Yingarna’s Gift…

Her brown hands wear the lines and furrows of that red earth landscape.  Dry, dusty and wrinkled.  Red dust swirls about that paper canvas.  Smudges of ochre, coal and white paint are pushed and smeared into those linen fibres.  Her hands work deftly to create that image.  The Dreaming.  Her dreaming.  Yingarna.

The impression winds itself in a serpentine pattern.  “Rainbow” she thinks as her fingers flick earthy colours onto blank white.  Ancestral memory streams from cortex to fingers as the image forms itself.  Valleys and gorges are created as the serpent winds her scaly form across the land.  Ancestors are still only whispers; flecks of mica in the dry wind. 

The serpent winds her way to a lonely clearing in the desert.  She coils herself tightly and burrows into deep, hot sand.  A slight hiss, and flick of her tongue.  Millions of muscles, like years, begin to ripple.  The sands shift slightly and churn.  This serpentine shaman summons the monsoon rain.  Tiny droplets fall upon her rainbow scales.  Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet drops of moisture spatter upon the land. 

Rainbow hands smudge colourful moisture onto that fertile backdrop.  The serpent’s ancient gift of Life is multicoloured.  It is the Essence of her Being.  Weathered hands work to shape one ancestor, then the next.  A hand, a face, a body, a heart.  “Our Creation, Her Rainbow gift” she whispers from moist lips.  The serpent sleeps beneath that deep, golden pool.  She waits patiently for her Creation.  Heartbeats and rhythmic drumming upon the land.  This is her Dreaming.




2 responses to “Yingarna’s Gift…

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh YES YES YES!!! 🙂 I just knew you would work your wordsmith magic on this!!! Thank you, darling…The Rainbow Spirit has been blessed by you…

    and I’d like to bless you, too! 🙂 Come on over to my place..I’ve left something there for you!


    Thanks so much for the inspiration Grace! I learned A TONNE about the Rainbow Serpent when I was researching this piece (I hadn’t even heard about this myth until then!). This piece if for you Dear. It has elements of your strength and beauty.

    By the way…I must thank you again for being such a thoughtful friend (I made haste as soon as I read your comment this morning…and scurried over to your site).

    Your gesture is a blessing! I am honoured to be in your thoughts…xoxo

  2. As I’ve recently begun exploring the depth and mystery and many-clicks that is Blogland, I kept seeing your name. I decided to brave a new world and I’m so happy I did.

    This post speaks to me on a level deeper than words, that place Within that has no language, only Knowing. I feel Her working her rainbow work in the world again, birthing new women all around me and within me. What a wonder it is to see Her in this way. Thank you.

    Many thanks Signmom. I am happy that you dropped by [I dropped by your site to share a few thoughts…]…and I am honoured by your comments. Goddess energy has been in my life for as long as I have been alive (I just didn’t know it, or realise this, until a few months ago). For me, the Divine Feminine expresses herself as many Goddesses…Sedna…Isolt…Athena…Hathor…. This wisdom is archetypal, ancient and intuitive (like the story of the Rainbow Serpent). Now [and I will post about this later], as I delve into theories of Taoisim (yin and yang) as part of my work, I am expanding my realisation of the Divine Feminine, as I realise that this yin (female, grounding force) is as equally important as the God force (the yang or Male force).

    Welcome to our Community Signmom. I wish you many blessings on your Journey.

    Light and Energy!


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