A Howl in the Desert

If I were a lone she-wolf returning to her pack, my wolf family would be looking at me wondering, “Where has she been?”, “What has she seen?” and “Why does her butt look like she’s eaten too many petrol-station burritos?”.  Hmm…the thought of a few cold wet, noses sniffing at my wolf-butt makes me a bit nervous (and doesn’t particularly “turn me on”, if you get my drift), but it does give me a sense that my wolf-pack is sensing, no hungering, for a sign that the clan is going to be “ok”, that the clan is going to outwit, outlive and outlast.  I got a sense of this on my latest travel journey.

Anyway, apart from some of my humourous misgivings (thrown in for a bit of a chuckle), the big message from the desert is that “We are Clan and we are One”.  Perhaps blogging, travel and experiences are all opportunities for us to sniff about so that we might reconnect and find meaning in this world.  When we share these experiences with one another, we all gain a greater sense of belonging.  My little break from blogging has made me realise that this activity is one way of feeding some of my passions….communication, creativity, inspiration, healing…as I share my perspectives with you, my friends. 

What did this she-wolf feel, experience and see during her time away?  Perhaps I can best tell you in descriptive narratives…

1.  This she-wolf appreciates wide open spaces.  She might tolerate the small confines of a tiny, fuel-efficient vehicle to get her from point A to Z, but she loves the wide panoramas of the plains, the rolling foothills and the dry, dry deserts of Nevada and Arizona. 

2.  Speaking of that dry, dry desert.  Wolves love their packs, but they love the lonely solitude of the desert too.  I found the desert to be a very magical place.  The desert fed my spiritual and imaginative soul.  It is chock full of mystery and teeming with life.  What we can’t see on the surface of red rocks, pale sand and scraggly vegetation is the myriad of creation and mythological mysteries hidden within caves, and in the hearts of the people that inhabit this area.  Upon entering the desert, one immediately feels renewed and regenerated.  Upon leaving the desert, you feel as though your DNA is vibrating at a new frequency.  You return home feeling like you have a new wolf-voice…Your voice sings with the resonance of the Navajo and Hopi peoples regardless of what culture is coiled up inside of you.  Your wish is for unity, One-ness and belonging.  Your Life begins to pulse with the Spirit drum…

2.  I learned that this she-wolf can smell a Starbucks from many miles away.  A dire lack of sleep and imminent need for caffeine will increase her sense of intuition such that she can navigate any number of exits or main-streets to find that precious brew.  This impresses her intrepid girlfriend and travelling companion immensely.  With a coffee in hand, even the most tired she-wolf can press on for any number of miles, in search of either rest or adventure! 

3.  Gas-station burritos (GSBs) are not the way to go for a she-wolf, he-wolf, or a bloody werewolf.  Period.  They burn going in, and they burn on their way out.  Ouch!  No respectable she-wolf should ever find herself that desperate that she should eat a GSB. 

4.  Winter is as much of a feeling as it is a season.  For a northerner, the sound of Christmas tunes jingling in the desert is strange and foreign.  Cactus makes for a strange type of Christmas “tree” too (and I adore seeing the variation in tradition and customs when I travel during the Holiday season)!  This she-wolf needs the seasons that exist in her northern homeland regardless of the cold, white reality that dominates the landscape for 6 months of the year (skis and snowshoes included and required in PM’s world of winter).

5.  Wrong turns and missed exits don’t spell trouble…they spell adventure.  I love Gnarl’s Barkley’s song “Crazy”…for this became the anthem of my trip.  I don’t believe in coincidences, and neither does my girlfriend.  So when the road got rough, a little long, or just down-right crazy, we just continued to sing-along to our iPods and enjoy the journey.  This makes both of us extremely compatible travelling companions…the ability to sing when others would scream.  Gosh, I learned so much about her sense of fun and adventure on this trip.  I would trek to the Arctic and back with this woman and we would be stronger, wiser spirits for having journeyed there together.  I am really lucky to have her as a travelling companion.

6.  Love, passion and soul food = Cirque du Soleil.  Pure love emanated from my heart during the performance of “O”.  Pure love.  Did I say Love?  I really want to start working on continuing my collection of fun theatrical costumes…Yes, I have a fetish for the performance arts (although I would make a much better prop designer, artist or makeup artist, I would lose my mind and act like a giddy schoolgirl if I could dress up in any assortment of Cirque costumes).  I might like to dress up as one of the “Swimmers” (do you think my wolf ears will look too big in that costume?). 



I may have more thoughts about this trip and when I do explode into some creative fountain of writing, I will share some more of these thoughts with you.  For now, let’s suffice to say that I am teeming with creativity and have a warmth and understanding from my journey that could only come from a visit to the desert.  I’ve heard that people have been “changed” by the desert, and now I know what people truly mean when they say this.  La Loba, the pre-eminent spirit she-wolf is alive and well and she is challenging us to venture forth into her desert or any desert (I will introduce this “entity” properly in another post, for she deserves much more recognition than a one-line jingle)…

“Collect your bones…and piece them together…one by one…With this reconstruction…you will see far and wide….with new wolf-eyes…”


4 responses to “A Howl in the Desert

  1. I read this entry several times, as I didn’t want to miss or skip ANYTHING. This entry made me smile, it really did, as the words chosen to speak of your adventures drew me in and kept me on the edge of my seat. Road trips are so much fun, and when they don’t go exactly to plan, they’re so much better .. and Im glad you got to experience that. And Im glad you got to share it with us.

    Oh Red! You know…I am so glad that I was able to share this and I am REALLY glad that you enjoyed the spirit of my words. Something tells me that you would be alot of fun to travel with too! I love it when journeys take twists and turns…Journeys…be they roadtrips, side-trips, full-on explorations of another country or just a trip to the park are all mimicking the discovery of life. I love that. I love the challenge of the call to adventure. I love waiting to see what lies behind that bend in the road…I love reading the road-signs and deciding upon which route to take…and…most of all…I love it when I can share journeys such as this with my friends. It makes it all that much more meaningful. Thanks for being there. xoxo

  2. I am so sorry it has been a while since my last comment. I will be returning to do so more properly shortly. I ask you for a huge favor. I have received a most touching and heart breaking comment on my site. From a 14 year old who’s father is dying of brain cancer. I was so touched I published her short comment as a post. I am asking please for prayers but also short comments be left on my site. I will be emailing her and inviting her to return to what I hope will be a page of love and support for her. I do thank you so much

    Oh Bill…Count me in (you can count on me anytime). I’ll pop over as soon as I am finished here. Much love and warmth to you today. Thank you for thinking of me too…I really appreciate that…

  3. Hello, Wild Woman 🙂 Sending out a big HOWL in your direction…sounds like your venture was amazing!

    I had family that lived in Joshua Tree…so I spent alot of my growing up years visiting the desert. I have two favorite times of day there…the early morning, watching the sun rise over the mountains…and the sunset behind the Yucca Trees.

    And I’m totally with you! When I’m in Arizona, my body comes alive in a completely different way. Sedona is one of my all time favorite places. Coming around the bend and seeing those INTENSE colors…the red rock…the green trees….the blue sky….is a spiritual experience for me.

    Welcome back from the Desert 🙂 Welcome Home.

    Oh Wow Grace! Thank you! You were very fortunate to be able to spend time in the desert as a youngster. This was my very first visit and it was as magical as I had hoped it would be. I’m with you on the sunset/sunrise experiences too. I have photos of sunrises and sunsets that would bring a tear to one’s eye. The desert certainly offers many opportunities to glimpse the Numinous and I was profoundly affected by my time there.

    Nice to see you today Grace. A crackly, but loud wolf howl sent back your way (my throat is a bit dry from the winter weather ;0…..Lol!). Back ‘atcha Wild Woman…xoxo

  4. Awesome post Muse. I’m so glad you have a fountain of creativity bubbling quietly away 🙂 How very delicious!

    Hi Doll! Nice to see you. The fountain is burbling away quite nicely inside of my brain…I just need a bit more time in the day to have it bubble onto a keyboard or canvas! Hugs to you today…xoxo

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