I’ve been tagged for “Seven Random/Weird Things about Me” by Claudia at the Narrow Bridge.  Claudia is a lady in Germany that is bravely making a few posts in English – you should visit her site and give her some support.  For Claudia’s benefit, I have translated my answers into German (I hope that the translation is accurate and I’m not telling someone that I have a “foot for a bum” or something bizarre like that!).  Anyway…

So, 7 random/weird things about me…

1.  I have a weird “thing” about “foot contact” – yeah…skin-on-skin foot contact (my foot touching my own foot, or my foot touching someone else’s foot freaks me out!)…..Weird huh?

[Ich habe ein unheimliches “Ding” über den “Fußkontakt” – ja … Fußkontakt der Haut-auf-Haut (mein Fuß, der meinen eigenen Fuß berührt, oder mein Fuß, der einen Fuß von jemandem anderen berührt, lässt mich ausflippen!)….. Unheimlich haha?]

2.  I still try not to step on sidewalk cracks.  You know the saying “step on a crack, break your mother’s back….”.

[Ich versuche noch, auf Gehsteig-Spalten nicht zu gehen. Sie wissen, “Schritt auf einer Spalte sagend, brechen den zurück…. Ihrer Mutter”.]

3.  I have started collecting random postcards and booklets of postcards (I have some beautiful ones from the Grand Canyon and other parks in the Southwestern States…long, slender and very colourful).

[Ich habe angefangen, zufällige Postkarten und Broschüren von Postkarten zu sammeln (ich habe einige schöne von der Großartigen Felsschlucht und anderen Parks in den Südwestlichen Staaten … lang, schlank und sehr bunt).] 

4.  I have a large, dime-shaped birthmark on my right hip.

[Ich habe ein großes, zehncentstück-geformtes Muttermal auf meiner richtigen Hüfte.]

5.  I am not afraid of heights, but I am a touch claustrophobic.  The thought of spelunking in a cave, or cave-diving makes me very nervous.

[Ich habe Angst vor Höhen nicht, aber ich bin eine klaustrophobische Berührung. Der Gedanke spelunking in einer Höhle, oder Höhle-Tauchen macht mich sehr nervös.]

6.  I love marmalade.  Just tried a lime-marmalade from the local Brit Shop that I fell in love with.  Kinda tart and tangy and a little unusual, but tasty.

[Ich liebe Orangenmarmelade. Gerade versucht eine Limone-Orangenmarmelade vom lokalen Brite-Geschäft, in das ich mich verliebte. Kinda-Torte und scharf und ein wenig ungewöhnlich, aber geschmackvoll.]

7.  I love singing.  Anywhere, anyplace.

[Ich liebe zu singen. Dennoch, irgendwo.]

I won’t tag anyone with this meme.  Just thought I’d play along with Claudia and have a little fun today!  Give the translator a try too, if you have the time…and make a bilingual friend or two!



3 responses to “Tagged

  1. Do you make your own marmelade, Goddess???? That’s one thing I haven’t tried.

    ((( PM ))) Thank you again for the wonderful gift…all sorts of interesting things have been happening since I got it. Have you done your Mayan birthdate thingy??? Guess who showed up? DOG 🙂 Girllllll, I was just “UH HUH UH HUH”ing around the room when I read the whole thing!!!

    Grace! Bah! You make me laugh girlie! Love yah. I haven’t done my Mayan birthdate thingy yet. Where do I go, and what do I do to get it? I’ll have to do some searching (I guess I could check the link on your site…I think there may have been one there). DOG???!!!! Whoa. That is rather interesting. Synchronicity and multiplicity….

    “Uh huh, uh huh….” [smirk, snort….]…

  2. Thank you very much for your friendly answer and the translation in German.
    I am able to understand a lot of English sentence, when I’m reading. Only my practice – speaking and writing – is so bad. But I try to improve this skill.

    You are very welcome Claudia! [Sie sind sehr willkommene Claudia!]. I look forward to learning more German as we communicate together! [Ich freue mich darauf, mehr Deutschen zu lernen, wie wir zusammen kommunizieren!].

  3. Yes, your German translations were quite nice!
    I try to refrain from stepping on cracks as well. And Im terribly claustrophobic.

    Thanks Red! It’s fun to ramble on in another language…Glad to hear that I’m not alone in the “Cracks and Caves” department (ok…that sounded way too X-rated…).

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