Winter Solstice Dreams


I pulled this card from my Druid Animal Oracle deck about 1 week ago, had a conversation with my mum regarding the critter as her animal totem, and had a nudge from a wonderful friend reminding me of the power of “the bear” only a few days ago….I’m convinced that my friend is blessed with the spirit of the Wren…

Ok, Art (Gaelic, meaning “Bear”), I’m awake…and prepared to receive your wisdom at this time of Alban Arthuan (“Light of Arthur” or Winter Solstice)…

“Artio’s inky-black eyes shift from beneath closed eyelids.  She is sleeping and dreaming as any respectable Bear should, for this is the time of Alban Arthuan, our longest night of all.  On ripples of dreams and flickers of mist, her quarry float by; first a frisky trout then a sweet beehive and that elusive old Salmon.  “Phwap phwap phwap,” her paw strikes amiss.  Artio smacks her pink lips for that long-awaited honey or fish.”

When Artio’s slumber is deepest, Arthur’s Light is brightest.  This Light, emanating from the Pole Star, is poised assuredly over Arthur’s Plow (also known as The Great Bear constellation).  It has served as a guide, beacon and source of hope for Our Clan as they wished for the return of Arthur who was thought to “reside” in the Sun.  Warmth, promise, fertility and Spring were carried upon the Sun’s cloak.  Artio is both protector and messenger of this Hope.  I could imagine the rays of this bright Star waking our slumbering Bear, as they first danced, then flickered, and settled upon her weary eyes.

“Delicate, but shattered shards of light flicker, twist and whirl as they summon Artio from her dreams.  Pulsing to the rhythm of an Aurora Borealis, Brighid and the Dagda’s ancient song is whispered through Artio’s sleepy dreams.  The Bear’s eyelids flicker as she yawns, stretches and rises to her thickly padded feet.”

Artio might pause for a moment at the entrance of her cave, shrugging off the last vestiges of a shortened hibernation.  She might glance up into the night sky and register the Light of the Pole Star with a courageous sniff before padding off down her chosen trail in search of Arthur; her Holy Grail.  We would give this fearsome, but dedicated servant of the Mother Goddess some room to stride along her journey before catching up with her further down the path, by following her massive footprints.  I imagine that Artio’s path might lead to a variety of destinations on her Quest to retrieve the Sun.

One of Artio’s destinations might be that of Bru Na Bhoinne, in a sort of pilgrimage.  This Megalithic structure and mound, nestled in Newgrange, Ireland was specifically constructed to channel Brother Sun into the structure’s Inner Chamber as he panned across the sky in his mid-winter passage (Winter Solstice, 21 December to 23 December).  The Pole Star’s placement in the sky at this particular time was as predictable as the Sun’s movement itself; and it was the brightest and most reliable indicator of the “Sun’s Where-abouts”.  This Celestial certainty (Pole Star), paired with our understanding of Mother Earth’s cycles (Artio – the Bear Goddess), points us to another mystery – that of our intuition (Arthur’s Light and Sun) as produced by the “union” of our starry and earthly selves (Bear – or human as both constellation, and animal) consummated, in a comfortable “chamber” or “mound”.

“With the blessings of the Great Bear of the starry heavens and the deep and fruitful earth, we call upon the powers of the North.” 

– From Druid Ceremony –

Cyfarchion y Tymor!

[Season’s Greetings]

7 responses to “Winter Solstice Dreams

  1. I pulled the bear card from my Steven Farmer pack the other day 🙂 It’s about solitude and creativity and healing, and, not surprisingly, being able to stand your ground and say no.
    This is beautiful, Muse x

    Happy Holidays and New Year Simonne! Thank you for that. I am not familiar with the Steven Farmer deck, but the idea of solitude, creativity and healing is a good one – and may be translated to the deck that I use. I have also gotten much better at saying “no” too. The Bear for me (and Grace alluded to this too), is also about “hibernation”. I guess I’ve been hibernating a little lately (recharging the batteries)…feels good. xoxo

  2. You’re becoming quite the mystic. Well done.

    Happy Holidays and New Year Anthony! Given your tendency for enjoying esoteric lore, I must thank you for your compliment!

  3. Hi love,

    Just dropped by to wish you peace, beauty, love, light and joy in your life today and every day.

    I love you. I have missed you.

    Peace, love and understanding.

    ~ RS ~

    Hi there Hot Legs! [[[[[[[[[[Ruby]]]]]]]]]….A big hug for you. Thank you for stopping by and wishing me well with your lovely smile and energy. I have also missed you terribly. This place just isn’t the same without Ruby’s twinkling “Shooz”. I hope you had a nice Holiday. You sound a little more refreshed today too (have you been feeling well?).

    Love, Smiles and Positive Energies back to you too Dear….xoxo

  4. Why have I not been by in like forever? What is wrong with me?
    anyhow just wishing you a happy well whatever…
    (((hugs))) Happy Christmas!!!

    Hey Kiddo! I love the new Avatar (cute and cuddly). I am so glad you stopped by too. I must say that I haven’t been much of a visitor myself lately (travel, and then the Holidays sort of pooped me out)….but now I am back (at least in part) to get about and give everyone my well wishes. I hope you had a Wonderful Holiday….and Happy 2008 to you too! xoxo

  5. 🙂 I love Bear….you know, it seems that hybernation and creativity are so powerfully linked – like the body needs a season of rest, while the soul is busy pulling from all of the recent life experiences to alchemized something fabulous for the outer world.

    Great post, Muse!!! Hope you are doing well!! oxxox

    Happy Holidays and a Wonderful 2008 to you Dear! Yes…the bear is the epitome of Yin/Yang balance, isn’t she/he? Good pickup. That’s me right now…a hungry, grumbly little hibernating Bear. You know me too well Grace (“the soul is busy pulling from all of the recent life experiences to alchemise something fabulous for the outer world”). I couldn’t have put it better myself. Thanks for the compliment Grace. I am doing well. I hope you are enjoying beautiful weather in Cali over the Holidays. Lots of Love…xoxo

  6. MERRY CHRISTMAS Muse! Love you xx

    Merry Christmas and Happy NY back my Aussie Goddess….Love you too..xoxo

  7. Ah yes, like Grace I too love this season of rest! It forces one to slow down and be still; to rest and contemplate. Just what I’ve needed at just the right time (Of course! Is there any other way?)

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday (I have a new IPod, and thus, have now officially joined the 21st century!) See you in the New Year sweetie!

    Happy Holidays and a Wonderful 2008 to you Love. I missed you terribly! Yes….I have been dipping into the realm of Yin for some time now too and I am enjoying every rejuvenating minute of it. So glad to hear that you sound well too OB. And, an IPod?! Wow! Excellent! What will your first album/playlist be? I bet that it will be something jazzy and funky….xoxo

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