Goddess! I must admit that you girls had a brilliant idea when you decided to set this blog up…and I am actually planning on posting and commenting on there at some point too…Still sliding into some semblance of normality over here! Oh! And I have had a few tipples with some Aussie girls, and I can vouch that you down-under girls are quite fun! Totally and Utterly fun (I guess that’s why we have so much in common as Commonwealth Chickies!!!!!). That reminds me…where is my glass of Merlot?! 😉

  5. wine is waiting for you in the posting room sweetie..get your butt over there 😉
    and the funny part is it WAS merlot that night too!!! LMFAO…well pegged!

    Bwaaaah! Hello Anonymum. I need a topic for the BOK! The BOK has me beat….Breathe PM, Breathe…

  6. you’ve been rolled btw…hope it was as good for you as it was for us!! 😆

    AM!…I’ve been rolled, marked and rubbed all over…and I enjoyed every bit of it. Oh my!

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