Be Brave…

Now, it’s your turn!  Be brave…leave me a haiku, a limerick…a “concrete” or an abstract poem.



8 responses to “Be Brave…

  1. There was a muse of great Poseidon
    Who loved Donne and Keats but not Dryden
    She lived much like the Buddha
    Never once said “you shoulda…”
    “Live and let live” ‘s the rule she’s abidin’.

    Wow. Lol! Absolutely brilliant…Thank you again…you made my day!

    Gimble you do jest
    In your poetic quest
    This muse doth approve
    Of your poetic groove…

  2. Serendipity

    Kindred spirits drift
    within the net and sometimes
    meet by accident.

    Oh Wow! You made my morning Gimble….Thank you so much for this…Absolutely lovely.

    A gift such as this
    unexpected, like the best
    a ring in white sand.

  3. There is a mermaid, much wisdom does she hold
    So much does she share, what we need to be told
    I imagine many miles are we apart
    But even through the distance, I feel the warmth of her heart.

    OK, I am not much of a poet, but the thought is there.

    Oh Bill! That was so brilliant! You are such a warm, loving man…Anything you put your heart, soul and mind to has such breadth and meaning. Thank you for this gift. xoxo

  4. Poseiden Muse rests
    nestled in the sand she sighs
    wistfully she sleeps.

    Oh Roobs…This mermaid adores your words.

    In red heels she treads
    lightly to her friends with peace,
    love, understanding


  5. she, a mermaid lass
    hardships from the beginning
    formed into greatness

    Thank you Red…that is truly beautiful. xoxo

  6. It was hard
    to determine
    which shone the brightest
    the glimmer
    of silver and violet fin
    or the light
    of the moon
    captured in her winsome

    Perfect. Absolutely beautiful… Thank you for this gift Grace.

    I don’t have words to describe how this makes me feel (the imagery is absolutely ethereal)…


  7. 🙂 Wow…I’m so glad. I’m just making my way back your way, Muse (been sort of distracted from Blogland a little since the Nov. 1 start of Nano). oxoxox

  8. Life’s just not the same without the Grace Face…We understand…I have not been much of a blogger lately (despite the page overhaul)…but I have been lurking and keeping up…

    I need some word-spiration lately too….

    Feeling a little “breathless” over here…


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