Soul Food

Well kids.  PM is heading off for some fun and adventure (and, ahem…business), so I will be away on a Holiday of sorts.  Before I leave, however, I wanted to leave you with a few thoughts and questions to ponder and reply to (I had a nice chat with my spiritual advisor the other day and I have a bit of insight to share with you and would like to get some dialogue started on this).  The question(s) I would like to pose to each of you is this:

“How do you feed your spirit?” – You know that your body requires sustenance in the form of healthy nutrition on a daily basis, but how do you feed your soul?  What do you do for yourself to allow your spirit to grow and expand?  You might also like to answer this by providing some ideas as to how you also contaminate your spirit.  Just as physical food might be un-nourishing and “empty”, so too, we should consider that some activities and other forms of emotional and mental food can also be soul-less and unsustaining.

Then…I guess the next most important question that I would like to have you answer is this (probably the most important question of all):

“If you are not taking care of your spirit now…How will you change this? Do you want to change this?” – If you are still reading this post, you have at least considered, along some point of your journey, that your Soul does have some sort of purpose.  You read posts like this on my site, because you believe that you have a kindred connection to someone (me) that has begun to articulate their own Spiritual journey to themselves and the world.  So when you consider your life’s “purpose”, you should consider that even the simplest things – being open to giving and receiving love, is, indeed, a purpose.  Sometimes the simplest “purposes” allow us to open up and achieve even a higher state of being (releasing fear in the form of opening the First Chakra is a great example of this).

Each of us is on such a wonderfully diverse path of discovery.  Some of us have already understood that our Souls are in search of Love and Light, and these questions might be easier to answer as a result (for we have already, quite likely, thought upon and meditated upon the answers).  Even then, we are warned to not become complacent in our search for “Soul Food” as we journey on our paths.  We should consider that our spirits are in a constant state of flux and transience….Nothing should be taken for granted and there is much yet to learn.  Some people, on the other hand, may not have even considered these questions before.  They may be content to live their lives without the need to articulate themselves in such a manner.  For some, religion and spirituality are one in the same, for others like myself, they are two distinct (but connected) identities.  We are all at different stages of our journeys.  There is no right or wrong.  However, the path that we choose must be right for ourselves.  We are ultimately responsible for ourselves, and in being responsible to ourselves, and living as our Genuine Selves, we become Love and Light for the rest of the world.

I don’t mean for this discussion to digress into a discourse or debate on religion vs. spirituality either.  Although, I do recognize that we can nourish ourselves with either spiritual or religious elements (or a combination of the two).  In my opinion, religion is a more organised form and structure for realisation of God (the Divine Element).  Scripture, practise of religion and structure is emphasised.  Spirituality is more of an individual realisation of something Higher than oneself or humanity (which may or may not be referring to a religious God-like element).  This Higher element might be termed the Divine, one’s inner Buddha, one’s inner God, or the communal connection to our Divine Humanity.  Spirituality can incorporate many different religious concepts, with the understanding that most religions are essentially speaking of humanity’s attempt to unify or seek something higher than itself.  In either case, I believe that we can articulate our anwers in an open and respectable way (and if you choose to articulate your answers in a religious sense, that is ok too) – paying attention and being mindful, that there is a veritable banquet of nourishment in which to derive Soul Sustenance.

So, a kind “Thank You” in advance for sharing your thoughts and ideas with me (and others).  If you have any other thoughts or ideas or opinions of you own, please feel free to share them in your comments.  I will post my answers to these comments when I return in a few days.

Peace, Love and Light


5 responses to “Soul Food

  1. Hi PM,
    I guess I’m just too rational to believe in a ‘soul’, but an inner ‘self’, yes. To me, this is the unconscious, which has such an effect upon you.
    It must be purged of negativity and other useless feelings often. In that way, the ‘soul’ will look after you.

    Hi Anthony. Feed your soul, and it will “look after you”…I really like that comment…Thank you!

  2. I have always had strong beliefs in God and as such have considered myself to be a religious person. THe more I think, pray and meditate I am realizing the word Spiritual as I understand the definition likely more accurately describes me. I do see there is a difference but with a very strong connection between the two.
    I am on my own path of discovery, and have realized it is within myself. In this expedition of self discovery I have found some wonderful things and some not so wonderful. But I am learning.
    It makes so much sense the soul requires sustenance as does the body. I am badly in need of soul food. But I know I will find it.
    Really excellent comment

    Your comments remind me alot of myself Bill. I too, was raised religiously. The older I became, and the more assured of my connection to myself (my soul, my spirit), the more spiritual I became. Like you, I believe that a strong connection can exist between the two. And, just from what I know of you through your blog, comments, posts etc…I believe that you are quite the spiritual person. Your words and thoughts are thoughtful, provoking, powerful, humbling and “real”. When one reads of your journey, they derive a sense of a spirit (you) whom is in awe and appreciation of Life’s travails and details (God is in the details…). If you don’t mind me saying – it seems as though you are well along on your spiritual path – and it seems as though you are nurturing your soul with love and light whenever you can. Your comment about the birds at the bird feeder (and living in the eternal present) really had me thinking that you had found at least one special place in your heart (and it seems as though your family and friends occupy many special niches in your life too…which is really one/many great sources of sustenance). Thanks for dropping by Bill. You are a very special person and I am honoured to have you in my life. xoxo

  3. Question #1 serious answer: Well, I try to give (emit?) as much positivity as I can – always a smile or a joke, a compliment, showing interest in others and their lives- whatever I can do to benefit the people I come into contact with. It doesn’t always work and I’m not always positive, but I try.

    Question #1: The Smart-Ass Answer (you really didn’t think I’d be all serious and shit, did you?):
    I like to feed my spirit Peeps on a regular basis. Why Peeps? Well, Peeps have a naturally occurring spirit enhancer. They’re full of air and spongy delightness, and if you get the blue ones, your tongue will turn blue also, thus allowing others to mock and make fun of you. This makes people feel better, and you know me, it’s all about what I can do for others!

    Question #2 Serious answer: I intend to delve more deeply into Buddhism and the practice of mindfulness. The hard times are a real test of that ability and I need to continue to work on that. On another note, I’m also trying to be with people more and am working to expand my contact with others – it’s a struggle because I’m not normally outgoing, but am making a conscious effort to take every opportunity presented to me these days.

    Question #2 Smart Ass Answer: I’d like to really start my own Peeps store to ensure year-round availability of their spirit enhancing properties. Also, did you know that if you put Peeps in a microwave, they expand to enormous spirit enhancing proportions?

    Just my way of bringing you the really important news.

    Lol! OB…That’s what I adore about you – the sense of balance (fun and seriousness) that you emit draws people to you. I agree that one shouldn’t take life too seriously either (that’s why we were born to laugh, smile and enjoy ourselves). Humour is a valuable asset for development and growth, because it allows us to shed negativity and humble ourselves to the moment of laughter and enjoyment. As far as Peeps go – I really would love to try some of these! Do they come in colours other than blue? Purple, red or yellow perhaps? I wonder what types of flavours these little spirit enhancers come in? Hmmm!

  4. Oh yes, Peeps are practically year round marshmallowy delights now! They started as just yellow, but now they’re blue and pink and green and orange (halloween, ya know).

    It’s a mouthful of sugar fun!

    Glad you’re back! The ‘sphere hasn’t been the same without you!

    Woohoo…Multicoloured Peeps…Just what the doctor ordered. I’m all about the sugar fun. Thanks OB…Glad to be back…Just sliding back into the groove rather slowly here (still on Holiday mode and all!). xoxo

  5. As you saw, I put the answers on my blog. I started to comment but I thought it had gotten to long. 🙂
    I’m glad you’re back. We missed you!

    V! That was most excellent girlie! Thanks for that. I tend to do the same thing when my answers to posts get long too (just start answering them on my own blog). Thanks V. I missed you too. Sounds like you have been cruising along rather nicely these days from the sounds of it (good to hear). So glad you are doing well. xoxo

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