Mascara Mishaps (aka. One Blog Post that I Said I Would Never Write)

So, I was a bit cheeky and decided to list “10 Blog Posts [That] I Will [Likely] Never Write“.  As luck would have it (actually, as Anthony would have it), I have been dared to write one of those posts.  You know that I can’t back down from a dare (that adventurous, Tomboy nature of mine), so here goes…Oh, and many of my “real-life” friends know that I am rather prone to strange, embarassing and bizarre experiences…so this is really, nothing new….

The Embarassing Mascara Mishap

My bathroom is like a dressing room full of the spoils of any modern woman.  Imagine the “utilitarian” venue if you will.  Enter the small, but well-furnished bathroom and immediately ahead of you is a sink and counter-top.  A toilet is directly adjacent to the right at the corner of the counter-top, and beyond this is a deep soaker tub.  Along the left rim of the sink lies an assortment of colourful perfume bottles.  Ah, the pretty blue and pink hues of the bottles.  They clack together quite nicely when I reach beyond them to pull a necklace or two out of my little wooden jewellery stand.  To the right of the sink is a cute little lamp that throws off the most ambient light, and just ahead of the lamp is a painted porcelain cup full of my make-up-y bits (mascara, eye-liners, tweezers etc.).

So, we’ve established that my bathroom is well-used and “just-so”, such that I can get in and out quite rapidly when in a hurry to get somewhere.  If anything is out of place, havoc ensues.

About one week ago, I was in somewhat of a hurry to head someplace.  I might have been meeting a friend for coffee, or I may have been heading out for some shopping.  In either case, I just remember being in a rush.  After fixing my hair, I realised (as any respectable woman does), that she should probably have a quick pee before heading out the door.  Did anyone else’s mum remind you to, “Pee before leaving the house or before doing anything important?!”  Anyway, after finishing my “business” (ah, that’s better!), I of course, flushed the toilet, washed my hands and proceeded to look in the mirror.

“Darnit, I need some mascara!” I proclaimed as I batted my pale lashes at myself.

No sooner had I begun to grasp the mascara from it’s porcelain container, than I found it leaping, rather courageously mind you, from my wet fingers into the swirling waters of the Toilet Bowl Abyss.  To my amazement, I stood fixated (*Gasp*) as I watched a $15 dollar mascara whirl about helplessly in the “water.”  It might have been screaming rather helplessly as it drowned or it may have “Weeeeeeeeeing!” in delight to have finally made it to the “spa”….I couldn’t quite tell which. 

Needless to say, I was horrified.


That was my best mascara.  It was brand new and it went completely MIA before I could even make use of it.

[Whispers]….Think I might shift that little porcelain container over to the “left” side of the sink to avoid future “mishaps!”

P.S.  Thankfully (for all your plumber types), the mascara hasn’t created any “problems” yet (ie. backed up toilets and such), which was my biggest worry.  Phew!

Oh, and this little Christmas gift (below) was one of my “requests” this year (I never ask for “much”; just a meaningful gift or two toremind me of the beauty of Life – if I ask for anything at all).  Some of you may recognise it as a BICO Australia piece (BICO is a great Aussie company that fuses ancient and futuristic design into their jewellery pieces).  I fell in love with this particular piece when I saw it in Las Vegas.  It is a hamsa (arabic for the word “five” – as in five fingers representing a protective hand).  Those Aussies, sure have an eye for design!

This piece will be kept FAR, FAR away from the right side of the sink…!


Love to all of you….


5 responses to “Mascara Mishaps (aka. One Blog Post that I Said I Would Never Write)

  1. Oh no, NOT THE MASCARA!! Being blonde, with blonde eyelashes, my mascara is VERY dear to me!! Funny (and tragic) tale Muse! Maybe the solution is to keep the toilet seat down after every flush! (It’s good money saving feng shui if that’s further incentive!)

    I love your present, it’s beautiful and it really suits you! I’ve never heard of BICO, so perhaps I’m not as Australian as I should be!!

    Love ya xxx

    Oh Simonne…You’re an Aussie through-and-through. BICO started out (apparently) as a surf-jewellery company…so their product may not be that widely dispersed. Oh, and who knew that putting the toilet seat down was a Feng Shui practise?! Simple and logical advice (why didn’t I think of that?). Anyway, a bit of a tragic tale…Hate to think of where that mascara is now….Ick.

    Love you too Simonne! xox

  2. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. That necklace is gorgeous! My husband is working on designs for a hamsa tattoo.
    As a mom, “Do you need to use the restroom before we leave?” has become a permanent phrase in my vocabulary. I’m embarassed to say,I’ve mistakenly asked my husband that as we were heading out the door. 🙂

    Aw!!!! Venus!!!!! You know….I made a Live Journal account, but I haven’t been able to log into it (I made it so that I might request to be added as a friend for your blog…arg). Anyway, I hope to work out the details and get on track with that….So good to hear from you. I’ve missed you. Thanks (re: the necklace). This piece is so perfectly “me”, it’s ridiculous. Your husband is working on a hamsa tattoo? Wow. Uncanny. About the pee bit. Isn’t it funny how we adopt that mentality as we get older? Just hope I never need “Depends” is all….Lol!

    Hope you have a wonderful day!….xoxo

  3. Now you might think that, being a man, I couldn’t possibility share a mascara moment of my own. Well, in the early 1970s was the period of Glam Rock. Whilst I didn’t wear any make-up in my band, when I left, a friend and I set up a local mobile disco.
    I didn’t stay with him long, and he went to be a local DJ for 25 years. However, one night, to celebrate Glam Rock – yes, you’ve guessed it – we put on make-up, including mascara. And how was I to know it doesn’t simply wash off?
    It was bad enough the next day at work, but when beautiful-eyed me turned up that night for Karate class …
    Oh well 🙂

    Lol! You know…Your story doesn’t surprise me in the least! I could actually imagine you all decked out in Glam Rock costume too – complete with mascara. Suits your eclectic tastes…I think. Someone should have warned you about mascara too…Yes, it does take a bit to get it off of the eye area…and can make you a little “coon-eyed” at the most inopportune time (waterproof helps a bit…but…I digress….). Speaking of Rock and Roll….Everytime I hear a certain song….”On the Run” by the Sam Roberts Band (a Canadian rock band), I think of your younger “wilder” days and your fascination/passion for rock music….[just wish I could find the youtube video for this]. For some reason, I could see you rocking out to this with your own guitar.

    “On the Run”

    Baby you got me on the run
    But I’m just having too much fun
    And I feel your eyes each time we meet
    And I’m just staring at my feet

    Yeah you got me on the run
    You got me hiding from the sun
    You’re so cold I get a chill
    And you keep breaking down my will

    Yeah you got me on the run
    Baby baby you’re so cruel
    You got me breaking all the rules
    Baby baby you’re so cruel
    You got me breaking all the rules

    And I’m so sad I wanna die
    You tell me no but I ask why
    I got a fever that won’t stop
    I’m waiting for your bomb to drop

    Baby baby you’re so cruel
    You got me breaking all the rules
    Baby baby you’re so cruel
    You got me breaking all the rules

    ‘Cause I bleed rock n’ roll
    Yeah I bleed rock n’ roll
    And I would die for rock n’ roll
    Yeah I would die for rock n’ roll
    Do you believe in rock n’ roll
    I said do you believe in rock n’ roll

    You got me breaking all the rules
    Baby baby you’re so cruel
    You got me breaking all the rules
    Baby baby you’re so cruel
    Baby baby you’re so cruel
    You got me breaking all the rules
    Baby baby you’re so cruel
    You got me breaking all the rules
    You got me breaking all the rules
    Baby baby you’re so cruel

  4. hehehe well, Mama never told me to pee before leaving the house, but she did warn of having clean panties on 😀

    OK..I LOVE that necklace, Muse! It looks like a bit of sacred geometry there in the middle of it….what’s it called. A Merkaba??? Looks to be a very powerful piece!

    (wonder if it’s strong enough to extract that mascara from the pipes? LOL) 🙂 Happy New Year!!!! XOXOXO

    Hey Baby Girl! Happy New Year to YOU TOO!!!!! Lol! The shape of the pendant is called a “hamsa”, but the design on the pendant itself is called the Qabalistic Tree of Life (based on…YOU guessed it…Sacred Geometry…actually the Flower of Life which is a essentially a big ball of looped-up circles in my side bar!!!!)…..Good job, by the way!!! If you want to read more…this is a great site:

    You are right about another thing too…the pendant has tremendous meaning and power for me (probably has enough power to suck a virus out of an ancient sea…let alone mascara from a drain-pipe!!!!). When I first wore it, I felt such a magnetic force emanating from it (a good, protective force), my fingers tingled when I touched it (kind of like the wildish hunk of amethyst that I polished up with olive oil the other day….). Anyway…I’ve got some good juju to ring in the New Year…Not to mention a new painting that is coming along smashingly!!!!

    Love You!!!! Stay safe tonight!!!! Here’s a happy New Year’s Howl for you….Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooowl!!!!! xoxox

  5. Beautiful necklace! As for mascara, I’m lucky enough to have dark eyelashes so it’s never part of my day to day routine. Lipstick though? A must-have with my pale lips. Anthony’s description of his run-in with mascara had me chuckling here at my desk!

    Lol! As dark as my lashes are, they just don’t seem full enough without that dark gloopy crap known as mascara! You are right about the lipstick too! I hear you! Anthony’s story had me chuckling too…I could just imagine him sporting a shade of mascara…I’m thinking Midnight Black…oh, and some eyeliner too.


    Those “rock n’ roll boys” sure know how to have fun!

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