Bursting with Joy

This song needs to be sung by every woman with a Dream…[I sang this song until my heart burst yesterday….].

Thank you Aeracura, Sedna and Ixchel.


3 responses to “Bursting with Joy

  1. I LOVE THIS SONG! I heard it in a movie first I think. Didn’t know who was performing it though, thanks for posting it. It’s a great song!

    Hi Sibyllae! Some big changes in my life right now had me really identifying with this song. It’s a great “pick-me-up” song when you need a little kick in the pants to keep moving….! I’m glad you liked it!

  2. WooHoo -that one had me dancing around with a smile on my face. I had to listen a couple of times. Thanks for posting it!

    No problem my Foodie Goddess…I’m glad you got groovin’ to it!!!! [Wish I was there to groove right along with you!]. Good to see you today! xox

  3. I would like to hear you singing this song!

    Lol! Hi Claudia! I’m not a bad singer, but not a fabulous one either. Thanks for stopping by – I hoped you liked the song!

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