L’Arbre de Vie




Fallen leaves crunch beneath her feet,

A wooden staff

Supports her frame

As it samples the mossy forest floor.


A firefly lantern glows in her hands,

Illuminating and

Directing her passage

As it shines upon the mossy forest floor.


A shining object glints amidst leaves,

Glimmering and

Beckoning her hand

As it rests atop the mossy forest floor.


A golden key of magnificent lustre and weight,

Entangled and

Hence detached by probing fingers

As it is released from the mossy forest floor.


Camphor scent and tree roots exposed,

Reaching and

Growing from a grand trunk

As they sink deeply into the mossy forest floor.


That which is above, is like that which is below,

Branches reaching and

Roots sinking deeply

As they channel energy into the mossy forest floor.



7 responses to “L’Arbre de Vie

  1. Oh, Muse…that is just sumptuous!!! (and PLEASE, Goddess, let me NOT end up in the Spam Can again! lol)

    As you know, trees are so important to me and are becoming even more important. I could almost picture myself, staff in hand, dragonfly latern lighting the way. This spoke to me on soooo many levels. BEAUTIFUL!

    Hi Grace! Thank you for your comments! I never wanted you to end up in Spamorama-ville, EVER. I hear it’s nasty over there – full of naughty establishments pushing blue pills like Cialis, Viagra and such (Lol! Reminds me of Roobs cute post on the Viagra contaminated water). Anyways, I was actually inspired by your post this morning, for I too have experienced a kindred affinity for trees. In fact, my spiritual journey had blossomed with my realisation of the Divine via – a tree, of all things, (this is not surprising, given the archetypal symbolism of these organic “beings”). Well…With that said, I believe that there is a “Seeker” in all of us. Some of us just haven’t found him/her yet…but when you do find that spirit, you take up that intrepid journey through the Dark Wood to seek the Inner Self, because you can, because it is a challenge…because it is a path of the Spiritual Warrior. Love and Light Grace. I shall enjoy your presence on my journey…xoxo

    ps. By the way…I adore your Avatar…Gorgeous – just like you!

  2. Trees are good. Except for the evil trees in Wizard of Oz, which are very very bad. I would not like to have a tree throw apples at me. Sometimes, though, I think maybe those trees were just misunderstood.

    Seriously, very nice poem and I love the emerald green tapestry. I’m really drawn to the deep colors of red, green and blue – especially reds. Trying on clothes yesterday I realized I had chosen 3 dark red shirts to take into the dressing room with me.

    Trees are great, aren’t they OB?! I’m not familiar with the Misunderstood Treez of Oz (I don’t believe that they could be evil!), but I adored the Ents from the LOTR movies. I often wish that these trees existed. Wouldn’t it be great to have a tree friend to take you on a tour of an ancient forest? You could stand upon his branch-ie shoulders and admire the spanning horizon as he/she carries you along valleys and hills…Ah…My tree friend would have a name like Andor, or something like that…

    Anyways…Your colour palette sounds divine. I too, truly enjoy these colours the most. I’m sure that all of these colours look scrumptious on you too! By the way…it sounds as though you are aware of your chakras based on your colour selections…red for muladhara (your root chakra governing spiritual potential), green (your heart chakra governing your quest for love) and blue (your throat chakra governing communication). Nice colours for fall too…beautiful and earthy.

    Thanks for the comments (re: poem) too OB. Love ya Goddess gal…xoxo

  3. That was so beautiful and descriptive. I was right there. I could feel the tender moist moss against my bare feet. Such Imagery. Thanks for sharing it.

    Hi Gorgeous. Thanks for taking some time to walk with me on my journey, even for just a moment. xoxo

  4. What a wonderful poem!! It sounds like a Goddess chant to me, something you could use in a ritual, deep in a green forest, faeries dancing all around, butterflies and dragonflies and birds swirling. Oh, my, I am about work myself into a Witchy trance…come join me…what fun (grin)!

    Thanks for blessing us with this. And I love the graphic of the green tree. I grew up in the Appalachian Mountains, so green is woven into my DNA as tightly as a morning glory vine.

    Much love to you, and here’s some bright pink faery dust just for you…~*.~*.~*.~*!!!


    Hi Laura! You have blessed me with your presence today! I am so happy you stopped by, my Faery Wiccan Goddess. I believe you are right…the poem does sound like a Goddess chant…That would be a delightful way to celebrate tree spirits, yes? I would love to join you in that Witchy trance! Ah, the Appalachian Mountains…you do have emerald DNA in your cells. Thank you for your wisdom and your magical Faery dust.

    Much love and enchantment sent back to you, dear Lady…~*.~*.~*.~* (I absolutely love that…). xoxo

  5. Oh I loved the Ents also. They fascinated me in the books and I was hoping to see them in the movies – so I was very pleased that they were there and done so very well. It would be lovely to ride one through the forest!

    Actually I don’t know a lot about chakras, so the color associations were unknown to me. I’ve only had a vague notion that they are energy channels in your body and that it’s best if they are clear. It sounds like your Tantra readings are opening up some new territory for you, Muse.

    I also like Laura’s description of the poem as a goddess chant – so true and fitting.

  6. Thanks love, I like where this is going. Looks like you’ve been busy. I’ve been swamped but am trying to keep up here.

    I commented in some old posts here about books and – lost them – wondered if you’d commented back.. I really need a better way to track comments.

    Peace and trees,

    ~ RS ~ ——>> Oh! I like the ents in LOTR much better than the trees in OZ but I don’t blame the trees in OZ – I’d be pissed if I were them too. Love and hugs. xoxo

    Hello Lovely! Thank you for that. And, remember, you are not obligated to “keep up” – just enjoy yourself and get out into Blogland whenever you can. If you make a comment on older posts, I will try to trackback to a current post for you (in future), I know that it’s hard to remember when/where you commented if they get buried under new comments…So, here’s the post you commented on darlin’:


    I need to do a post on Ents…they deserve it!

    Love you. xoxo

  7. Hi PM,
    Strange things, trees. They define a person. As kids we climb them; as young adults we use them for all sorts of things we don’t talk about; As consumers, we destroy them; then when we grow up, we look after them, revere them, and write great poetry about them.

    So true Anthony! Trees have helped shape the lives of humans, haven’t they…on an individual and a cultural/historical level. That would make a great essay. Perhaps, I shall start with a tribute to the Ents…or the Green Man…

    I can always count on you for a witty and eloquent sum-up Anthony…brilliant! Thank you!

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