Strength (VIII)

“A faithful friend is a strong defense:  and [s]he that hath found such a one, hath found a treasure.”

Ecclesiasticus 6:14

Strength.  It is not just a powerful force arising from the coordinated efforts of tendon and muscle.  It is not just atomic molecular forces acting within a solid that provide it with peculiar physical and chemical properties.  Strength has been described as a number of things – fortitude, persuasiveness, military strength and virtue.  Strength is iron, but strength is also the nourishment-seeking determination of a tree-root pressing itself into solid, dry ground.  Strength does not adhere to stereotypes.  Strength challenges us to seek brave new identities for ourselves – identities of individuality, fearlessness and boundless endurance.  Strength offers promise, and strength offers hope.

Strength is also intimately connected with Fear.  Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of heights, fear of the dark, fear of snakes, spiders and things that go “bump” in the night.  Some of our Fears are validated and completely reasonable, while others manifest themselves into creations or mirages of our overactive minds.  Name your Fear, allow it to occupy your thoughts and it will cripple you mentally and emotionally.  Face your Fears and enjoy a safer world that has the potential to free you from your bonds, whatever they may be.

Ask yourself this, “What are you truly afraid of?” and “What is holding you back from your true, glorious potential as a human being?”  “What type of demons are holding you back from seeking a gentler, kinder future for yourself?”

I am not a particularly strong-looking woman.  I am not your stereotypical definition of strength anyways.  I have never aspired to, nor will ever own an abdominal six-pack.  I will never want my arms or calves to ripple with sinewy definition, although I used to weight train with the aspiration of developing “strength” (small “s” strength, that is).  No, my Strength was born when I started to encounter and fight my Fears.  When I started to regain control of my life through personal empowerment, new branches began to fork and open up along the road of my life’s journey.  Now, I face these challenges head on.  My flag is flying bravely and I move with new confidence in an unknown world, such that I have created new opportunities for myself. 

We are all required and needed in our lives.  People love and depend upon us daily for our services – be they professional or personal.  We can serve as a source of inspiration and Light for others through all of our acts, no matter how seemingly random or insignificant they might be.  

Now the few questions remaining are these, “Will you face your fears so that you can shine as brightly as you can?” and “Will we be able to stand the intensity of your bright light when you do shine as brightly as the day you were born?”

C’mon, I challenge you to try.  You are loved and needed. 



4 responses to “Strength

  1. Love this post so much gorgeous Goddess 🙂

    I tried to kid myself that sinewy, muscular strength meant ‘real’ strength, and though I’m glad I’ve experienced that sort of physical strength in my life, it’s been the facing of my fears over the years – particularly the past year and a half – that have truly opened my heart and supported my Spirit.
    I did a reading and healing for a girlfriend tonight and the whole thing ended up being about her facing a deep fear in order to begin to see her own brilliance. It was such a privilege to see that light shine brighter in her heart.
    Much, much love to you, Warrior Woman xxx

    Ah, thanks Doll! Gosh, I missed having your spirit around this place (you fill it with a warm and spicy aroma…or that just might be my roasted yams and carrots broiling in the oven!). Anyway, spiciness aside, you are a very strong person. I know this about you because you have also been on the battlefield of life. I’ve heard some men refer to women like us as “battlescars” and find it rather offensive because I don’t believe that proving one’s worth in Life is anything to be laughed or scoffed at. It takes tremendous courage to step inside that dark hollow of one’s mind and face the demons that reside within or without (in the physical world). The scars of one’s battle with life should be worn with pride…not as reminders of victim-ship or survival, but as reminders of Life (and our active role in it).

    Physical attributes aside (height, weight, muscle size), you are right…real Strength, Capitol “S” resides within a true Warrior’s Soul. You have this strength too Simonne, I feel it in your words…I am so happy that you were able to help your friend see that Strength within herself too. I believe that we are almost obliged to pass this insight (and other insight) on to our friends and loved ones…in the form of spiritual guidance, support, love and understanding…because…that is what this whole game of Life is all about…helping and loving one another….

    Much love returned to you My Aussie Goddess. You are beautiful inside and out…Keep shining…xoxo

  2. Oh, this is a wonderful post! I relate to this card very deeply…facing my fears, facing the unknown, and MOVING FORWARD has been the theme of my life for the last few years. Interestingly enough, the Strength Card has shown up as my Significator many times 🙂

    Love you…TAKE YOUR TIME. Sending out a Howlin’

    And a nice resonant wolf howl back at ya Grace! Finished up your reading later this morning (noonish) during part of my lunch break (yeah, I’m a fast typist – having completed the reading last night, all I had to do was whip the interpretation together for you). Thank you for the compliment. I just got thinking about some of the special people in my life lately – and how they have provided large shoulders for me when I needed somewhere to lean…I guess I just felt like I wanted people to know that they could depend on me the same way (and that, regardless of whatever fears or demons they are battling, they can rely on my support – because we are all in this together)…

    About Fear. Dragon slaying is difficult work and it’s even more difficult when you feel as though you are the only one on the battlefield (which isn’t true in my case, because I do have alot of very special people in my life that would go to bat for me anytime…)! Like most people, I guess that most of my fears and demons lay hidden in the dark recesses of my past (childhood hurts and fears) and present (the voices that tell you “can’t” and “you aren’t good enough”). I think that Skeleton Woman had alot to do discovering this part of myself. She helped me to bridge the darkness and the light and see the middle road between the two (with keener eyes than before). My experience with her was unexpected, but a great learning experience. My only hope is that she can now empower some of the special people in my life as they deal with some of their old war wounds – through whatever contact they may have had with her (via me). Anyway, she’s a very crafty lady that La Loba…

    Vision, compassion, understanding and acceptance are just a few of her gifts…

    Love you back Special, Strong, Pomegranate Lady…I shall visit you soon…xoxo

  3. Crying now! Thanks Muse. And thanks for coming to bat for me earlier. I haven’t gone there on my blog much because I really do find all that hatred that comes up hard to deal with, but I’m getting tougher, as I do think this is going to be a part of my life purpose later in my life and this is helping me prepare! Sounds funny I know, and it’s not even something I particularly want to be doing, I just have a feeling that I will be. The one on one readings and healings (esp working with the Feminine energy that’s coming in now), helping other women connect with the inner Goddess is so much safer and feels so beautiful and life-giving compared to the fighting that comes with the other stuff. But there you go, I think I’m here to do both…
    Look at me on -your- blog rambling on about myself! Hee, sorry!
    Love you xx

    Oh Gosh Simonne. You are so very WELCOME! I first read your post and honestly thought, “Gosh Simonne, I’m not sure how to approach this one…”, then I left and came back because I felt like I needed to back you up. There’s that “Strength” bit that I spoke of (being there for yourself – and sticking to your beliefs, and being there for others, because you believe in them). I know your heart because I feel alot of the same things you do.

    I don’t call myself a feminist, but you have taught me so much about the strength that comes from the Divine Feminine…and I thank you wholeheartedly for that. I supported you because I believe in you. You and I are both healers and in order for us to be the best healers we can be, we must come to term with alot of our own baggage. It’s tough, but when we realise that we can help each other (and that we are all “in this together”, it makes a huge difference).

    I think you handled yourself rather well too, despite some of the misunderstandings with relation to your post. Opinions are just those – “opinions”, but we can make what we say “count” when we approach it with kind and open hearts. Opinions and words start discussion, and discussion can lead to seeking, then understanding, and hopefully to “healing”. You should pat yourself on the back for broaching such a controversial “bridge”. Too, your post was so timely for me in many ways, because I think alot of what we are dealing with is perception and understanding. That is why I need to write a post about “wilding” and how it is so important for both men and women.

    By the way…you can ramble on my blog as much as you like, whenever you like (that’s why it’s called “Ramblings” – even though much of what we do share matters and shouldn’t be considered rambling at all). Anyway, that’s what I’m here for (that’s really what we are all here for). I adore you Simonne. You have such a brave heart and such a bright light. You are a sparkling gem in my spiritual garden. Thanks for being YOU. Love returned sweet woman…xoxo

  4. Oh Muse, thank you.

    Is this card Skeleton woman? Which deck is it from?

    I’m so tired (have just written an essay in the comments on my blog in the hope that it will end the discussions now!) and have to go to bed, but will come back here tomorrow seeking peace and solace again in these tender, supportive words to soothe my soul!
    Love your big, open heart very much xx

    Hi Cutie…I am currently writing the piece about SW now. All should be revealed in the post! Love you Simonne…I appreciate you too…xoxo

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