Fall Accomodations…

Now that autumn is upon us, I thought it fitting to move from more lofty heights and accomodations to more cosy ones (I like nesting along the seashore, what can I say!). 

If you don’t like the view of my [ahem] hips and tail, I can scroll the view finder on occasion to give you a better glimpse of my Mermaid-ian figure! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

ps.  Since I loved Grace’s poem so much – I’m posting it again…here.  It served as inspiration during my fall “Revival”.



It was hard
to determine
which shone the brightest
the glimmer
of silver and violet fin
or the light
of the moon
captured in her winsome

-Grace from “The Wild Pomegranate”


2 responses to “Fall Accomodations…

  1. I like the header very much. Seems quite homey to me.

    I think I’ve scared people off with it…oh well…

  2. hehe Muse…it’s a lovely tail you have there.. 😉

    I think the new look is awesome…it’s always inspiring to shake things up a bit. I do it regularly LOL 🙂 (of course, I bore a bit easily with myself, too..)

    Hey Babe…I get alot of comments on my “tail”! Must be the pilates…

    Thanks for the compliments. I know you like shaking things up – you shaker of a shaker you….

    I don’t think we could ever bore of ourselves….

    We are like human Border Collies…just sexier and smarter….with computers….caffeine….inspiration….and a few thousand words to write.

    I hope your NaNoWriMo is going well.

    If I had the time, I’d be writing too – but I think I’ll make December – PMDecWrite-On….!


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