Timeless Moments

Ok.  So, I’m a bit of a dreamer and a Romantic…and I got thinking today about some of the most memorable moments that must have occurred in history…

These are just a handful of the events that I wished I could have witnessed…

 1.  Placement of the gilded capstone at the Pyramid of Giza as a throng of fellow Egyptians gasped in awe (2560 BC)…

2.  The look of determination as one dignified lady (Rosa Parks) held her seat on that bus-load of white people in December, 1955. 

3.  The decommissioning and demolition of the Berlin wall as thousands of people gathered and scrambled about to support freedom and unity (1989).

4.  The first orbit of earth in a shuttle (April 12, 1981).  To actually circle Our great, swirling, blue-planet in a tiny tin can of a shuttle would reduce me to tears…

5.  The birth of my very first male and female ancestors (Adam, Eve, alien grandmama!?) (???? BC).  Just curious!

6.  The final brush-strokes applied to the Mona Lisa.  Da Vinci must have been grinning rather broadly at the time…(circa 1519).

7.  The discovery of fire.  Imagine the shock and amazement on Homo erectus’ weather-beaten face when (s)he realises that (s)he no longer has to eat RAW skunk!

8.  The end of all of the major world wars – Vietnam, WW I, WW II…

Darn-it!  Don’t you just wish you had a time-machine?


One response to “Timeless Moments

  1. Only problem is, if we had a time machine, we’d be too tempted to change those moments 🙂

    Lol! I had never thought of it that way…I guess as I was writing this, I kept thinking about the old rhetorical Time Travel mantra…”Don’t touch anything…or the future will never be the same! You may interfere such that you may not even be “alive” when you return to your time period!”.

    Who am I kidding? We are human. Even if we could resist the temptation to change a moment, we would probably [accidentally] step on a butterfly wing and alter the course of human history forever…


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