“Did you see a raven today?”

I was going to dedicate this evening’s post to Blobby the Blobfish, but decided to discuss some more spiritual matters instead (no offense Grace, but Blobby nearly gave me a freaking heart attack…my ticker is still pumping wildly from that scary encounter).  Sorry Blobby.  Life’s unfair….but there is something kinda cute about you…I must admit.  Actually, he kind of reminds me of some weird cartoon character….just can’t think of which one…

Anyway, I have a neat story to share with you.

This afternoon, I decided to take a little break from studying acupuncture points (only 175…pah…piece of cake….–gulp–) and let my eyes rest upon the gorgeous afternoon sky.  Beyond my office window, I could see a very pale pink horizon above the house and tree-tops.  Underneath the pale, milky sky, a flock of geese made a haphazard dive into a far-away pasture.  My attention dropped to survey their roost, but the trees and housetops obscured my view.  My eyes continued to scan this vision – the view from my office window – which seems to change, second by second, minute by minute and hour by hour with the seasons, time, weather….

Then my myopic eyes rested upon the house across the street.  For some reason, I was compelled to hold this gaze.  Like a watcher, a hunter, I held this vision, knowing that something was going to appear and settle into view.  I felt as though I was waiting for someone, for a friend…

A sudden flash of silvery black wings fluttered into view and an elegant raven landed upon my neighbour’s chimney.  The bird surveyed his post and mouthed a raven squawk.  He flitted his wings and postured his arrival.  My friend, my familiar, my eyes…my messenger.

At important times of my life, I have had the privilege of being visited by ravens.  The raven is a symbol of the unconscious and our perceptions of reality.  They have been thought of as messengers.  They allow us to perceive and connect with the emotions and feeling with others [which, as I was to learn later today would be this Raven’s message…].

The raven croaked his throaty call and fluttered his wings.  I projected my intention onto my friend and asked him for his guidance and help.  I could have sworn that he bobbed his head, as if in agreement, before flexing his strong legs and catapulting himself into the netherworld of the afternoon sky.

Later today, I received an unexpected phone call from one of my dearest friends.  I hadn’t heard from her in some time…I was supposed to be heading out on a road-trip for business and really had to get going….but, something told me that I needed to take the time (however long it might take) and give her….my time.  She told me that she had been having some troubles lately and that she had battled a few health and spiritual issues over the last few months.  This woman and I are very close friends.  She is my female soul mate, I’m sure.  Even our mothers get us confused for one another and joke about us being “twins”. 

Wow.  This was alot of information for me to take in.  My friend had been hurting and going through a difficult time, and I could only hear about the aftermath now (because she is alot like me – she loves people so deeply that she can’t bear to burden her friends with her problems).  Then, thinking of her timely phonecall and our empathic soul-mate connection, I asked her one question.

“Did you see a raven today?”

What do you think her answer was?!

Wonderful….mysterious….and enchanting. 


[D.  This post is for you my friend.  You are courageous and strong.  You are a Nature Child, you are already an Earth Mother…and our Spirit Friend, the Raven has spoken for you…xoxo].



5 responses to ““Did you see a raven today?”

  1. And I suppose your friends name is Lenore? teehee – sorry, it had to be said. 🙂 Beautiful post about friendship and how when we are still and listen, the universe is so eager to speak to us.

    Ah, the strange world of Poe. Fortunately, animal totems don’t have to be that creepy (take that Poe!), but you are one, quick-witted lady to have come up with that (and I thought I was the premiere smart ass…;0)

  2. That is uncanny! Muse,my closest friend and I are the same way – we refer to ourselves as twin sisters from different mothers. We look alike, were born 2 weeks apart, and have been together for well over 30 years. We experience some of the same things at the same time even though we live hundreds of miles apart now. We’ve known each other so long, we have a shorthand language.

    I think this type of woman/woman bond is as strong (and as psychic) as the one between mother & child. We are lucky and blessed women, Muse!

    Ooooh, Blobby looks like Jabba the Hut.

    Sistas from anotha motha…I like that! Lol! Shorthand language too? Impressive. I agree about the synchronicity thing too…women are so intuitive that way…

    Blobby is scary. Blobby IS Jabba the Hut! [good comparison…!]

  3. LOL MUSE…isn’t that just the wildest looking fish you’ve ever seen???? It’s face is so human like, it’s freaky.

    If you put a yamaka (sp?) on him, he looks alot like Morrey, who runs the delicatessen.

    Oy vez

    Lol! pffffffffft [latte splashed upon the computer screen].

  4. A great piece of synchronicity. I’ve noticed that Yvonne and I often begin the same conversation at the same moment, prompting the ‘you first’ scenario. Perhaps we know each other so well, we receive the same signals from the world, prompting our thoughts.
    One little piece of trivia about ravens. They have been at the Tower of London for so long that there is a saying that if the ravens ever leave, Royalty will fall.

  5. Nice story ladyfriend. I hope you’re having a lovely rest of the day and weekend. Much peace and love to you today.

    ~ RS ~

    Thanks Ruby! My friend and I are rather synchronous that way too…picking up the telephone receiver at the same time, simultaneous thoughts of one another. I believe that we both share Raven’s medicine…It is rather astounding. Peace and love returned…xoxo

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