“The Warden is a Seabird”


I have always enjoyed artsy and obscure photographs.  Architecture, nature, odd little nooks and geometric shapes are fun to juxtapose in composition within a frame.  My mind’s eye may not be a professional one, but it has given me a glimpse of the extraordinary.

A recent trip to “The Rock” in San Francisco provided my little digital camera with an opportunity to capture some unique glimpses of this inhospitable place.  As I strolled and meandered about the island, I couldn’t help but attempt to capture the eerie feeling that seemed to ooze from the cracks and crevices of this place.   


Rust flakes and concrete cracks,

this Island now reformed.

“Were is the warden now?”

a ghostly voice transformed.

“The warden is a seabird,”

The pow-wow drum replies,

“his beady eyes survey

the empty harbour skies.”

The water tower moans

and creaks upon the rise,

Ivy wraps ’round the bars

And Nature claims her prize.



One response to ““The Warden is a Seabird”

  1. So true that Nature claims everything back eventually. Love the photo…

    Thanks Karen – Nature is certainly reclaiming Alcatraz. It seems to have a “softer” appearance now than it did when it was utilised as a prison…

    “Move over men…Mama Nature is taking over…”

    [What did I eat this afternoon?].

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