A Month on the Road

Wow!  November was a whirlwind.  I am terribly sorry to have been so rude as to have left my blog without so much as a comment – and a rude login page to boot.  I just didn’t want to leave Ramblings undefended as I first trekked my way North and then South. 


Please forgive me, my friends, for my lack of attention and rudeness.  I adore each and every one of you and treasure your visits to my site.  I will be more considerate next time (and will understand if you choose to blog elsewhere).

On another note, more ravens have been appearing in my life lately and I have experienced many a beautiful vision in my travels of late (see above for an example).  I began to feel as though a little too much spirituality was beginning to creep into this blog too, and I began to think that I was starting to turning some of my original readers off.  Thus, a new little creation of mine was born in the wee hours sometime earlier this week (no, I did not give birth!).  Anyway, once I am a little more established, I will invite you over, if you are interested in sharing my vision!

Besides…the new season of Lost starts in a few months…I have many new musical interests to discuss – all here…at the Tavern.



4 responses to “A Month on the Road

  1. Oh! *hugs*
    It’s good to see you and to know that you’re well. I cant wait to read about the adventures you’ve gone through this month!

    Aw! Hi Red. [[[[hugs]]]] returned. Sigh. Nice to see your trademark red-hair again too. You know, us red-heads need to stick together, don’t we? I have so many neat stories from the road and I can’t wait to share them with you too! I will drop by and harass you at your site very soon!

  2. 🙂 It’s good to know you are well, Muse! And that you had such a great trip! N

    Grace! Hi! Got your email too, as I sifted through a kabillion notes from Algerians telling me they want to offer me a million dollars if I supply them with my SIN (employment) number. Leave your yahoo account for a few days and the spambots take right over. Anyway, yes, I did have a great vacation. It seems as though that Rainbow Serpent friend of ours left quite the intriguing trail of wonder in the Southwestern States too (the myth lives on…). Love, light and energy….xoxo

  3. Looking forward to seeing your new creation, you creative little mermaid, you!

    [Aw shucks….! You’re making me blush darnit…].

  4. Hi PM,
    You had a few people worried, but you’re forgiven 🙂 You seem to have had a good time.

    Hi Anthony! As you know…the mystery of “woman” is just that – a mystery. You seem to appreciate mysteries and Yvonne is such a lucky woman to have you in her life. Thanks for stopping by…

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