About Champix

OB’s latest post spurred me to write a little something-something on Champix.  Has anyone heard of this drug before?  Champix is a relatively new type of non-smoking drug (approved in the US on August 1, 2006).  The chemical name is Varenicline (see more information here).  The drug actually works by blocking the receptors that cause your nicotine cravings.  I have seen this product work.  Anecdotally, I provided a friend with an acupuncture treatment for her lower back (sacro-iliac pain)…then I went away to a conference this month.  She contacted me a week or so later after the treatment, telling me that she had started Champix.  This is a two-pack a day smoker.  She has been smoker for 20 years.  She has never, ever uttered one word to me, expressing her desire to quit smoking.  Ever.  So, needless to say, I was intrigued. 

Well…nearly three weeks later…and a few thousand miles (she was my road-trip companion)…my friend has been smoke free.  I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to travel with her, chase adventure and enjoy her company without the presence of cigarette smoke (up until this point, our travel time on previous trips was always compromised by her addiction…but I never harassed her about it once).  Way to go K!  You did it!!!  Nearly 2 weeks smoke free!!!!  My advice – give Champix a try if you can afford it.  My friend found that she could quit on a much lower dose than suggested.  Actually, when she upped her dose, she began to feel nausea as a side effect (so she maintained herself on a lower dose)…but still continued to have absolutely no desire to smoke.  Too hard to believe?!  Try it for yourself.



2 responses to “About Champix

  1. Thanks for all the info! Ive heard of this drug, but was lucky enough to quit on my own. Hopefully others will read this and try to do it, too!

    You quit on your own!? Willpower Baby…that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout. You and OB, both, are very brave for making friends with that old, cold turkey. Now, if I have any vice that I would like to quit, it would have to be…well…[taking stock of vices…caffeine…red wine…bubblebaths….]…well…I couldn’t do it Sweetheart…just couldn’t! You go girl! Way to go!

  2. As time flies, it’s now been 8 weeks since I quit!! Also 17 and two sizes lbs lighter thanks to being able to jog and work out again. My friend Charlie (who had his 2nd H/A 2.5 months ago used Chantix (as it’s called here in the US) with great success. Me and Red did it the old fashioned way. I’ve found that some of us just seem to do better white-knuckling it for a few days.

    I’m so glad you’re back, dear heart. There were many folks missing you.

    I’ve filled Red in on my latest personal challenge, which I can’t/won’t go into in a public space – I’m dropping you an email regarding my absence. Needless to say, I’ve found this tight little group of women a real lifesaver lately. Love and kisses! I missed you terribly!

    OB! I commented back on your site (and responded to your email too). You and Red are two very tough ladies to have quit cold turkey. Chantix (Champix) is great too, and my friend and I started a little stop-smoking binge in our real-life community by getting about 9 people started on the product. What really surprised me about the whole incident surrounding the post that I wrote was the demonstrated effect of synchronicity and the chain-reaction effect of positive energy and intention. I don’t want to read much into it, but I guess one can never underestimate the enormity of even the smallest acts that are performed out of kindness and good intention. Love to you. xoxo…

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