10 Blog Posts I Will [Likely] Never Write


1.  How I Accidentally Flushed My Brand New Mascara Down the Toilet.

2.  Spirituality for Dummies.

3.  When Thongs Crawl…and Other Wardrobe Malfunctions.

4.  How to Construct an Essay Using Only Spam Comments.

5.  How I Blew My Rotator Cuff During a Wii Tennis Match.

6.  Using Perverted “Smiley’s” Properly.

7.  How I Paired-Up My “Single” Socks Using “Match.com”.

8.  Review of Canada’s Best “Light” Beers.

9.  10 Best Holiday Post-Office Rants and Mishaps.

10.  Part II of “Blog Posts I Will Never Write”.

4 responses to “10 Blog Posts I Will [Likely] Never Write

  1. Thongs *bleh* I’d rather just go without!
    Lovin’ the list!

    Hi Red…Lol! Sometimes I wonder why I struggle along with the stupid things (thongs that is)…other than I am too chicken to prevent “underwear lines” by going “Commando!”. 😉 Nice to see you. Hope that Life is Good!

  2. Go on, I dare you 🙂

    Oh Anthony…You know that I have an adventurous tomboy nature at heart…

    So yes…

    I accept your CHALLENGE!!!!

    Not sure which one…but I WILL DELIVER!

    [Lol! Tee hee hee]

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  4. Fantastic! I am loving your blog (found by a link on Grace’s blog!) Happy new year!

    Welcome Kalliope! I’m glad that you’re enjoying the site. I might have lurked on your site a time or too (linked from Grace’s blog). I shall make a visit to you site soon and see what you are up to! Feel free to stop by anytime and offer up your thoughts over here

    Afterall, I don’t often make the acquaintance of many a musecatcher!!!! (just noticed your link name…quite cool…!). Happy New Year to you too!

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