The Limerick Awards

Alright folks, these are the limericks that you’ve been waiting for…and they are “clean”.  Awwwww….I hear you say…I didn’t want to offend anyone, so I kept them G-rated.  Here’s to some cheesie, cheesie-ness!


There once was a lady named Grace

Who locked herself out of her place.

When nature did call

She found her bladder was full,

So off to the nearest shrub she did race.

[Tinkle, tinkle…Ah!  That’s better]


The travel quiz could have been won

But these girls wanted some fun.

Red gave China the dong

OB and Remus played a song,

Leaving Grace to bask in the sun.

[Oh my!  What a dong that was…]


To visit and forget to post

Quiz answers for that silly host.

How A-Mum lost time

About V’s circling pastime,

This limerick should be compost.

[Really…I should stick to abstract poems!]


I am currently writing up the Serpent Rainbow piece.  Not sure how it will read/flow yet, but I will post it in the next day or so (so stay tuned!).

Have a great weekend everyone!

(and for all you fellow Canadians out there…Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!!)


9 responses to “The Limerick Awards

  1. Just thought you might like to put your trademark irreverence and wit towards finishing this one:

    There was a young bloke from Sydney
    Who drank till he ruined a kidney


    over to you. Let me know when you’ve completed the challenge!!

    Aha! David! Touche! A challenge you say?!
    Hmm…I will need some time to apply my “trademark” talents to your blossoming limerick…
    Oh you jest…”trademark irreverence and wit…” [only a writer could flatter in such a manner ;)]

  2. That’s a tough one. I can’t even come up with anything suitable to finish…

    Ah OB! I’m sure if you thought about it…you could come up with something “witty” and “observant”…I mean…C’mon…You’re the queen of wit…Give it a go!


  3. (((( PM ))))) You are FABULOUS!!!! 😉

    Back ‘atcha Love! xoxo

  4. hahah! that’s great, MsMuse. Thank you for including me :]
    Compost .. hah!

    How could I omit that gorgeous red hair of yours? We are all winners Red…xoxo

  5. 😆
    i like these…
    and it’s given me an idea…do you think we could do a little story/tale/skit one sentence at a time?
    one person starts, links to next, and so on and so forth?
    everybody has a good sense of humor and a way with words….i’m not explaining this particularly well, i know….maybe i need to think a little bit more about it?
    maybe i’m just delirious? or insane more likely…and i haven’t even had a red wine!

    Hey A-mummy! I love that idea. Let’s do it! Would you like to get us started? You can start here, or link back to your site (whatever you choose)…And if people don’t mind being tagged, we could plog along like that as well! Love the idea! Brilliant! xoxo

    ps. Believe it or not, you do make sense [or maybe we are both insane and that is why we understand one another…;) !]

  6. Very clever! 🙂
    BTW – I think that’s the first limerick, I’ve been featured in that can be told in mixed company!

    V! Now you have certainly piqued this Mermaid’s interest! Care to share? [or are they that pervie?]. Lol! I was inspired by your ability to get lost in your own home-town (on the way to the mall)! Glad I could offer you a chuckle today…xoxo

  7. ok…will do a post tonight seeing how much interest we can generate….wc did one a while back but it was a bit bigger…i may make it, say……..2 sentences, from each person and go from there…most of us have reasonably extensive blogrolls, so we won’t double up too much…time for me to be gone to work now (7.00am here) so i’ll work on the draft during the day and email it home….whilst most people hate beng tagged this will be a lot smaller than your average, and i need to work out what we’ll do if someone doesn’t do theirs…thinking, thinking…not much will get done today!

    Hi A-mummy! Yup! Sounds like a brilliant plot, if I do say so myself. I think two sentences should be manageable. We should probably see if we can get folks to make their additions an actual post too (so it doesn’t end up in the comments or spam sections of our blogs…you’ve likely read my rant about “Captain Bermuda”). As far as suitable punishment for non-participators or violators. Maybe we could see who wants to participate first. Just so we don’t tick anyone off with our antics (or…if we are feeling a little adventurous, we could add our own version of people’s lines if they fail to add their own!). Tee hee hee [mischievous laugh]. Thanks for the ideas (and for taking this to task with me…should be fun).

    Do try and concentrate at work today! Lol! xoxo

  8. Well lets just say Venus only rythms with one other word. 😉

    [PM giggles a stifled girlie laugh….tee hee hee]….xoxo

  9. There was a young bloke from Sydney
    Who drank till he ruined a kidney.
    Was dialysis tried?
    Yes it was; still, he died–
    But he had lots of fun first, now, didn’t he?

    I’m just saying… 😉

    Love it! Too darned witty!

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