Lotus of Light

Almost 9 months ago, I decided to try my hand at blog writing with WordPress.  Like cells in an embryo, this little space has multiplied and grown in terms of categories, tags, topics and readership.  It has grown from a small place in my heart that ached to express itself to whoever might glean inspiration from an ignited spark of imagination, such that we might ponder and muse upon Life’s journey together.  I have taken alot of pleasure in making this area an outlet for my creative process and I have enjoyed sharing these (and other Life moments) with many of the friends that I have made here. 

Speaking of appreciation and inspiration, I went to bed last night (sometime after splashing some paint upon a new canvas…and yes…it was after midnight) thinking about some of the many people whom also whittle away at their own special places here in the Blogworld.  In trust and good faith, many of you have allowed me access to your minds, your hearts and your souls.  We have shared laughter, tears, discussions, debates and differences.  We have pondered, mused and rambled along our roads together.   At times, I may not have commented at all, but smiled and savoured your words and thoughts as an appreciative lurker.  But, most of all, we have given each other new eyes with which to view the world.  We all have different gifts, talents and perspectives to offer and there is an eon of experience, ancestry and kinship shared amongst our hearts and souls.  I thank each and every one of you for helping to make my journey a special one.

As a token of appreciation, I created an avatar this morning.  I call it the Lotus of Light avatar.  The Lotus has deeply symbolic meaning in many cultures (Egyptian, Hindu to name a couple):

~in Hindu mythology, a lotus blossomed from a primordial ocean which was created upon the resonance of Om (the sound of Om is one of the most grounding and connecting harmonics in our Universe).

~lotuses represent the bridge between the physical and spiritual world (they have long stems reaching deeply into pond mud as their bright petals worship the sun).  Amanda Rooke sums this up nicely:  “They [lotuses] relate to creation, regeneration, and the state of the initiate and higher beings, all of whom travel through life’s vicissitudes and trials to become at one with the creative source of life in order to return and spread its light to other receptive souls.”

~just as lotus petals open and unfold to reveal the magnificence of an entire flower, each of us has the potential to open and unfold in our own unique ways; revealing our gifts and treasures as we do so.  We may not be overtly spiritual, but as Bloggers, we use writing as a creative tool to bridge the physical and realms of the artist…the writer…the seeker…the dreamer…the observer….and this is Spirit enough.


[Resized for WordPress sidebar…Please see Awards and Embellishments page for larger version if you want a slightly larger avatar]. 

So I offer this gift up to you (to resize, reuse and recycle) as a small, hand-made token of my appreciation of the shining Light within you.  This is not meant as an “award” per se, or as a token representing a popularity contest of any sort.  It is merely a small gift of appreciation to be given to people that are making a difference with their words.  It can be given by anyone, to anyone, with the intention of Love, Peace and Understanding.  It is also meant to be a reminder of the joy, beauty and peace found in creation and a bridge connecting kindred souls.

If you see anyone that isn’t on the list, but would appreciate a ray of Lotus Light…please contact me and I will send them an avatar (or you can direct them here).

Seekers, Mystics, Observers and Poets

[in no particular order]

Grace – The Wild Pomegranate – For your wisdom, zest for life and….grace.

Simonne – Cliterary Fiction – For your brilliant Light and literary talent.

Ruby – A Bit of Peace and Quiet – For your peace, understanding and…love.

Pixie – Urban Pixie – For your soulful insight.

Karen – Observant Bystander – For your gentle wisdom and humour.

Venus – Between the Gutter and the Stars – For your heart and soul.

Red – For your sassy, red-headed spirit.

Signmom – For your soulful Goddess spirit.

Claudia – Um jene mutigen Schritte über die schmale Brücke zu machen.  [For taking those courageous steps across the narrow bridge].

Anthony – Beyond the Blog – For your energy and your ability to strum up good discussions.

David – Authorblog – For your kindness (towards others) and your brilliant photographic eye.

Poetman – For your soul, spirit and inspiring poetry (I lurk here frequently).

Bill – Dying Man’s Daily Journal – For your courage and your love of Life.

You – Yes…”you”, whoever “you” may be.  If your name isn’t on this list, but the thought of Love, Peace and Understanding (thanks Ruby) resonates with you…then take up the Lotus of Light and be inspired by it’s beauty.

If anyone has problems with the avatar, please let me know and I’ll give you a hand (I’m not much of a techie, but I’ll try).  If you don’t want to accept the award or display it, I won’t take it personally…but do know that I appreciate you just the same. 

Love and Lotus Light to all!


12 responses to “Lotus of Light

  1. Oh my Goddess, Muse…It’s absolutely breathtakingly WONDERFUL!! What a giving, loving, creative soul you are!! And what a priveledge to receive such a gift and recognition from you, and in the company of so many wonderful blogs – each quite deserving, as you’ve noted!

    Thank you, Sweet Muse 🙂 What a wonderful surprise – happy new year!!!! XOXOXOX

    Hi Sweetie! Thanks so much…I’m glad you like it. It has been a real treat having you in my life these past few months. I have really enjoyed watching you blossom and grow as a woman and Goddess…and I have truly been inspired by your strength and wisdom. May we continue to grow in heart and spirit as we share in the joys of Life together. Much love and Lotus Light to you! xoxo

  2. I second that emotion, my dear Muse! Thank you so much for the thoughtful, amazing gift that shall keep on giving all year. You’ve touched so many souls & the world is much brighter because your light shines on us all!

    Lots of love,

  3. I really enjoyed the post – and I hope you have as much fun blogging as we have reading your posts.

    Thank you so much for the kind recognition, too. All the very best for 2008. I’ve been absent from blogland for three weeks because of a quick trip as well as a bout of illness that really knocked me out.

    Once again, thank you for the award and for being the Muse to us all.


    I really do enjoy blogging David…and I enjoy it even more when I can make people smile, muse or just ponder. Your recognition of the Light and talent in other people is what made me think of you. Not only do you cultivate your own talent…of writing and photography…you encourage others to do the same by recognising the work of others (that is how I met you…so thanks for that!). Congratulations to you too on the recognition of your second novel. As a published author, you are inspiring me to continue writing my first piece of fiction! All the best to you (your career…and especially your health) in 2008 too David!

  4. I feel honored that you would include me in such a list of excellent group of bloggers.
    The post as all are is excellent. Such a beautiful gift I feel thankful grateful and very privileged.
    I will be proudly displaying it on my site. I may take you up on your offer about needing help on doing that.
    Thank you my friend.
    Happy New Year to you and yours.

    Happy New Year to you and your family too Bill! I will help you with that avatar if you wish. I think I will actually post how to insert the JPEG into a wordpress sidebar (Bloggers using Blogger may find it easier to insert graphics from what I remember of that software…). Anyway…thanks for the compliment about the posts and the avatar. I am a creative person (as you know) and I truly enjoy making other people smile with my gifts (be they painted, written, culinary…). You have a gift too…that of a kind, gentle and insightful soul. You offer so much love and support to others…despite your own health…and you have been an incredible inspiration for me and others as you’ve sought some peace withing yourself. Thanks for being YOU Bill. The world is a far better place with you in it!

  5. Hi PM,
    What a lovely gift. Thank you. If you don’t mind, I won’t display it, as whilst the odd bestseller would be nice to make material life a little more comfortable, I don’t do what I do for reward, but for the love of doing it.
    The simple fact that I’m on such a list is enough, and much appreciated. It makes it all worth the effort.
    Again, thank you.

    Anthony…Thank you. You needed to be on my list for the simple fact that you inspire me to learn, explore and appreciate this vast world of ours. As a humble act and gesture, just know that I am extending my artful, creative side to you as a token of appreciation (and I know you do this with an open heart). Your efforts (and your writing ability) is most appreciated (as is your support of my writing). The blogging world wouldn’t be the same without your wit, humour and insight. Beyond the Blog is one of my favourite reads…kinda like sitting down to the best bits of the BBC and Anthony’s mind everyday. Thanks again for that!

  6. Thank you so much. It’s absolutely lovely. Your are obviously as talented of an artist as you are a writer. You have such a beautiful spirit.

    I’ve put my personal blog on hold for a while, as I am enjoying the medieval practice of keeping a journal with pen and paper. 🙂
    I’ve started a 2008 blog on WordPress though to jouney my culinary passions. I’ve already added you to my blogroll. Stop by and leave me some recipes!

    Happy New Year Goddess!

    Hi Venus! Thank you so much Love. Good to see you commenting here…I felt a little lost without you! I understand about the personal blog thing too (I have often fought myself on the content of my blog and often resort to censoring some real-life content for the sanity of my privacy….then I got to thinking….life has enough drama and crap in it…why dwell on the negative?…I want to create a special place of hope, love, friendship and creativity for myself and others to enjoy!). So, that is how I intend on continuing here…despite all of the negative things that Life throws at me from time to time, I need to dwell on the positive…and inspire others with my experiences. I am SO GLAD that you are blogging again too (isn’t it a nice outlet?). Food is a wonderful thing to blog about too…and I am glad that we share that passion together. I WILL stop by and offer up some recipes to your sacred space. In fact, when I finish up here, I will do just that (and add you to my blogroll too!). Warm wishes, hugs and a Happy New Year to you Venus!

  7. I guess a link would help huh?

    Uh huh! Thanks my cute culinary chica…!

  8. Muse, you gorgeous, giving, Goddess, thank you! What an honour, coming from you 🙂 I’ve had such an amazing 8 months blogging with YOU, I feel very connected to you and so happy whenever I rest here. Thanks again Muse.
    Love Simonne xxx

    Thank you Simonne! I think we have been “in synch” so often lately, haven’t we? When you told me that you were summoning up your Light to shine brightly…I thought of you…and your heart was partial inspiration for the avatar as a result. It has been an amazing 8 months, hasn’t it? I feel as though we are sharing a rather remarkable journey together…and I am very grateful that you are in my life. Your creative and spiritual energy inspires me on so many levels and I anticipate so many more wonderful opportunites for shared friendship. Thanks for being there Simonne…xoxo

  9. Thank you Dear Heart! It’s been so much fun to be on this journey with you and the rest of our little blogworld…we’ve created quite a harmonious circle of minds and thoughts, haven’t we? Beautiful avatar, Muse; the artist in you speaks through it and I will be honoured to display it on my site. I’m glad to see V has sent you her foodie site! Hi V!

    Karen! I can’t tell you how happy I am that you are shining so brightly once again! This little corner of Blogland just wouldn’t be the same without your energy, wit and tremendous powers of observation! Lol! I can think back to the first time we encountered each other online (re: discussing a Lost episode…speaking of which…Woohoo!!!!)…and since then, you have had such a powerful presence in my life…right down to the very musical interests that we share (by the way….1 Giant Leap is probably my most favourite cd…and I have you to thank for that). You are right too…we HAVE created a harmonious circle and enriching environment of support for one another…I wanted to share my spirit with you in the form of that avatar too…Think of it as a little piece of PM art to hang where ever you see fit! I’m also glad that V is back too…I will visit her foodie site as soon as I can…my tummy is grumbling just thinking about it!

    Hugs and tummy grumbles! xoxo

  10. Thank you very much. For the avatar and the german sentences. I’ll try it as soon as possible.

    Hi Claudia! You are welcome! I am glad that you liked the avatar. I will post directions for WordPress users…so you can put the avatar in your sidebar…! Have a beautiful day!

  11. I am humbled. For you to mention ME with those other fine, FINE people *sigh* Thank you. And that avatar is just lovely, it is! I’ll post it proudly on my site. I’m so very glad I found you and your little corner of the web through OB *Karen*

    *beams!* Such an honor. Thank you :]

    Aw Red…Of course. I love your down-to-earth style of blogging. Your clever wit and humour always brings a smile to my face (and I am glad that we found each other too…yay Karen!). Like I said in the post, everyone has their own special way of shining…and there is only one “Red”. (!) Shine on my fellow red-head….Lots of love…xoxo

  12. Thank you for including me as well even though I’ve not been around. I guess I’m still wondering what happened when you deleted your blog a while back then suddenly re-appeared – then I never heard from you again until about a month later – odd.

    Wishing you much peace today and every day.

    Hi Ruby. I never actually deleted my blog. I just restricted access to it while I was away for a month. I did this because I wasn’t able to maintain and post to it while travelling…and simply got tied up with life-y things (I’m sure you understand this). To say the least, my visits to many sites has been paltry at best, and visits to your site may have suffered somewhat because you pop off the radar yourself from time to time. Not odd, just circumstantial I guess…and certainly nothing to worry about.

    Peace and love returned Ruby…I hope you are feeling a little better today.

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