A Gesture of Grace

Wow!  I woke up this morning to a wonderful surprise!  A giant “Thank you!” to my friend Grace, from “The Wild Pomegranate”

The “I’m Fabulous Award” brought a huge smile to my face this morning.  You are truly a thoughtful Lady Grace, and I adore you [“Yipee!  My very first award!!!”].

Now, I have the perfect “wall” in the “Tavern” for this award…I will just have to tweak that ol’ sidebar first…

[Congrats on my behalf to Observant Bystander and Writer Chick for receiving this award from Grace too…].  Ah, there is nothing quite like the sparkling glitter of Awards Day at The Wild Pomegranate. 

Shine on Grace!


3 responses to “A Gesture of Grace

  1. Congratulations on your award from Grace! She is super! Enjoy it and have fun! Besides, the colour looks great on your site!

    Mata ne…

    Hello Hawk! Thank you very much! Grace is an absolute charm, isn’t she?! In my haste, I should also have thanked you for the award too…for without your guiding wings and presence in Grace’s life, I likely would not have been charmed with this token of friendship and gratitude…

    Indra indeed.


  2. Tres funny, Muse. Mucho congrats to you as well. We do love our GRacie, don’t we?

    Aw thanks WC…Thanks for stopping by…Grace is a super-dooper gal…We do love her…xoxo

  3. Congrats on the award, no one is more deserving.

    Oh Bill…thank you so much. I hope you are doing well. I will visit you in a little bit, when I return from my travels…I want to catch up with you and trace your travels. Many hugs to you Friend…xoxo

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