Taking the Plunge

I would love to discuss my latest splurge.  As a “newbie” novelist, I thought I would do myself a favour and purchase a writing program that would help me slog through my first attempts at writing a novel.  After spending a little time researching other programs, I found that the new version of New Novelist 2.0 would likely suit my basic needs.  Noticed I said “basic”, I’m not sure how this program will suit my needs if I make it to a second or third novel, and start developing my story-lines in “funky” or “novel” ways.  Only time will tell, yes?!

So far, I only have good comments to make about this software.  According to the reviews of aspiring and accomplished writers, the first version of this package was considered to be less than ideal.  It lacked the versatility and basic options of some of the major word-processing programs like “Word” (just a few “little” things….oh…like a reliable “back-up” option and spell checker/thesaurus to name a few!).  Since re-introducing the program into the marketplace, the creators have beefed up the first version by de-bugging the program (crossing my fingers) and adding features such as Internet Research, chapter re-organisation and print-outs among other things. 

So far, I am finding that the format is rather user friendly and informative.  Some of the features (including the ability to collate research, characters and chapters) are going to keep me on track with my writing objectives (which is especially important when you consider that any writer wants to create a work that is organised, uniquely creative and makes an impact).  No room for pointless annotations or characters in the case of novel writing (ahem….[grin]….I can hear the editor types “sigh” as they roll their eyes).  Anyway, I will let you know more about the software as I unravel it’s quirky intricacies…

If anyone has any comments regarding this or other software, I would greatly appreciate your input!

Happy Writing!


4 responses to “Taking the Plunge

  1. You may also want to take a look at yWriter, from Spacejock Software (http://www.spacejock.com/yWriter.html) – for one thing, it’s free! It also seems to provide a lot of useful tools for the aspiring novelist – I’ve been playing with it for a couple of weeks now, and I’m quite impressed. Not that I’ve used many other apps for this, but it does seem to be nicly geared towards helping you design, maintain and keep track of the structure of your text and notes quite nicely. Between that and the timeline maker I found at http://www.timelinemaker.com, I’m starting to make some real progress, after merely thinking about writing for months.

    Hi Neil! yWriter you say? Hmm…I will have to look into that. Oh, and the suggestion for the timeline is wonderful too. I was already calculating how long it should take me to forge five or six chapters (four to six months, give or take…barring the absence of cataclysmic events like flooding, comet strikes or Christmas Holidays ;)). Glad to hear that you are making progress on your book (I imagine that this is your first one?). Do keep in touch and let me know how you are making out. Thanks for your comments and helpful hints. They are much appreciated!

  2. Hi PM,
    I wrote my first novel on a steam-powered portable typewriter over 20 years ago. I eventually graduated to an electric typewriter, and a couple of months ago I wrote my latest on a computer.
    Okay, none have been published, but one thing I’ve learnt is the pen is the best tool for writing notes, and putting one word in front of the other is my only rule for the actual writing.
    I use only one program, and I’ve used it all along.
    My mind.

    Hi Anthony! Ah, yes! The mind. A crucial element of writing. Thanks for bringing it down to the bare essentials. No matter how many gadgets, doodads or programs we try to pre-occupy ourselves with, the process of creative writing is essentially sourced from one’s ability to transfer their thoughts to a workable, usable media form. I will often begin writing poety in this manner…However, I do have a penchant for the backspace key and my OCD goes into overdrive when I see strike-throughs in my cursive and written work (I like my written journals to stay neat and fancy).

    Alas! Perhaps, I am a writer of the new age. As long as I spend time plodding along…I should be just fine. I commend you too, by the way, for starting out as you have (and continuing to use the devices that work for you). I tried sitting down with an electric typewriter about 10 years ago to write a short story (and I had to quit because I found the media too frustrating…I think I ran out of “eraser tape”!). I couldn’t imagine plunking along on a steam-powered portable (or a manual typewriter).

    Thanks for your thoughts. I would like to hear more about your novels at some point…Cheers!

  3. Hi Love,

    I don’t know a thing about novel writing software but I do know a bit about webpages and html and “Word”. What do I know? I know that when you write in word as opposed to a plain notepad and try to just paste it into a webpage it can screw it up royally with all sorts of hidden, extra, needless and bad ….. formation is the only word I can think of at the moment. (I’ve really had a hard time finding the right words for things lately which has hindered my blog writing alot lately.)

    Peace and beauty to you today and good luck with your writing!

    ~ RS ~

    Hi Roobs! It sounds like you are feeling a little better today! Glad to hear it. I get frustrated with Word too. I can’t tell you how many times I have written a blog-piece in Word, then transferred it to WordPress (thinking that I am being so efficient), only to end up with stupid codes, crazy fonts and other hidden nasties.

    Don’t worry about the “words” either…I understand completely. You know, sometimes I open up my WordPress “Write” page and I just stare at it for minutes (some days the words just don’t come to me…and my mind is blank or numb). It is during these periods or spells that I give in to my need for quiet and solace. Instead of getting frustrated with my Writer’s Block (or mental/emotional block), I turn off the computer and head outside.

    I think that these periods of mental inactivity are required for rejuvenation (and I think we all need them from time to time). I accept this as part of my regular biorhythmic cycle and my need for connection and energising. I am getting better at accepting this when I consider the blogging style and writing/email activity of my friends too (it helps to keep things from getting personal or oppressive).

    I am glad that you felt well enough to stop by today too Ruby. Any bit of time that I have with you seems quite precious to me. I want you to know that you are embraced and loved. You are a kind dear soul. Much love to you today…xoxo

  4. Uhhh, there’s software for writing (besides basic word processing?)? I think I’m in Anthony’s league here…(steam powered typewriter! HA!)

    Yes OB…This type of software sells better with a name like “New Novelist 2.0” as opposed to “Writing for the Literary Newbie” or “Writing for Dummies 101” Lol!!! Just making fun of myself here…Anyway, I do like the way the software has me organising my chapters etc. But, I do have one RANT! Argggg…I will write up a quick post about it!!! Darn that stupid cursor anyways! Bah! Phew…I feel better now…Love ya OB! xoxo

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