Pssst…Over here…!

Here’s my latest indulgence…

Thank you Gabriel & Dresden

(“Organised Nature”, released May 29/07)…

My iPod worships this sound.



2 responses to “Pssst…Over here…!

  1. Wow…very unearthy! 🙂

    I tagged you for some fun this morning, if you want to play!


    Thanks Grace! I’ll join in the fun!

  2. Wow, this is great stuff! Am I hearing the whole album here? Very, very cool.

    I know! Isn’t that strange? When I clicked on that link and provided it with this post, I had no idea that you could essentially listen to the whole album with that link (must be some type of promotional thing). I’ve heard a mix of reviews on this cd too…but, as for myself, I find it very refreshing. Being open-minded and a bit of a musical connoisseur yourself, I kinda figured that you might enjoy the sound too. “Let Go” is [by far], my favourite song on the whole album…The actual cd (iTunes) itself comes with an extended (1 hr) mix of all the songs too…

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