La Cle

After retrieving her treasure, she makes her way down the mossy path, back to the small, thatched hut nestled against the rim of the Ancient Forest.  A waxing crescent moon rising above the tree-tops greets a few transient stars that struggle to ignite themselves in the sunset afterglow.  The old lady raises her staff to the moon and whispers a few unintelligible words to herself as she makes her way to the wooden door. 

“Did you find it?” the old man asks as she closes the door gently behind her.  Her eyes glint grey in the dim candle-light of the room.  The smell of baked bread and stew greets her nose.  Her tummy grumbles a tiny growl of appreciation.

“Ay,” she answers wistfully as she moves towards the hearth and extends a wrinkled hand to the man.  One by one, her fingers slowly uncurl, revealing the golden object on her ageing skin.

“Ah, yes!” exclaims the man thoughtfully.  His eyes shine and glimmer as he takes the weighted object into his own grasp.  He is amazed at the weight and robustness of its composition.  “And, what is this?” he continues as he stares down upon her hand.  Another object, this one smaller and rough, remains in her palm, at the very tip of her life-line.

“Oh that” murmurs the woman, as she turns the glistening object about in her hands.  The candle-light shining through the object reveals that it is golden-red in colour and crystalline.  “I found it lying next to the key amongst the ferns and moss.”  Her forced tone of complacency almost betrays her, “I’m sure that it’s nothing,” she sighs wistfully at the man and closes her hand.  She is surprised by the tingling sensations in her fingers as she holds the object.

“Hmmm…You might be right” the old man states as he turns towards the burning glow of the fire, key in hand.  “It looks like nothing but a dried up piece of tree sap,” he states in a rather distracted manner as he studies the key with myopic eyes.  “Oh, and there is stew on the hearth, I thought you might be interested in a hot meal upon your return.”

The woman carefully places the amber-coloured stone into her velvet satchel and attaches it to her braided leather belt.  Her fingers tingle and tremble as she reaches for a pewter ladle handle within the stew-pot.  She serves herself a steaming bowl of broth and vegetables and sits down at the long, wooden table, situated in the small, darkened kitchen.  From behind the rising steam, her eyes shift to the man.  She senses an uneasiness and tension in the room.  She reaches for the stone, feeling for it within her satchel, before continuing to consume her meal.  The old man takes a seat in a rocking chair beside the fire.  His eyes transfixed upon the key.

“Let him have his key,” the old lady whispers to herself as she takes a bite from a rye bread roll, “I have discovered something much more important,” she continues whispering, her hands reaching for her satchel, “besides, he didn’t even bother to ask from where I obtained it…”




5 responses to “La Cle

  1. Silly old men! I love this story, Muse – you are a wonderful storyteller, dear! Now I’m wondering what the key is for and the crystal…. More please!

    I will gladly oblige my dear OB! This is a story about love, life, trees, symbolism and acceptance…it will, hopefully, be a continuing piece! xoxo

  2. Ooo, gorgeous Muse! I hope there’s more soon, you have me hooked!
    Much love xxx

    Hello Simonne, my lovely High Priestess…Thank you…xoxo

  3. Hi PM,
    I like the style of this. You create a good atmosphere.

    Anthony! Thank you. Crafting atmosphere is always the best part of story-telling, in my opinion. With it, one can establish mood and feeling. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I’m starting to think you are a tease! All these juicy tidbits that just leave me wanting more. 😉

    Allo Gorgeous…! You are *just* *starting* to think I’m a tease?! Aw c’mon V…You know I’ve been a tease for months now! [wink]. Yes. I want to continue this piece, and keep it going…just need to think about which direction I shall take it first. Thanks for being such a dedicated Muse my Timeless Antique Hunting Friend….xoxo

  5. OHHHHHHHHHHH Muse!! I love this story! OK…and because it’s all about me (LOLOL ;-)…) I took special note of the stew AND the piece of Amber (I’m guessing). Thank you for writing about this.

    In the book I’m reading right now, it’s talking about making medicine bags. I want to make one for myself…I will put several things in it including the 3 hawk feathers that have been given to me and a special piece of amber. I’ve asked the Spirit of the Amber to please lead me to just the right piece. After your comment, I did a short study on this fascinating substance – something I have seen in stores, but never really investigated – and was amazed at the different varieties and their different meanings.

    You are an amazing writer, Muse. Just amazing. thank you so much for sharing!

    Graaaaace! So glad to see you today. You know…you have inspired me tonnes this week. I think we are on the same wavelength with the whole Tree Spirit thing. I’m also glad that you delved into the secrets of Amber. It is a very protective stone. I have a larger green piece with many interesting inclusions in it. It is very powerful and I wear it for psychic protection. I also wear another amulet these days – one representing Christ Consciousness…it was a very, very valuable gift from two friends (this piece holds more significance to me than they will ever know…and they picked it for me without even knowing how significant it truly is for me…isn’t that amazing?). Oh, and as for the writing bit…thank you so much. I feel as though my fingers and mind are being lead to a mysteries, magical place for me when I write. I feel like I am part of the story. I feel like I am *there* and in the moment – and I love taking Readers there too. Love you girl. Keep shining! May your bright Light keep shining….xoxo

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