My Hopes for You

Happy Holidays Everyone!  I truly hope that all of you have been able to find a tiny respite from the bustle of Life during this Holiday Season.  I hope you have been blessed with the gifts of family, friends and spirit, and that you can reflect upon the past year with some degree of understanding and peace.  I also hope that you can look forward to an upcoming New Year filled with the promise and joy that a new year can offer.

This time of year is always a reflective one for me.  As I look back on the past year, I can embrace each experience as one that has moved me further down my path of understanding and “existence”.  The more I seem to know, learn and experience, the less I seem know…and I take considerable comfort in this.  When we let go of restraining expectations, and assumptions (of ourself and others), we can unlock the true joy that lies within our hearts and the hearts of others.  This is our Patient path of Understanding.  This is Our Hope.

On that note.  I want to share one of the most up-lifting songs that I have ever heard.  If you aren’t dancing about and grooving by the end of it….


One response to “My Hopes for You

  1. Great song! 🙂

    I’m very much in hibernation mode right now. Have been doing some shifting of (energy/ego) stuff, so laying very low, but feeling a steady pulsing of light getting stronger in my solar plexus, ready to break through and shine brighter than before.

    Much love to you xxx

    I hear you Simonne. I am also in hibernation mode and I am fighting with every cell of my heart chakra to remain somewhat cheerful and motivated despite the cold and the short days. I hate winter. Ugh. My hopes/inspiration right now…a large 3 X 3 foot canvas of a summer pastoral landscape and a large chunk of amethyst (my “wild amethyst” piece….). That amethyst is giving me so much energy and insight these days.

    Love you Simonne…xoxo. Hang in there. Can’t wait for your bright Light….

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