A Peek into the Extraordinary


Over here.

No, wait…over here….


I have discovered a magical and provocative land, where butterflies propel giant ships…


where billowy clouds are anchored to the earth with silken strands….


and are tethered to the Earth with the gentle hands of a hundred co-operative souls….


Come with me, let us sip the ethereal ambrosia of one the world’s most decadent surrealists. 


[Whispers…..His name is Vladimir Kush….]


[Let us peek into his realm…Shall we….?]


2 responses to “A Peek into the Extraordinary

  1. Wow, amazing work!
    Hi Muse, I missed you! It’s weird to be back and taking me a while to get into the swing of things, so apologies for my absence. Much love xx

    Simonne…our hearts beat like a Universal drum…and you are both musician and dancer in this circle of Life…so please…jump right back in. No apologies. No regrets…I missed you too, but there should be no apologies or regrets when you are honouring your cycles and rhythms….Blessings to you…xoxox

  2. Oh, hi, wild.

    Missed you on your mystery tour and since I guess. Still – – –

    always love.

    ~ RS ~

    Hey Roobs. Yeah, Mystery Tour complete with mystery Beatle. I see you’ve cued up to the cryptic beat of the post. Well done. Nice to see you. xox

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