That Lost Second

You can’t help but glance at his focused gaze while he stares ahead; trees and telephone-posts flitting by as if projected by a broken theatre reel.  You imagine the colours and shapes that might swirl and resonate within his mind’s eye as the man he-once-was and the man he wants-to-be projects himself onto that bench.  A jolt of the train or the hiss of an opening door might divert your attention long enough for you to miss that instantaneous blink and shift of consciousness.  If thoughts were scents and strong memories, what vapour would percolate through the air to your waiting nose as he ponders life?  Past, present and future may mingle like smoke from a smouldering oven as it bakes a warm loaf of pita bread.  The aroma of heated grain would make you salivate as your tummy rumbles hungrily.  Sustenance and bread, as life, begins as green grain growing, then yellow grain milling, then brown grain baking to form the foundation of a soul.  As you nibble on that bread offering, warmed in the pocket of your wool coat, could you admire the effort of those careful bread artisans of paupers, rogues, lovers, mothers and brothers?  Would the quality of the grain find itself flavoured by the pungent sap of red-cedar dreams as he carries his mind to those mountain climes, or, would they be peppered and overcome by the ash of that smouldering fire?  You shuffle your feet and straighten your scarf.  A cool breeze blows upon your neck and you are warmed by appreciation for those savoury thoughts.  A child coughs softly and a mother frets because it is February 1st.  That familiar building and those tall, tall trees signal your destination.  You rise to your feet and grasp the cold steel rail.  The man turns to recognise you and smiles warmly as he did one thousand years ago.  You nod politely and your timeless heart reclaims that precious lost second.

5 responses to “That Lost Second

  1. Thank you for your lovely words. They were just what my heart needed to hear today!

    This piece had a New York metro feel to it in some ways Pixie…I’m glad that my words could touch your soul today. The sight of your wings always makes me smile. Thank you for flitting by today….! xox

  2. “could you admire the effort of those careful bread artisans of paupers, rogues, lovers, mothers and brothers?” —

    YES I CAN! I love this snippet of reflection you posted. This is wonderful and can be read in a thousand different ways. Actually, it could even be “experienced” in a thousand different ways. (PS: Pls let me know any issue on the comments thing you mentioned; so I can resolve any posting issues k? Thank you so much for all your encouragement also.) HUGS AND LOVE- Sib

    Well hello Sibyllae! Nice to see you today! What a lovely compliment from you…thank you.

    To hear you say “Ah….” to a piece such as this is like hearing an angel sigh at sunset.

    Honestly, the inspiration for this bit of writing was derived from just that…a multiplicity of experiences and sensations within a cacophony of thoughts, wishes and dreams by another, for another.

    I hope we’ve resolved the commenting issue thing. I love being able to join you in your ponderings….Have a wonderful evening…I’ll catch up with you soon…xox

  3. I just love, love, love the way you crafted that story. I found myself lost in the words, enjoying the connection between them. Beautiful!

    Hi Doll! Aw, thanks so much for your comments. Funny thing…I hadn’t really established the full connection of the words and thoughts until I finished writing the whole piece (weird how that happens!). Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed it. It gave me a sense of pensive calm and thoughtfulness when I wrote it…Hugs to you today Karen…xoxo

  4. This is FANTASTIC. What a sensory experience this was to read. Wonderful writing style!

    Kalliope! [blushing]. Thank you! I’m glad you liked this piece (I think this is one of my best abstract bits yet).

    Know too, that I admire your writing style tremendously…there is something very kindred in the way your thoughts flow and the way my mind interprets them….

    Namaste Dear Soul

  5. Hi PM,
    Your words get better and better.

    Hi Anthony! That certainly is a nice compliment…Thank you very much (I’d like to think I’m “progressing”, rather than “regressing” with respects to my maturity and style!). 😉 Nice to see you today.

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