Rolling Post

I’ve been tagged…and I am exhausted…so I will think of a few lines for the RP and post them sometime tomorrow (Saturday morning).  Have a great evening everyone.



One response to “Rolling Post

  1. and only one to go after this! :lol:…nah! we’ll let you off that one if you want?
    we only have goinglikesixty, cris, reg and karen left ( I think!) will need to check for sure….the person i feel for is the last one! i don’t think anyone wants to be last!! LMFAO…with the bearded, singing kids happening, can’t say as i blame them…unless you want to finish it??
    *hint hint*
    *nudge nudge*

    Ok Anonymum! If nobody else wants to finish “Splendid”, I’ll give it a shot (if that is to be my last contribution!). Unless of course…someone else has any ideas (although… would be fun to have a couple of “alternate” endings too!….just to spice things up). [ps. I like nudges, and I like winks…Woohoo!!!!]. 😉

    [nudge, nudge and wink, wink….back at ‘ya girlie]…

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