Rolling Post – Part 1

Wow!  Thanks for the great big belly laugh this morning Anony-mum!  You know….when I tried posting a comment to your “Rolling Post” post, your webpage kept telling me [imagine this in a robotic dialect like that of a Dr. Who Dalek]:  “Syntax error…Syntax error…”  So instead of waiting patiently to see if the comment would post, I just kept hitting “Submit” [Yes…I do “submit” from time to time! ;)].  Lol!  Hilarious!!!

Anyway, I don’t need to further explain the “Rolling Post” concept, since it was already explained by Anony-mum here.  Let’s suffice to say (due to my exuberant reaction!!!!! to this post!!!!), I was tagged first.  Woohoo!

Nice start to the RP Anony-mum.  I hope that I can follow your lead and weave a few interesting lines (3-4 as requested).

[ps.  I’m all over that Chocolate Cake girlie!!!!]


The curtains were drawn against the chill of an early winters evening. The only sound to be heard was a sigh as she poured over one of her interminable lists, this being for the coming weekends dinner party.
She was concerned how she would keep them apart after the recent unpleasantness.
It was unthinkable she not invite them both, but in doing the right thing by them, had created a problem for herself. 

Drawing a soothing draught of red wine from her glass, she looked up from her list and stared across the room.  A distant memory, like the transient flash of ‘his’ handsome smile, spurned her inner turmoil.  She had developed feelings for Steven during her initial tenure at the University.  Their first encounter seemed almost cliche.  A fateful walk across an autumn campus, a stack of books falling upon golden autumn leaves, polite words spoken, lucid eyes meeting hungrily.  Butterflies.

What had begun as an innocent friendship between colleagues (for Amy would later be introduced to Steven as a contemporary) later spurned into a brief, but torrid, romantic affair.  When the couple resuscitated themselves from their grey moral vortex, they realised that they would make better friends than bed-fellows and had decided to remain in each other’s lives.  Now, Amy had the task of playing chancellor and counsellor to her friend, as he struggled for a sense of equilibrium in his failing marriage.  Once again, she sensed the butterflies.


Now, I shall turn this over to [random draw from names written on bits of paper….drum roll please…..]…Writer Chick!

Alright Writer Chick, make us proud!

Happy Writing Everyone!


6 responses to “Rolling Post – Part 1

  1. as you guys do them, i’m going to copy and paste in a draft at the nook…i’ve added this like you asked cos you had so much trouble, but i liked the idea of keeping it all together too…i may take the post that started it and make a page, then direct everyone via a link to it…
    i did indeed make a chocolate cake last night too by the way! coffee is hot if you want, or i MAY have a nice merlot hanging around

    You certainly are a Yummy Mummy! I’ll take one piece of cake please…I’ve got my Chai right here…[tummy grumbling…]…

    The RP plan sounds brilliant A-mum! Thanks for the tips…xox

  2. Juicy, Muse! Mine is up tomorrow morning – so tune in. 😆

    Thanks WC…I can’t wait to read your continuation of the story – honestly, I wasn’t really sure where to run with it myself…This shall be quite interesting!

  3. ok, have made a new page and will update as people add to the story…annie did a brilliant job!
    she made me spit on the screen with the pic though!

    Great to hear A-mum! I will swim on over there in a little bit. Thanks for all of your hard work and organisation on this little project!

  4. And the post rolls on, I have added my bit. Come over if you dare.

    Bring it on Purefnevyl! I’m there…

  5. It’s you again…
    Sorry for the mess I have made!

    Hi Cowgalutah! Woohoo…That time already, huh? The Muse shall find her way to the Rolling Post Lair and set pen to paper (or cursor to WordPress) and begin clacking away (I’m sure you did a fine job – haven’t read it yet – but I’m sure it’s fine!!! :)).

  6. PM-

    You gave the RP the tension it needed to go forward.
    For me, it definitely had a “Days of our lives” feel to it.

    Ooooooh ~m (I had to go hunting for your “~” symbol!), I’m glad you liked my bit of “Splendid” (Thanks!). I guess I’m in the hot seat once again…and I would like to keep the humourous element in the story going…so we shall see! Thanks for stopping by!

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