What the? Wednesday – #14

Ok.  Anonymum’s latest post gave me an idea.  Here’s a little travel quiz thingie to tease your brain today.  The first person to get all of the answers right will have a poem written for them, on their behalf (they can choose the topic for the poem, or I will write whatever comes to mind!).  Should be fun!

1.  This stoney Buddha has been recently placed under protective surveillance.  Which province in China lays claim to the tallest stone Buddha statue in the world?

2.  Founded in 753 BC by Romulus, this ancient city has been called “The Eternal City”.  Which European city is this?

3.  Some of the oldest cave paintings were discovered in this area which was listed as a World Heritage Site in 1985.  Where are these caves located (region/area, country)?

4.  This Adriatic country boasts a booming tourist economy.  It separates it’s most attractive regions into two “istrias”.  Which country is this?

-Happy Travels and Bon Chance!

12 responses to “What the? Wednesday – #14

  1. OK, I know NOTHING about most of these so, in my usual fashion, I will make something up.

    #1: Big Buddha Province.
    #2: Rome? Land of Uncle Remus?
    #3: France – the Boudior Region. Really, I think it starts with a C. The Chardonney Region?
    #4: Greeceistria.

    Lol! Actually…more like “LMAO”…You know…based on the general lack of answers here (I knew that you would be the first to comment – and God bless you for that, you keener you!), even your funny (albeit incorrect answers) will get you a prize. Hmm…I’ll consider that…The Funniest Answer Prize and The Correct Answer Prize.

    Big Buddha Province? Love it.
    Uncle Remus? What the? You been checking out my cd collection? Don William’s song “Good Ole Boys Like Me” is fantastic [love that song!]
    The Boudoir Region huh? Hmm…I like boudoirs…chambres…places for a nice queen sized bed…
    Greeceistria! He he he…Clever!

    Ah, I have finally met my Smart-ass match! Love ya Babe (I mean that…). You rock my world….xoxo

  2. Holy geez!

    1. Dong Duong
    2. Rome
    3. Algeria/Sahara
    4. Croatia.

    Sheesh, the last was a guess.

    Hey girlie! Woohoo! You got two of four right (Rome and Croatia). Yeah! You got Croatia right, of all places…they do separate their tourist regions into two beautiful areas called Istrias (good job!). Now Dong Duong…Lol! If this giant Buddha was “anatomically correct (!)”, that would actually be the best province for this statue (but, sadly, not the right answer…). Oh, and the cave question…think European. Anyway…I’ll post the answers later on today. Have a good ‘un! xoxo

  3. what ob said
    seriously though, i’m off to do some research! brain food!! i LOVE brain food……

    Brain food…Ambrosia for the neurons…[Methinks I can hear your little neurons burping rather contentedly Anonymummy!]. Woohoo! Thanks for stopping by…I will post the answers to the quizzie thingie a little later on! xoxo

  4. I’m Croation and I didn’t have a clue…but I’ve lived in the same city for 40 years and still get lost going to the mall. Geography isn’t one of my strong suits – plus the fact that I am “directionaly challenged”

    Lol! Hi V! That makes two of us (I am 1/4 Croatian)…However, my sense of direction has actually gotten better over the years (must be that homing device that the government implanted into my head during that last alien abduction!). Just kidding. Funny to hear that you still get lost in town that you have lived in for 40 years! A friend and I had that conversation one time…It’s funny how some places are like that – they are almost like vortices.

    I remember one time, when travelling in some small town in California, I kept making the same loop around the same buildings over and over again (couldn’t leave the town!). Must have lapped that tiny church and city hall about 5 times before I made it back to the Interstate! The first time I lapped the buildings, I said “Hey, I’ve seen this before! This is Deja Vu. What great south-west architecture!”, by the fifth lap I was saying “Lord help me! Get me out of this place! Will I ever be able to leave!!!”. Isn’t that bizarre! Maybe your town has a Bizarre Vortex too [keeps you from getting to the mall!]. Lol! xoxo

  5. 🙂 Hi, Love

    1. Sichan Province
    2. Rom
    3. Altamira, Spain
    4. Croatia

    (I’m not that smart but I AM a great googler…and I love to win! lol)

  6. 1. Sichuan Province —- correct spelling 😛

  7. JezzzzzzzzusS.Christ


    it’s spelled ROME

    Ggggggggggggggrace!!!!! You have just won yourself the mintiest, mermaid-iest prize of all….[drum roll please]….A Poem, written by *me* (PM) for *you* (Grace)…any topic of your choice. Oh, and I might add that I will also write a poem about you, in your honour (as an added bonus). Not sure how much of an honour or reward this is, but, what the heck, I’m cheap…and I would love to memorialise this Travelling Quiz moment with a poem or two!

    Way to go Grace!

    [Runner ups go to OB and Red…for their Smartie Pants answers…Maybe I’ll honour them with a Smartie Pants poem too…oh, and V and Anonymummy should get an honourable mention for their V and Mummy presences…].

    Minty, minty, minty….Now, I need to get my poetic pen in gear and write up some tributes!


  8. Yay me! I got two right.

    Congrats, MsGrace!!

    Hey Red! Yes…Grace is a little Smartie Pants, isn’t she!? But, you and OB get the Booby prize (the Smart-Ass Award…)…should be a funny one…Stay tuned! xoxo

  9. wooo whooo!! 🙂 Oh, we’re ALL winners!! OK, then, MsMuse. I’ll ponder it over night and post my topic in the morning. Then I leave for a short 3 day holiday out of town, to return on Sunday!! This is so exciting!


    Yay! I can’t wait to find out what topic you will decide upon! Sounds inspiring Grace! Enjoy thinking about that delicious topic…! xoxo

  10. grace took my answers! see…this is what happens when i go out instead of blogging!!
    i googled, got the answers, then went out!
    there’s a message there you know…one should NOT have a life….DOH!!

    Darn those “Real Lives” anyways…I mean…why can’t we just go about with laptops or iPhones stuck to us like umbilical cords?!!! Hey, wait a minute, we do that (this is one very twisted society!). Just kidding Amummy! I knew that you were going to get around to it, I guess Grace beat you to it (or she somehow stole your answers with her mega, super duper, ninja, x-ray vision). Anyway, not to worry…Everyone is a winner! Stay tuned for your little tribute too…xoxo

  11. sheesh…this is harder than I thought, Muse! LOL 🙂 I waiver between a serious subject and something silly, that could be used like a limerick …

    You are a story teller, though. And just this morning I read about a fascinating Goddess I’ve never heard of before, called the Rainbow Serpant. Creator…Goddess of fertility, joy…. want to take that on and weave us a poetic journey??

    Or you COULD writing a poem about, say, what to do when you’ve locked yourself out of the house and you have to peepee 😀

    Grace! Love the ideas…I will run with both of them. I shall try to be that Master Weaver. Thanks Goddess friend (and Congratulations once again!). xoxo

    The journey awaits…

  12. I got one right? Damn, I’m good.

    Woohoo! You sure did! I loved your answers too…Darned funny they were…Love ya Babe! xoxo

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