I finished this meme about a week ago, and I was so thoroughly engaged in busy-ness that I forgot to post it!  My thanks to Pradapixie and OB for the inspiration (pardon the font, I transcribed this from Word): 

1.  What is your all-time favourite book, from childhood, as an adult?  Little House on the Prairie series (all books).  I always imagined myself as a pioneer of sorts when I was a child (and even more so, now that I am an adult).

2.  All time favourite movie as above?  Uhm, that would have to be National Velvet starring Liz Taylor.  Was I a horse-crazy girl?  I’ll keep you guessing on that one…

3.  Favourite type of chocolate, and how much of it do you eat a week?  80% (at least) cocoa-chocolate (ie.  DARK!).  I find this a rather decadent treat – so I only indulge in it very occasionally (1 small square a week perhaps?  Maybe less).  I tend to crave salt more than sugar anyways…

4.  Favourite drink, non-alcoholic and alcoholic?  Pumpkin Spice Latte (Starbucks, hands-down).  Minty-fresh Mojitos (made with chocolate mint – my favourite!).

5.  All time best Holiday destination?  Any small mountain town is an absolute post-card dream during the Christmas Holiday season (think tiny white lights, quaint streets, mulled wine or hot chocolate, snow-capped mountain vistas…).  I try to make it to the mountains around Christmas and New Years every year to re-energize my spirit.

6.  Dream Holiday destination?  That dream destination would be some unnamed cottage located in a lonely, quiet winter-scape somewhere near the Arctic Circle.  I’m thinking Iceland…Sweden or Northern Russia….or….I’ve often thought of how wonderful it would be to spend a night or two in the Ice Castle/Hotel in Quebec City.

7.  Which is the best Beatles track of all time?  That would have to be “And I Love Her”.  Enough said.

8.  What are you most proud of having achieved (having children doesn’t count)?  I am most proud of my evolution as a person.  I have morphed from a wee tadpole into a being that seeks enlightenment…and the journey is wonderful (and still continuing!).  So, all things being equal, I am quite proud of all my achievements (from battling University degrees and climbing mountain sides to tending gardens and making people smile).  God is in the details.

9.  What would you want for your last supper ever (assuming it’s food you like now and not liquidized mush when you are 90!).  Hmm….Tough one.  I like all types of food (I am not a picky eater).  I would have to say…A plate of fruit and cheese (oh, and a glass of wine).

10.  How old were you when you had your first snog, name of snoggee if you dare?  Good grief.  I was 16 (?), his name was Kevin.  It was a slobbery, bizarre experience and i would never want to re-live it, EVER!  Teenagers are awkward, gangly and just plain unromantic…

11.  Do you have an unfulfilled ambition?  Uhm…Of course!

12.  If so, what is it?  I would like my Passport to look like I’ve been jet-setting for a few months….I have that book that I have been meaning to write/illustrate.  There are many mountains to climb, rivers to cross, recipes to perfect.  “Bring it on!”

13.  What yer gonna do about achieving it?  I’m working on it.  Piece by piece and bit by bit.  The first step in realising a dream, is visualising yourself accomplishing it…I will make my dreams reality.

14.  Describe the outfit that best describes you as you are.  Tailored buttoned-down (white) shirt, knee length skirt (grey or black), stockings, knee-high boots (nice heel), colourful scarf, tailored tweed jacket.  Classic styling with a touch of eclectic.

15.  If you were on a Desert Island Discs, which one piece of music would you want to keep?  I think this means…if I had to choose my Desert Island discs, what music would I force myself to listen to forever….Uhm….”Mister Kadali” by Sing Sing if I had to choose one song.  If I got to choose a disc, that would be “The Cosmic Game” by Thievery Corporation (excellent, excellent disc!).

16.  And what would the luxury item be, as in no use at all, on a desert island?  I would have to say that I would brink my strappy, red, stiletto heels onto that island (think Ruby’s Shooz).  However, I might be able to attract and spear fish with these, so I’m not sure how useless or luxurious thy would really be [sorry Roobs, I think I heard your vegan heart skip a beat!].  Oooooh!  But, think of the accessorising potential of these shoes, with all of the organic fashion materials that might be available on the island….Ruby shoes and banana-leaf skirts, paired with coconut bikini tops and such…Oooooh la la…!

17.  Outside of your partner, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Beyonce Knowles, J-lo, Who do you fantasise about?  I tend to fantasise about real people.  Seriously! 

18.  Describe the contents of your purse/wallet, ie receipts/bus tickets/plastic you never use/and if you’re lucky enough – money?  A pair of “rock-star” sun-glasses (look out Lukas Rossi from Supernova).  A cell phone.  My needy iPod and all it’s doo-dads.  Burt’s Bees Watermelon lip-balm (darned minty and tingly that stuff…).  My digital camera (for all of those opportune moments….;))….and a pen shaped like a 40’s inspired lip-stick (Weird.  I know.  It was a gift).

19.  Outside of the family, what item would you save from the inferno?  Like OB stated, the pets are family…so they are a given.  So, that leaves me to start hurling my library out the study window…the most valuable editions first.

20.  How much would you like me to stop now?  Mercy!  I’m finished.  Great quiz thingie, but I can’t possibly yack about myself anymore.  As I wrote this, my car was being serviced…so it was a nice distraction.



One response to “Meme-mania!

  1. Crud, I just lost my own comment! To paraphrase: Theivery Corp great. Combined with Mister Kadali – perfect. (Great song by the way).

    I’m also intrigued by the Arctic and have looked up the one in Sweden on the internet more than once. I didn’t know they had one in Quebec – so much closer…

    Interesting answers, PM – you never cease to fascinate me!

    Hi Love. Oh no! Maybe I’ll have to fetch my “comment detector” and go searching for it…it’s no doubt hiding in my insanely full Spam-box. Glad you like the tunes too. The Cosmic Game is incredible. I purchased it last week and have already listened to it at least 20 times! Do I have it memorised? You betcha! As far as the ice-castle/hotel goes…someday. And, when I do go there, I will ensure to bring my ice-fairy attire…xoxo

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