A Song for a Future Child



On the day you were born, the cosmos blessed you with the gift of your Self.  Shining like all beings constructed of sacred geometry, you were created from a cosmic soup of vibrating atomies.  These atomies belonged to the past, future and present of all our ancestors and our progeny.  You were given hands to sculpt clay and fingers to hold the hands of small children and elders.  You were given eyes to envision the Light emanating from all Life.  A mouth allowed you to speak your Truths so that others might seek their Truth.  You were given ears to hear the thrum of the Earth’s heartbeat.  From fetus to child to adult, you struggled to cross that divide and bridge the threshold of the “what if” and “who am I” to the acceptance of “it is” and “now”.  You discovered that “Self” could sink deeply into rich soil and you discovered that “Self” could stretch high up into the heavens.  Creation sprang forth from this well.  This is your Alchemy of Creation; a microcosm and macrocosm for your creation of Love, Faith and Hope.  You wrote, loved, painted, baked, pondered and inspired the materials necessary to construct that bridge.  You chose your tools based on your instincts, weaving talents with harmony and insight.  More importantly child, you found joy and passion in your Gift and the World could not help but vibrate with this synchronous harmony emanating from within you.  You are co-creator of the One or Non-Self.  You blessed this Earth on the day you were born, my future child.

“When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced.
Live your life so that when you die, you rejoice and the world cries.”

White Elk


4 responses to “A Song for a Future Child

  1. Beautiful words.


    ***Thank You…***

  2. “More importantly child, you found joy and passion in your Gift and the World could not help but vibrate with this synchronous harmony emanating from within you.”


    (((( MUSE )))))) Sending you massive JOY and LOVE today!

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{++++++++++}}}}}}}}}}}}}}….Now, that’s a HUGE brace-faced PM smile for you Grace (a big, beaming grin chock full of stainless steel goodness)!!! Tee hee hee…You make me so happy at times with YOUR passion and joy…the euphoria and bliss cannot simply vaporise without affecting someone… Let’s feel the Joy and Love today Sister!!!! Love you…xoxo

    ps. The braces are off in February!!!! Can’t wait, can’t wait!!!!!

  3. woooo whooooo

    Is there going to be some sort of Brace Burning ceremony??? 😀

    Lol! If I save them for Spring, perhaps they might make a nice offering for the Vernal Equinox! 😉

  4. Seems so obvious, the Cosmos could care less! The ever active denial of a Creator God requires so much faith. The replacement choice here is “self”. Remember the verse “…Eat of the fruit and Ye shall be like Gods.”? It is still our choice, a loving Father or the coldness of space and time.

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