Better Uses for Feet


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I’ve blogged about my dislike for foot contact (strange, I know, and I can’t explain it), but now I can also blog about the many uses for the human foot that go beyond sliding them into fancy shoes (or in your mouth for example!).  Reflexology is a wonderful way to relax at the end of the day.  You can use this diagram to assist you in massaging those “trouble spots” from local points on the feet, or distally, to affect other areas of the body (like the heart, lung and stomach).  That Body Shop Peppermint Foot Lotion that I received for Christmas is really going to come in handy tonight!

3 responses to “Better Uses for Feet

  1. So are you saying i can massage my liver?

    Lol! Something like that! Acupuncture works in a similar way…Various points and meridians, when treated, can affect local points and internal organs! Weird huh?! Hmmm…might come in handy after a night of excessive martini drinking…! 😉

  2. Love Reflexology – I studied it when I was studying to be a Naturopath. I also love that peppermint foot lotion from the Body Shop 🙂 Happy massaging!

    Lol! Simonne…you are just too darned cute! You could teach me a few things about reflexology then…I’m just an amateur in that department! Speaking of the Body Shop…I received some Oceanus products from a friend this year too (oh, how “mermaidy”…)….and they smell absolutely fantastic…I’ll pop over soon Simonne (I lurked yesterday and was stunned by your latest piece….and had to digest, ponder and muse upon it a while). You really are an amazingly talented writer girl….Love you…xoxo

  3. Happy feet make a fine treat! There’s nothing like reflexology to set you right & I love that lotion too.

    Hi Pixie! Something tells me that you spend alot of time walking on those little Pixie feet of yours in NYC. The peppermint lotion is a nice way to spoil oneself, isn’t it? Apparently, it was created for marathoners complaining of sore feet in the UK? Neat huh?

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