In response to David’s question:“Have you googled yourself…?”

I would have to admit “Yes” – for the simple fact that I want to know if my name actually appears in the listings (and it does – although briefly and sporadically).

Google itself is a rather interesting beast too, isn’t it?  The company is estimated to be worth about $23 Billion [not bad for a University research project huh?].

Features like gmailGoogle Maps, Google Earth, Google Product Search, Blogger [and the list goes on…], make this software mogul the #1 most-used-provider (search software, in particular) on the Web today.

By the way – has anyone checked out the new Google Mars yet?  Fascinating!  I wish my piddly little telescope could give me images of Mars like this (I did manage to get a great view of some lunar craters with my lens the other day…).  In fact, the photo clip above is from the Google Earth Blog – a rather interesting place to visit for some facts and fun!

Happy Googling!


ps.  Did you know that Google was named after a very large number?  The number itself is called a “Googol” – and is represented by 10 to the power of 100 (or a “1” followed by 100 zeroes!)…


3 responses to “Googled

  1. I am a newbee to the blogosphere.
    I wrote an article on Google some days back. I posted it today..
    Please heck it out and tell me the comments…

    Hi Niyaz! I will visit your site! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love Mars’ hot pink color scheme. Is Mars a teenage girl?

    LOL! Rather psychedelic, isn’t it? Reminds me of some funky ’60’s flowered blouse pattern…

  3. I reckon the name, Google, is an aspiration. They want to end up making a googol in cash.

    Hmm…I wonder what a googol dollar bill would look like? Would it have that funky colourful lettering on it, and a tagline on it that says, “I’m feeling lucky?” Lol! 😉

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