Calling All Bloggers…

Visitors to Ruby’s site will note that this brave and courageous lady has taken up a cause (:)).  And when Ruby takes up a cause, you know she’s serious!  So, now that you’ve read her post, you’ve heard about THE CHALLENGE!  On September 27, 2007, bloggers world-wide will be taking up the challenge to blog for a cause.  The Topic, The Cause? – “Stop the Abuse”.  Blog for an anti-abuse charity, blog against abuse itself (women’s issues, children’s rights, human rights, animal welfare/rights).  If you are of competitive spirit, you can track the search results for your blog, the trackbacks to charities, charity donations, etc. for two weeks and later submit your post to the Blog for Hope Post Competition.  Even if you aren’t of competitive mind, you can rest assured that your literary voice will be heard.  If you can type – you have a voice! 

Let your finger-tips do the talking!


One response to “Calling All Bloggers…

  1. You darling.

    I love you. Thank you for taking this topic and running with it like I have. I hope you’re having a beautiful day.

    (I’m not seeing photos but not sure if it’s just me or what. LOVE)

    Peace and causes.

    ~ RS ~

    Hi Gorgeous! You are most welcome my Love. The photos take a while to load up (should be ok now!). Great little emblems they are too! I had a most excellent day (thank you), and I hope yours was filled with Love and Light too…Hope you are feeling well today…xoxo

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