Cooking Up Some Passion

Congratulations to Venus on her new blog – Goddess in the Kitchen!  Way to follow your passion V!  I can’t wait to learn more about your culinary interests as your blog unfolds like that beautiful lotus blossom on your new dishes.  I love the name of the blog too.  Very fitting!

All this talk of passion and food got me thinking about a few of my own passions – Art, Writing…Music…Song…Dance…and Food (of course).  Hm…  I mentioned food twice.  I might be a foodie.  Anyway, lately I’ve been combining a few of these talents all at once (I would embarass myself if I made a You Tube video of my creative exploits).  Let me explain!

Imagine a woman in her art studio/office as she dances, sings and paints herself into bliss with Bluegrass music.  My antics might qualify for a travelling sideshow!  Oh, and let’s not forget about the combination of cooking, dancing and singing (and if I’m baking and decorating cookies…that might qualify as art too!).  Blues music (especially Muddy Waters) makes for some very soulful (and potentially seductive!) culinary fun.  Alright.  My secret is out.

So, what I would like to know is this…

What is YOUR passion?  What is that one thing that you absolutely NEED in your life to enjoy a fresh sense of play and joy.  It can be a natural talent, or something that you just really enjoy doing, but I want to know what makes you tick.  I want to know what makes you smile so broadly your cheeks hurt.  What makes your heart SING?!

“Passion kept one fully in the present, so that time became a series of mutually exclusive ‘nows’.”

-Sue Halpern, “O Magazine”, September 2003-


[Sorry….I just couldn’t resist this hilarious photo!]




2 responses to “Cooking Up Some Passion

  1. That poster is hysterical!
    I have SUCH the vision of you right now Musey Muse!!
    My must have is singing and dancing, and I can actually do both reasonably well (yes, an Aries is extremely good at extolling her own virtues!). I learnt dance from when I was about 6 and sang and danced when I was in the theatre – I’m not fabulous – but I do ok! I love belting out a big ballad in the loungeroom and then dancing my little heart out afterwards. Funny thing is they never actually go together – when I sing I seem to be very still and zen-like! But I’ll dance to anything, anywhere!! I really want to do an traditional African dance class, I think that’d be awesome!
    Sx 🙂

    Pffft! Isn’t that poster great?!!!! I love the combination of the saucey message and the vintage ad (lots of fun). I had no idea that you were an Aries, or a dancer! That is awesome! I hear that traditional African dance is supposed to be quite fun (I have often thought of taking dance too…ballroom perhaps). As far as the combo of singing and dancing…that IS a tough one. Can’t say that I have enough wind to belt out a ballad when I’m dancing either. How do those Broadway performers do it?! Lol! Lots of practise and talent I guess.

    As far as my childhood goes…I sang in choir in junior high and loved it. I also loved singing in church too! Lately, I have had my heart set on finding a women’s bluegrass band to sing and harmonise with for fun…Perhaps I’ll look into that later on down the road when I get some more time! Music certainly is a wildly inspirational gift, isn’t it? Life wouldn’t be the same without it. Thank goodness for rhythm and harmony!

    Love you Simonne. Have a harmonious day!

  2. Oooh Bluegrass! Count me in! I’ll bring my autoharp. I love to dance but have abosolutely no coordination. 🙂 It doesn’t keep me from doing it though.

    V! I forgot that you play autoharp! That would be great! Bluegrass speaks to the soul, doesn’t it? I bet our voices would harmonise well together! As for the dancing bit…I’m with you on that one…! 😉

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