The Vision Seekers

I have always had a fascination for Aboriginal culture and the thought of a pow-wow or hoop dance gets my heart racing.  This is a great video of Dallas Arcand performing a hoop dance last summer.

Originally, the hoop dance was performed by medicine men and healers as medicinal or visionary dances.  It is said that dancers and shamans of great ability could see visions through the hoops and develop their healing powers.

Throughout the dance, the performer uses dozens of hoops to imitate many different creatures found on Mother Earth – eagles, turtles, snakes, butterflies and flowers…

As the hoops are moved about, the performer weaves this tale of interconnectedness.  Kevin Locke, a Plains native uses 28 hoops in his dance.  The number of hoops – 28 – represents the number of days in a lunar cycle.

I hope you enjoy the video – it took some time to download (for me), but it’s worth the wait.


2 responses to “The Vision Seekers

  1. How interesting that I’m listening to Robbie Robertson’s Music For the Native Americans right now. I’ve been meaning to listen to it for a few days and decided to cue it up before reading blogs today. Neat! I went to a powwow once – pretty cool.

    I like Robbie Robertson’s sound too – how interesting that you loaded it up before visiting sites today. I find drumming fascinating (pow-wows, Japanese drums, whatever….). It resets my primal and spiritual clock I guess.

    Thanks for your string of comments today too Karen…it was getting a little lonely over here…

    Perhaps the new layout “bombed”.

  2. No – the layout is perfect! Very comforting for some reason – the blues and silvers and oranges. I bought a painting this weekend with those colors in it. Just absolutely fell in love with the painting, slapped the credit card on the counter and bought it! So daring for me! But I love it.

    Speaking of which…I need to do a post on a new favourite artist of mine!!!! [Shriek!!!!!!!!!!!].

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