ABC’s of “PM”

Grace at The Wild Pomegranate (gosh…I love the name of your blog Grace) tagged me for the “ABC’s About Me” meme.  I am supposed to post the instructions for the blog and describe some randomly quirky things about myself alphabetically (all in the name of fun).  Oh, and I need to tag some people too (if I tag you and you don’t feel like playing, you won’t hurt my feelings…but we’d sure love to get to know some fun facts about you…so please try to jot some stuff down and participate).

Here goes…

The legal “yadda, yadda” as quoted from Grace’s site:

“The instructions say that each player starts with some random facts/habits about himself/herself. As you are tagged you need to post the rules and your responses on your own blog. At the end of your post, you need to choose some people to tag, list their names and, of course, leave them a comment, telling they have been tagged and they need to read your blog for more information.”

A – Alligators.  I’m up to my neck in ’em these days as I struggle with more post-graduate studies than my ADD brain can handle.  Stuffed alligators are cute too (the big, white, felt teeth make *me* smile…).

B – Bras.  Give me one that fits my curves and hugs me just right and you’ve got one very happy customer.  La Vie en Rose makes the nicest, most flattering ones for my body type.  I know ladies….when you find the perfect bra…you are truly in love.

C – Chamomile tea.  Just before bed time.  Oh, and don’t forget Chai (I know that Chai simply means “tea” in India…but you know what I’m talking about – cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom goodness warmed in milk the old fashioned way…).

D – Dandelions.  I eat dandelion salads.  Dandelion greens can be purchased at Sobey’s stores in Canada (the only place where I have been able to find them, other than sprouting out of the ground on my parents acreage…).  Dandelions purify the blood and act as a mild tonic for the liver.  Plus, they are tasty and a good source of vitamins.  Ask me about my dandelion salad sometime…it’s a winner.

E – Eggs.  Ok.  I think I’m hungry, don’t you?!  Poached eggs are my favourite.

F – Flowers.  All types of flowers.  I am particularly interested in the symbolism of blooms.  Roses are my favourite flower.

G – Giraffes!  I adore giraffes….especially baby ones.  See here!  (if that doesn’t bring a beaming smile to your face, I don’t know what will!).

H – Horses.  Addicted and guilty as charged.  I have spent ALL of my life serving and loving these beasts and it is a mission that I take rather seriously, I’m afraid.

I – India.  Anywhere India.  I want to tread upon the soil of this beautiful country…taste the flavours…absorb the scents and sounds…

J – Jasper.  Jasper, Alberta to be precise.  The mountain scenery cannot be beat…and this tiny town boasts a wonderful, laid back atmosphere for that quiet mountain getaway vacation that you’ve been planning.  Sipping coffee and toasting your toes by a warm fire as you gaze out upon some snowy mountain peaks certainly has it’s charms…[sigh].

K – Kinship.  Genealogy and the study of human populations, migrations etc. absolutely fascinates me.  National Geographic has a great project that is tracking the migration of human mitochondrial DNA.  For some reason I can’t link to it right now (otherwise, I would have linked to it)…but for those of you who are interested….it’s called the National Geographic Genographic Project and it’s worth looking into.

L – Languages.  I am studying a couple in piece-meal fashion (while driving etc. in CD format).  I am getting a little more adept with French, it’s the Chinese that I’m worried about!

M – Moons!  Aren’t they just the strangest things?  Jupitor has 4 Galilean beauties vying for his attention – Callisto, Europa, Ganymede and Io…  The Earth’s moon is still my favourite.  Our moon.  She is a cosmic gem and she’s waxing 90% gibbous this evening.  Shine on baby girl.  Shine on.

N – Nail-polish.  I’m a girl at heart.  What can I say?  Clear polish for fingernails…Pinks for toes.

O – Olives.  Spanish.  Stuffed (garlic).  Greek….[Darn it!  Now I’ve gone and done it…just have to run to the fridge and indulge myself….].

P – Poetry.  I love writing it and I adore when people are brave enough to share their creations with me.  I think that poetry and the ability to write your thoughts in whatever creative pattern you choose (no matter how good it is) signifies the ultimate in bravery.  Be brave.  Share your poetry with me!!!!

Q – Quirky.  I adore quirky….people, animals, places, movies.  Dare to be different!

R – Raspberry pie.  Raspberry jam on warm, fresh bannock is a treat too…MMmmmmm….

S – Stars.  Spending time gazing up at them…wondering…pondering.

T – Tea.  No matter how busy you get…there is ALWAYS time for tea!

U – Useless facts. 

V – Vin.  That would be “wine” in French.  Merlot.

W – Women.  Role models…goddesses…I love the many powerful women in my life.  If you are reading this blog and you are a woman (or if you are a man who is in touch with his feminine side)…then you are one of them.

X – X marks the spot.  I always wanted to participate in a real-time Treasure Hunt…

Y – Yin and Yang.  The Tao and balance.  My holistic mantra…

Z – Zebras.  Horses with racing stripes!  [aka the Shelby GT’s of the Equine world…].

Alright.  I’m going to tag some of you randomly.  Please participate if you can, if not…there’s always next time!

Observant Bystander



Anthony (Aw c’mon Anthony….;))

Venus (if you’re too busy V, I’ll understand…)




10 responses to “ABC’s of “PM”

  1. How fun! I don’t have the time to do it now, but I’ll save it for a future post. Thanks for thinking of me.

    Excellent V! Lotsa love…

  2. Tell me all about dandelion salad . . email me if need be.

    Oh Red…Dandelions are wonderful salad greens if you like a slightly bitter finish like endive on your palate…

    “PM’s Dandy Dandelion Delight”

    -One great big green bunch of fresh dandelion leaves
    -A few rounds of very thinly sliced Spanish onion
    -Thinly slided tomato (rounds or wedges)
    -Sliced almonds (good handful) or sunflower seeds (shelled, of course!)
    -Cranberries (dried or fresh) – these are a nice addition to a fall salad
    -Sliced, ripe peaches if they are in season are also nice
    -Parmesan cheese (the good stuff…milled in your cheese grater)

    The vinaigrette can vary…sometimes I simply use fig balsamic and olive oil with a touch of honey (if you haven’t discovered fig balsamic yet…you must, must, must give it a try…)….or you can make a nice applie cider vinaigrette (about 1/4 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup vinegar, +/- dash of sushi vinegar or sherry, few tablespoons of honey…whipped with a touch of garlic and fresh herbs).

    Blue cheese can also be paired with the salad instead of the parmesan too (if you tastebuds allow it) in either the dressing or the salad itself (crumbled on top). The dandelion can stand up to this pairing because of it’s bitterness…

    My tummy is growling.

    I hope you can find some dandelion greens Red. Let me know if you make this salad or some version of it and tell me what you think.

    Bon appetit!

  3. Hi PM,
    Thanks for tagging me, but would you mind if I declined? There are various reasons but they only sound like excuses, so I won’t bother. I guess it’s just not for me. Hope you don’t mind.
    I guess I’m just not a meme machine 🙂

    Anthony…I just rescued this comment from spam! I was pretty sure you would have responded to my meme tag (and was wondering what happened…!) Anyway, not to worry about not wanting to be a meme machine. I didn’t think you would go for it anyways and invited you to make you feel included. That’s all! I like getting to know you in your own way…on your terms. Memes can be fun, but they aren’t necessary part of getting to know someone!

  4. working on it…late home, nearly 11.30 now and time for sleep, but i have started it….

    Sounds like you are tapping this out in Morse Code mummy….Hmmm…gives me an idea! 😉

  5. Oh now I have somthing to write and I don’t have to do to much thinking!

    Woohoo! That’s the spirit! Just blog about any little silly or inane fact you can think of…We all want to hear some fun things about our Cowgalutah! 😉

  6. Thank you for the little peek into the inner you. You are much appreciated and loved and share some of the very things I am entranced with…like giraffes for one.

    Peace today. ~ RS ~

    Oh Ruby…Peek away. I do feel appreciated and loved (especially by you). Happy I could remind you of some of those “entrancements”. I will post a picture of another baby critter that I absolutely adore later on today – should bring a smile to your face!

    Love you Ruby. Peace and Love returned. xoxo

  7. done, and up…

    Woohoo! I’ll be right over A-mum. Thanks for playing!

  8. oh shoot! I could have sworn I commented here! lol

    ((( MUSE ))) Bras and Nailpolish – I’m right there with you! (I even use the same colors…although my toes change color with the seasons…LOL) Still looking for that perfect fit bra. I cringe every time I look at most ‘full figured’ bras – they look like body armor, or something out of a horrible play about poorly dressed Viking Valkries! lol

    (I’m so glad you like the name of my blog….It still gives me the giggles, but also reminds me of that special ‘thing’ that happened to me a couple months back ;-)..)


    Yes…bras and nail-polish are part of my feminine armour – in addition to pretty jewellery and accessories (the orthodontics don’t count…;)).

  9. Thank you for the recipe. I will in fact have to try that, sounds yummmy!

    Oh, and I finally finished the ABC thingy!

    Hi Red. I’ve been an absent blogger and will need to visit that ABC post of yours. You are most welcome for the recipe. Let me know what you think.

  10. yall people are crazyer than a lunitic on halloween! talkin about that dirty crap you dont know what if a child got on here and saw all that! Yall should be ashamed of yallselves! now im a edneck and all and i aint afraid to speak my mind so goin aheaad and leave me somethin!cause i will give u a pieace of my mind! well nice talkin to ya! =)

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