Phew!  I just returned from my Holiday, and I am feeling absolutely rested and wonderful.  The salty air and ocean did wonders for my soul and mind (my hair, on the other hand, was a completely different story – it tends to have a mind of it’s own in 100% humidity and salt air, but who cares!).  Woo hoo!  Glad to be back and I’m now happy to post my answers to some of my previous, pre-Holiday questions: 

“How do you feed your spirit?”

Honestly.  I just spent a few bucks on iTunes prior to logging onto my blog.  [Gnarls Barkley is fantastic!  “Crazy” sums up my feelings for life…].  Anyways, music has to be one of the ways in which I feed my soul.  I can always count on a great playlist to feed that hungry soul groove of mine.  I listen to all types of music too.  Each genre or song contributes so much to my mood or feeling at the time (you know what I’m talking about).  As I’m typing this, I’m listening to OMD’s “If You Leave”, a great 80’s classic.  Wow!  The potential for music to feed and nourish one’s spirit should never be underestimated. 

Another way in which I enrich my soul is to ensure that I am growing spiritually by supplying myself with the essential tools that I feel are required for *my* journey (you know – little items to place in that velvet satchel as I journey through the mossy woods and glens). I will frequent local bookshops or import stores/spiritual stores and pick up books or items of interest.  Alot of what I purchase depends on the “signposts” that I have seen on my spiritual path.  Just today, I picked up some Goddess Guidance cards for a friend and spoiled myself with some amber incense and a very clear and very powerful chunk of smooth, clear quartz.  I like taking this time out for myself – either shopping at these types of stores, or enjoying a coffee by myself or with a friend, as I watch the world go by.  Time for oneself is so important.

Friends, family, pets, plants.  Anyone or anything that I might be able to wrap my proverbial or physical, loving arms around.  Giving and receiving love and a smile daily are essential for well-being.  I also find it wonderful to smile as I walk about in my community – sharing my love and light with others as I go about my day.  It’s amazing how it makes you feel when you make someone smile when they pass you by, because you are smiling.  It’s darned contagious I tell ya!  I also like to show my love with little acts of kindness.  Little gifts of appreciation, hugs, smiles, notes, phonecalls and other such things never go unappreciated.  Plus, it makes you feel wonderful to show and give your appreciation for the gifts that the Universe has to offer.


“If you are not taking care of your spirit now….How will you change this?  Do you want to change this?”

The only time I seem to have problems with taking care of my spirit, seems to be when I am off-balanced and stressed.  Emotional, mental and physical stress can wreak havoc in my day to day relationships with myself and others if it builds up to the point where it becomes a problem (this usually occurs because I haven’t had time to ground myself with enough “me” time).  Often enough, a short trip or journey into the great outdoors (mountains, lakes etc.) is enough to reset my spirtual clock.  I have been resetting my spiritual clock in this manner for some 20 years now and it seems to work for me.  I seem to gravitate to water – lakes, rivers, oceans and the like.  Mountains also hold special significance for me too.  There seems to be a connecting energy in nature and I seem to be able to connect with this on a regular schedule to help ground myself.

Lately too, I have found myself in the company of many spiritual people.  Some of them are friends, some are more like mentors and some are both.  I believe that all of these people are in my life to help guide me along my journey – and I believe, too, that I am likely there to teach these people a little something about themselves.  Funny enough, these people are not always adults, nor are these people always “people”.  Some of the most influential spirits in my life have been those of children and animals.  Perhaps, the energy channels seem to be a little more open and connected with some of these innocent beings.  Regardless, I believe that, although we are all on our own spiritual paths, many of our lives are woven and interconnected in a rather intricate manner.  I believe that we all have much to learn from one another.  The key is to remain wide-eyed and open-minded, empathetic and non-assumptive.  There is potential to see the god-like nature in everyone – that is essentially the meaning of the word “Namaste” afterall…

Love and Light!



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  1. Hi PM,
    I think you’ve captured the 3 main aspects of a spiritual journey in the above. First of all, you learn to be at ease with yourself, feeding yourself what you need to be just right.
    Then, you realise that if you’re off-balance, then spirituality doesn’t work, and needs correcting by a commune with, in your case, nature.
    Finally, you take a well-balanced ‘self’ out into the world to communicate and to belong.
    We can wrap this process up in many forms, experienced by many people, in different times, and in different cultures, but the basic principles still come out.
    It is this similarity that recommends the truth of the spiritual path.

    Wow Anthony. I couldn’t have articulated that better myself. I like that – 1. Ease/Sustenance; 2. Balancing; 3. Community and Belonging. Perfect little wrap-up. Glad that we can share our perspectives with one another too Anthony. I’m happy that you stopped by! Smiles…xoxo

  2. ((( Muse )))
    “I believe that, although we are all on our own spiritual paths, many of our lives are woven and interconnected in a rather intricate manner. I believe that we all have much to learn from one another. The key is to remain wide-eyed and open-minded, empathetic and non-assumptive. There is potential to see the god-like nature in everyone – that is essentially the meaning of the word “Namaste” afterall…”

    Ohhhhh, can I quote you on this??? 🙂 I started my new blog today (I think my comment will link me) and I want to put up a place for quotes from my Wise Women Friends. I would be so honored if you’ll allow me to use this as the first one!!!

    NAMASTE, Sweetling!

    Hey gorgeous…just rescued this from Spamville…Darned Spamville. Go ahead…link away…I would be honoured if you used my quote! xoxo

  3. PM,

    I’m glad to hear you’ve had a beautiful fulfilling time away. My wishes for you are that you settle in and use those things you’ve gathered along the way to your best advantage.

    I have come to appreciate more and more what you have to say and how you say it and you’ve articulated it very well, as has Anthony. I’ve not been good at articulation recently and don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get the words out straight but I’m trying.

    Much love and peace.

    ~ RS ~

    P.S. Give yourself more credit my friend. You have power of your own that will be revealed to you as you evolve and find your footing. How do I know? Just – I know.

    Ruby, Ruby, Ruby…I am glad that you were able to swing by today. Since returning from my trip, I have noticed a bit of dispondency from your site. And, I must be honest and say that I was not entirely sure how to respond to some of your most recent posts (the last couple, in particular). This somewhat proves, I guess, that I haven’t been able to articulate my thoughts as well at times either (believe it or not). Having said that, I do believe that you need to give yourself some more credit too. You *are* able to articulate yourself quite well most days – even if you don’t feel as if you are, the raw feeling and emotion is expressed “as is” which is often times, just enough for people to get a feeling for your mood, feeling and headspace (call this the Ruby Barometer or something…but it seems to work for you). Articulation isn’t just about word eloquence or sentence structure. Articulation can flow in the form of poetry and feeling…and you are expressing this side of yourself more and more these days…

    That is what I really adore about you Ruby. You tell it like it is. You don’t sugercoat. You feel something and you try to express it as empathetically as you can without offending. Even your comment today – “I have come to appreciate more and more what you have to say and how you say it…” is so Ruby-esque. The very fact that you are discerning and comprehensible makes you such an enduring friend. I never expected anyone to sit and nod their head in agreement at anything I have ever blogged about – for me, that is not my purpose for writing here. We are all so very different individuals, we can’t expect everyone to completely agree, or even understand where we are coming from. That is part of the fun of communication and getting acquainted with people that you get good “feelings” from! I am happy that you and I are able to share and learn from each other (and others) in this manner. Your experiences have opened my eyes to possibilities…Through you, I can see into the heart of a true warrior.

    By the way…I truly appreciate your comment about “evolving and footing”. Each day, I am finding more and more love and light in my life. I know that I am on the right path because I can see and feel the divine nature and essence unfolding in myself and in others (that is truly the important bit). I see and feel this divine nature and you…and your love and light shines brightly. Thanks for being you Ruby. xoxox

  4. Yes, the music is a very important part of feeding my own spirit, as you know. And, strange as it may sound, cleaning my house also falls into that category. There’s something about putting things in order and making them nice and tidy that gives me that “just right” feeling. Like a clean slate – simple but effective. Nice wrap-up Muse!

    Thanks OB! Speaking of cleaning – I made it over to your OCD site today (wow! did I laugh!). I would have to agree with you on that comment. I too, feel most peaceful in a clean, relaxing atmosphere. Ah! Sigh. There’s nothing like a clean slate. Well put OB.

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